Paris Vanity Mirror

Here is an adorable Eiffel tower shaped vanity mirror to enhance your Paris themed bathroom, which I'm sure exudes all the romance and elegance of this magical city of lights and love! All attention has been paid to creating an authentic bronze,...

$18.90 as at 20:07 UTC. (Details)
Eiffel Tower Wall Hook Vintage Style

Tour Eiffel mur crochet When you are creating a room theme it's always fun to come across unique finds that add that special something to the overall look. This bronze colored, Eiffel tower, metal wall hook is something a bit different, you can add...

$12.99 as at 03:41 UTC. (Details)
Design Toscano Eiffel Tower Candle Holder

Tres bon Eiffel Tour détenteurs de bougie if you are looking for an exquisite set of Eiffel tower candle holders to grace your dining table, this set of cast iron holders finshed in ebony with an authentic gold wash, will set a tone of opulence...

$32.90 as at 21:13 UTC. (Details)
SiCoHome Eiffel Tower Decor Figurine Replica Centerpiece Room Table Decor French Souvenir Gift From Paris, France,for Cake Topper, Gifts ,Party And House Decoration(18cm7.0inch Purple)

Here's a touch of Paris to add to a decor with a fun purple theme! it's a clever metal replica of the Eiffel tower now considered a stunning piece of structural art and did you know it's creater, Gustave Eiffel had originally submitted his plans...

$9.99 as at 05:22 UTC. (Details)
Fashioncraft From Paris with Love Collection Pen Set

if you are adding pieces of the romantic city of Paris to your home you might feel a little excited when you see this stylish pen-set, featuring an excellent replica of the Eiffel tower as the pen holder base, finished in a traditional pewter look...

$6.42 as at 07:35 UTC. (Details)
9 Inch Light Up Acrylic LED Eiffel Tower Souvenir w/ Build in Multicolor LED Lights. Battery Included | Centerpiece Decor

Spectacle de lumière de la Tour Eiffel If you have ever witnessed the nightly lightshow on the Champ de Mars when the Eiffel tower lights up and continues to sparkle and gleam periodically throughout the night, every hour on the hour, you'll...

$4.29 as at 04:08 UTC. (Details)
Metal Eiffel Tower Statue 6.25 Inch French Statue

Tour Eiffel souvenir A Paris theme would never be complete without an Eiffel tower statue somewhere in the room and this one, superbly detailed to look just like le grande dame (the lady) is that little bit special, as it has the word PARIS on it's...

$4.19 as at 00:57 UTC. (Details)
Fashioncraft From Paris with Love Collection Eiffel Tower Wine Bottle Stopper Favors

Tour Eiffel bouchon de vin Looks like someone's creating a glamorous Paris kitchen theme, as this charming Eiffel Tower wine bottle stopper has been seen displayed on the counter, all ready for guests to arrive and enjoy an elegant soiree. When...

$2.55 as at 09:42 UTC. (Details)
1 X Eiffel Tower Chrome Metal Ring Holder

Add a ittle Paris magic to your bedroom decor, with a shiny silver, chrome Eiffel tower ring holder! Ideal as a gift for the Paris fan or fashionista who loves jewelry and the romantic city of light,  this stylish replica measures 3-1/2" in...

$7.18 as at 23:35 UTC. (Details)
Fashioncraft Eiffel Tower Design Curio Box Favors

Here's a cute addition to any Paris decor  or a curio cabinet, in the form of an elegant curio box with an eye-catching appeal that will keep you looking for something new as you take in the impressive imagery, beginning with an intricately carved...

$0.65 as at 15:21 UTC. (Details)
Firefly Imports Eiffel Tower Paris France Metal Cake Stand, 6 by 2.5-Inch, Black

The Eiffel tower presents a dream of a visionary man who dared to be different and impress upon a nation that he could build the tallest structure in the world out of metal, something that was completely left field in the 17th century, as you could...

$3.48 as at 15:48 UTC. (Details)
Fashioncraft Eiffel Tower Design Champagne Flutes

Flûtes à champagne Paris themed weddings are a popular choice as they encompass all that is romantic about the city of amour, where the picturesque Eiffel tower attracts lovers from all over the world, who pledge their love, get...

$8.49 as at 15:48 UTC. (Details)
Paris Decor for Bedroom Print Curtains City Decor Living Room Decorations Eiffel Tower Accessories French Style Paris Curtain Two Panels Set 108 X 84 Inches

How would you like to see these spectacular curtains featuring a vivacious vintage, Paris, Eiffel tower theme hanging in your bedroom? Like Paris they breathe of history, with a parchment paper appeal that works so beautifully with this...

$67.99 as at 05:51 UTC. (Details)
SiCoHome eiffel tower decor Figurine Replica Centerpiece Room Table Decor Jewelry Stand Holder French Souvenir Gift From Paris, France (18cm Pink)

Tour Eiffel Rose The Eiffel tower has long been a captivating monument in Paris, France that woos many a fascinated soul to French shores in pursuit of finding out what makes this unofficial eighth wonder of the world such a great architectural...

$11.99 as at 17:03 UTC. (Details)
Eiffel Tower Bookends

These Eiffel Tower bookends represent a glimpse of Paris architecture, a city renowned for it's historic monuments and none quite so famous as the steel lattice tower that stands 301m in height and took two years two months and five days to...

$24.02 as at 18:27 UTC. (Details)
Fascinations Metal Earth 3D Laser Cut Model- Eiffel Tower

Ever wanted to build the Eiffel tower which was designed by Gustave Eiffel and stands for all time as a monument to creative engineering and design? Now you can with this popular DIY model that will become a 3D, steel statue of "La Tour...

$1.59 as at 21:46 UTC. (Details)
Demdaco C'est Magnifique Glass Vase, 12-Inch

~C'est Magnifique~ Canadian photographer "Irene Suchocki" is clearly a fan of Paris with her inspiring imagery of the Eiffel Tower presented here for all time on a stylish glass vase, laden with magical French phrases "C'est magnifique" to stand...

$29.00 as at 20:28 UTC. (Details)
New Ikea Eiffel Tower Picture with Frame/canvas Large 55 X 78 Inches

It doesn't matter what angle the Eiffel Tower is photographed at, the outcome is always a stunning visual of engineering, architectural supremacy! La Tour Eiffel is one of those structures that catches the eye and imagination of us all as a supreme...

$199.90 as at 23:18 UTC. (Details)
Canvas Print - Eiffel Tower - 3 Panel Split Canvas - 8"x12" each panel - Canvas Only

~Tour Eiffel Magique~ I simply love the ethereal look of this 3-piece canvas print, featuring the grande dame of Paris, "La Tour Eiffel, from ground level on the Champ de mars to the very tip of the tower, peeping through the...

$25.59 as at 01:27 UTC. (Details)
Eiffel Tower Wall Art Hanging Decoration Paris England

Being a huge fan of metal, wall art and the magical city of Paris, I found this stunning Eiffel Tower piece very appealing as i know you will too. In fact I sense you are already thinking where you would like to place this mighty, lattice tower that...

$44.15 as at 00:17 UTC. (Details)
Brand New!! Eiffel Tower Shannon Crystal Candle Stick Pair

 ~Dîner aux chandelles pour deux~ if you are looking for something to enhance your decor, with a glamorous, elegant appeal, this set of two, "La Tour Eiffel," crystal candlesticks will create an opulent ambience of contemporary...

$34.56 as at 01:02 UTC. (Details)
Eiffel Tower Coffee Pod Holder Kitchen Decoration

~Cafe de Paris~ Create a little of the bustling Paris, France cafe in your kitchen with an Eiffel Tower rack, equipped to hold individual coffee machine pods, ready to brew your favorite cup of Café au lait! This could be the perfect gift for...

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Decorative Stylish Black Metal Eiffel Tower Design Wall Mounted Rack

How would you like an "Eiffel Tower wall rack, complete with clouds, that will easily double as a spectacular piece of metal wall art? You don't have to be a Paris fan to appreciate the beauty of this chic black,wall mounted rack that features...

$45.99 as at 17:23 UTC. (Details)
OJIA Modern Fashion Paris Eiffel Tower Home 18 X 18 Inch Cotton Linen Decorative Throw Cushion Cover / Pillow Sham

~Le Dame de fer~ Whether it be a gift for a friend who loves everything about Paris or to enhance your own fabulous decor, this beautiful, black and white, Eiffel Tower cushion cover is just the thing to bring a little joie de vivre to all...

$11.99 as at 22:41 UTC. (Details)
OJIA 18 X 18 Inch Cotton Linen Retro Vintage Paris Effiel Tower Butterfly Home Decorative Throw Pillow Cover Cushion Case

~Papillons Paris~ This beautiful cushion cover is more a work of art, don't you think and with stunning Eiffel Tower, butterflies imagery creating a fabulous vintage, visual appeal, your sofa will never look so good! Size is 18"...

$12.95 as at 22:43 UTC. (Details)
12 Inch (30cm) Metal Eiffel Tower Statue Figurine Replica Centerpiece Room Table Décor Jewelry Stand Holder French Souvenir Gift (WIth FREE Eiffel Tower Key Chain)

if you are going to purchase an Eiffel Tower replica, then it's essential the statue looks like the real McCoy! No problem here as this "La Tour Eiffel," centerpiece, jewelry stand has passed the "look a like" test and is proving really popular...

$11.56 as at 06:25 UTC. (Details)
CounterArt Absorbent Coasters in Wooden Holder, Vintage Paris Design, Set of 4

Could be a very elegant gift for someone who has a strong affection for the romantic city of Paris, or to impress guests with a fashionable choice of drinks coasters at your next soiree..Beautifully presented in a natural, rubber wood holder are...

$23.42 as at 03:45 UTC. (Details)
OJIA Retro Vintage Paris Eiffel Tower Home 18 X 18 Inch Cotton Linen Decorative Throw Cushion Cover / Pillow Sham

Whether your home has leanings toward a Paris, shabby chic or vintage style of decor, this gorgeous, Eiffel Tower pillow cover will compliment all of these feminine,romantic looks perfectly... Size is 18" x 18" and made of a cotton/linen blend...

$9.99 as at 22:44 UTC. (Details)
BONAMART ® Paris Eiffel Tower living room removable quote vinyl wall decals stickers XY1002

A beautiful birds eye view of the city of lights, that you can have on your wall at home..This is the clever way to create an art form that will light up a room without the expense of having to purchase a painting or print. Yes!.. This is a decal...

$9.99 as at 02:27 UTC. (Details)
Parisian Table Lamp

What a focal point in the room this industrial chic "Eiffel Tower" table lamp will make with it's intricate French tower metal design and vintage patina finish. Let's not forget the classic travel-stamped, French script style shade and French...

$69.89 as at 01:28 UTC. (Details)
OJIA Retro Vintage Sketch Eiffel Tower Purple Flower Home 18 X 18 Inch Cotton Linen Decorative Throw Cushion Cover / Pillow Sham

Do you love Shabby Chic/ Vintage and all things Paris? Then you won't be able to take your eyes of this romantic.. throw cushion cover featuring a "Carte Postal" (post card) theme with dreamy imagery of the Eiffel Tower flanked in gorgeous purple...

$11.99 as at 01:29 UTC. (Details)

if you know someone that  is right into Eiffel Tower decor you might want to gift them this very nice "La Tour Eiffel" tea light holder. It's made of solid cast iron and looks very much like the grand tower that stands on the "Champ de Mars" in...

$18.90 as at 12:15 UTC. (Details)

The detailing on this Eiffel Tower Wall decal is superb and you really get an idea of how beautifully designed this tower was for the Exposition Universelle of 1889. in Paris France. A wall decal of this caliber and size would look equally as...

$14.99 as at 08:45 UTC. (Details)

There is nothing quite like the vision of the Eiffel Tower at night as it glows against the darkened sky towering into the heavens above.. The artists perspective is awe-inspiring and I guarantee when you place this work-of-art throw pillow on a...

$49.00 as at 02:55 UTC. (Details)

WOW! If you want to make an impact in a room and also allow yourself to feel as though you are in Paris then you can't do much better than this bold room divider featuring the one and only "La Tour Eiffel".....In a contemporary black and white...

$129.00 as at 15:54 UTC. (Details)

Add a stylish Paris accent to your home this one of a kind Eiffel Tower End Table. it's constructed of metal with an enamel finish and looks very much like the real "Tour Eiffel" due to it's very clever and authentic design. Size is 26" x 26"...

$149.95 as at 05:22 UTC. (Details)

if you are looking to make a grand statement in a room and Paris is your first thought then you can't go past this outstanding rendition of the "Eiffel Tower" The artist's photo shot is stunning as you look up into the abyss of this century old...

$99.00 as at 19:08 UTC. (Details)

This reminds me of a classic landscape painting with a shadowy view of the Eiffel Tower as she appears almost nestled amongst the trees. The black and white style of photography only adds to the mystery of this mesmeric,  imagery as the tower...

$28.00 as at 06:28 UTC. (Details)

This is a more petite size poster for a room with limited wall space. The bonus here is that the poster itself is one of the best. With the words Paris and France glaring from a very realistic "Eiffel Tower" photo I believe this engaging piece of...

$7.38 as at 05:18 UTC. (Details)

Featuring a blue slate, Eiffel tower base with a French script designed shade, this stylish table lamp could be ideal for enhancing a Paris theme. It's a smaller sized lamp measuring 16" in height x 12" in diameter with the Eiffel tower base only...

$30.97 as at 19:09 UTC. (Details)

The photographer has captured the true essence of the Eiffel Tower as it stands like a beacon over Paris at dusk.. A captivating shot and one that will excite admirers of this fair city who would like a piece of this grand tower on their...

$9.50 as at 05:13 UTC. (Details)

Set your clock, Paris time with this extraordinary Eiffel tower table clock made of black metal  and looking every bit as outstanding as the real French tower that has over a century of time on it's side and is still standing at the top for being...

$43.99 as at 17:11 UTC. (Details)

These Eiffel Tower vases are hugely popular for weddings, parties and of course in the home. They are a generous 20 inches in height so will make quite an impact once flowers are added. You could also just use it as it stands for the elegant...

$68.98 as at 12:20 UTC. (Details)

if you are decorating in a Paris theme these Eiffel Tower statues will add a fashionable chic to your inspired decor. The Eiffel Tower has a natural elegance and with these two structures being made of classic wrought-iron you get an authentic...

$87.05 as at 02:29 UTC. (Details)

Looking for a classy Eiffel Tower centerpiece to add to your Paris theme? This is a little beauty that has a vintage feel to it which is very in vogue. I particularly like the bronze finish which makes it more authentic..It's a greats looking...

$2.64 as at 18:15 UTC. (Details)

Highly decorative and authentic looking Eiffel Tower set would be a great gift for the friend who collects salt and pepper shakers or as a display in a Paris Style kitchen. These are not big shakers measuring approx.4.2" x 4.2" x 5," so they...

$14.75 as at 12:20 UTC. (Details)

Who would have thought the Eiffel Tower a pinnacle of grand architecture would make such a stunning wine rack! If you are a connoisseur of French wines, then this could be on your wish  list of things to buy. The rack is handcrafted from iron,...

$49.00 as at 11:56 UTC. (Details)

The Eiffel Tower has been a popular monument in Paris for a very long time and it's unique structural design has caused it be recreated in so many decorative and useful ways, This sturdy, black metal wine rack in the image of the French tower...

$42.85 as at 06:28 UTC. (Details)

Classic postcard inscriptions with the beautiful Eiffel Tower shining through. This is a wall plaque with a very vintage feel and a worthy piece of wall art for the Paris fan who is looking for something a bit original, to fit with there "city of...

$29.99 as at 17:11 UTC. (Details)

Black and white photographic view of the romantic city of lights and "Le Tour Eiffel" in the form of a memorable light switch cover. with a gorgeous glossy finish.. A perfect completion to a Paris themed room where every little detail...

$11.75 as at 06:28 UTC. (Details)

Get the creative edge with a comprehensive wall decal that highlights some of the iconic/historic architecture of Paris - France. With a black finish it will be easy to match it to any wall color in your home or office.. The advent of decals...

$0.51 as at 13:43 UTC. (Details)

This has always been a favorite for its breathtaking, romantic quality and thought provoking power.. Through the gates and in the clouds stands "Le Tour Eiffel" the incredible vision of "Alexandre Gustave Eiffel" a French civil Engineer who...

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"Through the eye of the lens" this astonishing shot of the Eiffel Tower hovering over residential buildings in one of the older areas of Paris, hence the narrow streets. Every time I look a this image I see something new so it really is a...

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The Eiffel Tower is such a wonderful subject for adding to a wall as its ornate and unique architecture is admired by people from all over the world.. This decal would be magic in a home or office reception area where I am sure there would be...

$32.31 as at 15:27 UTC. (Details)

If you are looking to make a whole wall a Paris feature then this is the decal to get.. Measuring a whopping 32.5" in width x 55.75 in height this Eiffel Tower wall decor is going to have a huge impact as the look is spectacular. I especially...

$16.37 as at 18:18 UTC. (Details)

This is a fabulous view of the Eiffel Tower with the young lovers and Euro vintage car...One of the better Paris works of art and so delightfully moody with the thundery clouds in the background.. Size is 36 inches x 24 inches and was made to be...

$4.04 as at 02:30 UTC. (Details)