Simply beautiful shower curtain with a romantic, Paris theme appeal, featuring a classic vintage bike with a basket full of pretty pink roses and the Eiffel Tower looking magnfique as always, set against a unique graphic design. This gorgeous Paris...

$29.99 as at 07:09 UTC. (Details)

Has your child, teen become fascinated with a European city where fashion flows from the runways and beautiful ancient monuments like the Eiffel Tower are suddenly the feature on their bedroom wall, instead of the usual pop star you would expect to...

$8.94 as at 18:16 UTC. (Details)

Here is a wonderful gift, keepsake idea for the Paris fan who loves beautiful things with a Paris theme to decorate their home. This lovely small snow globe measuring 3.5" in height x 8" in diameter and  featuring the Eiffel tower hovering over...

$22.00 as at 19:15 UTC. (Details)

If you have been hoping for a Paris themed bedding with contemporary flair, this literie showstopper, is sure to tick all the boxes with it's trendy, retro chevron design set against shades of blue and coral pink, with a beautiful Eiffel Tower...

$219.95 as at 17:58 UTC. (Details)
Handmade Paris Themed Prints Wall Decor

Back in the day hand made products were the norm, so it's nice to see a return to making wall art like this set of three, beautiful Paris themed prints featuring the all time famous quote from the elegant Audrey Hepburn. "Paris Is Always A Good...

$24.00 as at 03:28 UTC. (Details)

What could be more elegant than a Paris theme for your Christmas decorations, opening your home to the romanticism of this fashionable city where the Eiffel tower holds court daily, with tourists who flock to the city of light wanting to experience...

$7.99 as at 02:00 UTC. (Details)

Have you ever seen the pride of France standing on the Champ de mars park grounds in Paris? If so you will have witnessed the sheer magnificence of this 324 meter, metal marvel, daring you to climb to the top where you will be rewarded with the...

$40.00 as at 19:28 UTC. (Details)

Fans of romantic European cities, Paris and London will love this beautifully illustrated (Twin) comforter, measuring 66" x 86," with two decorative pillows and one sham, featuring a glamorous collage of charming vintage bicycles, royal crowns and...

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With a stylish, modern black and white look and touches of soft blue, this easy on the eye storage ottoman is the perfect addition to a Paris, French decor theme! Teens with a facination for the city of light will love the beautiful Eiffel Tower,...

$24.99 as at 04:28 UTC. (Details)

This beautifully illustrated poster set of a rainy day in Paris, with the amazing Eiffel tower in view is sure to brighten up a wall in your home, especially if the decor them is Paris inspired! Beautiful Paris Decor Wall Art! Each adorabe print...

$10.99 as at 19:04 UTC. (Details)

Christmas in Paris is a grand affair, as the window displays featured in the the big department stores like the infamous Galeries Lafayette, produce epic festive decorations to catch the eye of Parisian Christmas shoppers, looking for those perfect...

$3.99 as at 03:42 UTC. (Details)
Highly Decorative Eiffel Tower Jewelry, Photo Display Unit

The Eiffel Tower has earned it's reputation as a romantic monument not just because it lives on the city of love but for as long as it has been a part of the Paris skyline, couples from all over the world have chosen to exchange vows in front of...

$35.95 as at 20:07 UTC. (Details)

Purple being the color of royallty fits beautifully with this set of (2) Paris themed pillow covers, featuring the classic Audrey Hepburn quote "Paris Is Always A Good Idea," next to a stylish illustration of the Eiffel Tower! Size of this...

$16.99 as at 18:51 UTC. (Details)

The Eiffel Tower strikes a magnificent pose on this duvet cover with pretty pink and white love hearts, romantic French script writing and the words"I Love You" reminding us that Paris is the city of love with breathtaking ancient monuments,...

$39.99 as at 19:54 UTC. (Details)

~Tour Eiffel rose rideaux~ If you are serious about creating an interior design WOW Factor with a Paris theme, this set of curtains featuring the captivating Paris, Pont Neuf bridge and Eiffel Tower hovering above in fashionable pink, is about to...

$64.99 as at 20:41 UTC. (Details)

Plaque à la Main Personnalisée de Paris Sur le Thème Du Mur! it's wonderful to see more Paris themed decor items being made the old world way by hand, so you know it's unique to you or the person being gifted! This magical black and white...

$13.90 as at 19:54 UTC. (Details)

Décoratif Paris Eiffel Panier de Rangement de la Tour Add a little Paris pizzazz to your bathroom, kitchen, laundry or kids room with this beautifully decorated basket/container featuring a collage of elegant French imagery with the Paris, Eiffel...

$39.99 as at 19:54 UTC. (Details)

~Paris Romantique Thème Rideau de Douche~ Paris is for many the most romantic city on the planet, with the alluring Eiffel Tower and an ambiance of amour that always leaves you wanting more. The moment a Paris fan sees this beautiful shower...

$14.00 as at 11:10 UTC. (Details)

~Jolie Paris, Tour Eiffel Edredon Ensemble~ Brand new and looking beautiful with the Paris, Eiffel Tower presenting it's usual monumental charm, alongside a pretty flower motif and adorable birds adding an enchanting vintage appeal. Paris fans...

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~Plaque Tour de mur de Eiffel peinte à la main~ Classy, antique themed wall plaque of the Paris, Eiffel Tower a monument guaranteed to make a grand statement on the wall, in a home or office! What makes this so unique and visually compelling is...

$39.00 as at 01:53 UTC. (Details)

Housse de coussin de Paris sur le thème de cru Paris themed throw pillows are a popular way to intigrate this European city of light and amour into your current decor look at a low cost, adding instant glamor and elegance because that is what...

$8.49 as at 15:38 UTC. (Details)

Every Paris themed room demands a golden Eiffel Tower statue to be displayed, as a symbol of this amazing European city, where so many magical monuments like the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame Cathedral and the glamorous Versailles palace tell a story...

$8.88 as at 19:54 UTC. (Details)

Ideal for the kids to keep their toys tidy or out in the living room to enhance a chic, decor theme, this Paris monuments ottoman featuring a classic red car, is great for storage and highly attractive as a vintage, decor accent, in the workplace or...

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Already very popular for it's many uses as a footstool, seat, storage box for magazines, crafts, toys, blankets, classy coffee table, as you can flip the lid over for a handy tray, plus my favorite, a puppy stool, as my gorgeous Japanese Chin...

$22.99 as at 20:40 UTC. (Details)

This is a gorgeous, up-market bedding set for a girl who loves Paris and will be so thrilled to go to bed at night surrounded by her favorite city in the world, where the Eiffel Tower, now officially reaching celebrity status with teens throughout...

$149.00 as at 21:42 UTC. (Details)

Soft, subtle and typically Paris elegant, this beautiful three-piece bedding set, featuring a Queen duvet cover, measuring 90" x 90" with two standard shams (20" x 26") will steal the show with it's lovely Parisian postcard theme, in light grey and...

$84.98 as at 00:01 UTC. (Details)

This could be the perfect Paris themed gift for a fan of the city where the Eiffel Tower has lived for some 126 years, achieving a world-wide popularity that has gained momentum since the light-bulb day Gustave Eiffel presented plans for a...

$9.99 as at 07:25 UTC. (Details)

Romance Ians Paris Décalque de Mur This colorful and cute Paris themed wall decal will be an adorable way to light up a wall in the nursery, kids bedroom or living room and the perfect wall art for the romantic at heart, who loves the city of...

$10.89 as at 21:48 UTC. (Details)

The Eiffel Tower has taken the place of many a current, popular pop star on the walls of Paris mad teens  who love to feature this iconic French monument on their bedding, table lamps and wall art, like this brand new "La Tour Eiffel" wall decal...

$14.95 as at 21:27 UTC. (Details)

If you are looking for a Paris theme gift that is hand-made with pride, I encourage you to explore the option of a beautiful black and white, antiqued wall sign in Paris subway style, with all the destinations you could hope to arrive at including...

$60.00 as at 22:36 UTC. (Details)

A beautiful crystal chandelier and the Paris, Eiffel Tower take center-stage on this eye-catching black and teal cushion cover as the inspiration for a magical Paris theme! Size is 18" x 18, with the imagery on both sides and yes you will will...

$2.48 as at 12:25 UTC. (Details)

 Rêve Paris Couette Ensemble Every Paris fan deserves a beautiful bedding set like this trendy gray, hot pink and green ensemble, featuring a Full/Queen comforter and shams with an adorable Eiffel Tower motif, highighted by love hearts, abstract...

$166.00 as at 04:28 UTC. (Details)

Artwork is a great way to add an interesting, visual focal point to a room, drawing the eye immediately to the subject and if that is an exclusive view of three outstanding world cities, the overall look will be nothing but impressive! Cities are...

$57.99 as at 21:48 UTC. (Details)

Belle Housse de Coussin Tour Eiffel Beige Beautiful beige cushion cover with a lovely burlap appeal, featuring the Eiffel Tower in Paris where at this time of year locals are returning from their summer vacations, as September in...

$4.40 as at 21:27 UTC. (Details)

if you have ever visited Paris or London, you might have seen two captivating monuments that will live in your memories forever, with the Eiffel Tower, the pride of France as a tall lattice tower that dates back to 1889 and the London, Big Ben clock...

$10.99 as at 06:22 UTC. (Details)

The bold and uniquely beautiful Paris, Eiffel Tower features on this Full/Queen Duvet Cover measuring 79" x 86" that comes with one flat sheet (86" x 95"), plus two pillow cases (20" x 28"), looking fabulously photogenic along with subtle, detailed...

$56.90 as at 10:36 UTC. (Details)

Eiffel Millésime Tour Rideau de Douche The enduring Eiffel Tower monument makes a magical appearance on this elegant shower curtain, highlighted by pretty purple, lavender flowers, butterflies, Paris post-stamps with a lovely,...

$19.01 as at 21:48 UTC. (Details)

This pretty vintage flowers themed bedding set shows how stylish a motif the Paris, Eiffel tower is, taking it's beautiful llustrative place on this Full/Queen, floral Duvet Cover measuring 78" x 86" (200 x 220cm) with one flat sheet (94" x 102")...

$56.87 as at 21:27 UTC. (Details)

Statues de la Tour Eiffel Great quality metal Eiffel Tower statues finished in an authentic, vintage copper look and available in the size of your choice (15cm, 18cm, 22cm, 25cm, 32cm, 38cm or 48cm) A decor display of all sizes would be a...

$14.99 as at 21:48 UTC. (Details)

Tour Eiffel Paroi Métallique Sculpture You don't need to be in Paris to see the Eiffel Tower everyday when you can have a stunning repiica in your home, office on the wall to remind you of a memorable vacation or enhance an exciting Paris...

$48.58 as at 23:02 UTC. (Details)

Here's a fun and fantastical replica of the Paris, Eiffel Tower to emulate it's monumental light show that takes a striking, metal pyramid shaped structure on the Champ de Mars parkrounds by day and transforms it into a glittering golden tower, with...

$11.99 as at 21:42 UTC. (Details)

This fun and funky bedding set has all the design elements required for a super trendy Paris theme, with a collage of French favorites includng the Eiffel Tower, romantic Paris post card stamps, French script, flowers, fashion purses and love...

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If you have a passion for Paris history, architecture and are intrigued by the origins of the Eiffel Tower, this fascinating poster print showing the various stages of this unique wrought-iron tower being constructed will be an exciting find and...

$12.88 as at 13:34 UTC. (Details)

You won't be able to take your eyes of these picturesque stone drinks coasters featuring four Paris,Eiffel Tower postcards, a perfect addition to a Paris theme or gift for a friend, work colleague who shares your admiration of the most romantic city...

$21.03 as at 13:34 UTC. (Details)

Rêve Paris Couette Ensemble Hoping to find a stylish, up-market bedding set with an exquisite Parisian, Eiffel Tower theme in soft, subtle colors of pink, teal and gray? Look no further as you are in for a real treat with this four-piece, Paris...

$149.99 as at 05:39 UTC. (Details)

~Petit Déjeuner à Housse de Coussin Tiffanys Audrey Hepburn lit up the screen when she played the part of Holly Golightly in the classic movie "Breakfast At Tiffany's," inspiring a legion of fans to embrace this beautiful actress as a fashion...

$6.99 as at 22:21 UTC. (Details)

Just got  back from the city of light and would love a photograpic snapshot of Paris to put on the wall so you can relive the highlights, like seeing the Mona Lisa in the Louvre Museum and the glass pyramid entrance featured in the movie "The...

$31.15 as at 22:21 UTC. (Details)

 Eiffel Arty Tour de Rideau de Douche The city of Paris was the art capital of the world in the 19th century attracting talented painters from near and far to find inspiration in a city steeped in royal and revolutionary history, a perfect...

$29.06 as at 08:53 UTC. (Details)

The ideal bedding set for the girl who follows fashion, especially the latest haute couture coming out of Paris through their world famous seasonal fashion shows, where you will be sure to spot music and film celebrities keen to acquire the latest...

$84.00 as at 00:17 UTC. (Details)

Paris Tour Eiffel Murale This is how you open a window to Paris, with a spectacular view of a city that is home to outstanding ancient monuments, thriving street cafes, fashion, at an exceptionally minimal cost! Bonjour Paris! You can have the...

$4.16 as at 23:20 UTC. (Details)

~Paris marché aux puces trouver~ This Parisian style accent table exudes a shabby cottage, French chateau appeal with ornate tapered legs and a distressed, hand-finished vintage cream frame featuring elegant, black French script writing on the...

$112.99 as at 21:46 UTC. (Details)