Paris Wall Decor

So many Paris lovers are all over the world—not just in France—and because of this, it’s imperative that we bring our adulation for the City of Lights into our homes. From tiny reading nooks to giant master bedrooms, Paris room décor is a way to showcase the beauty and magic that is the French capital, all the while surrounding ourselves with looks that make us feel as though we actually are in Paris.

Paris Themed Kitchen. The perfect place to start when transforming your spaces into a gorgeous shrine to Paris is the heart of your home—the kitchen! Whether you’re working with a lot of square footage, or a tiny place to cook, Paris décor will liven up any kitchen space. Love coffee? Set up a coffee station reminiscent of a Parisian café, complete with a replica Eiffel Tower coffee holder and espresso mugs with French phrases. Likewise, display French Bordeaux wine glasses with little Parisian wine charms and coasters to match. For more functional flair, go for Paris themed dish towels, decorative signs that say French translated words such as “eat” or “kitchen”. Try Eiffel Tower decals on your cabinets or Fleur de lis curtains to line your windows. The key with any Paris themed kitchen is to create an atmosphere that makes you feel as though you’re cooking up love right in the heart of Paris.

Paris Decor

Paris Themed Bedroom. Of course, you can’t go wrong with a totally decked out Parisian themed bedroom. What better place than where you rise and retire each day to surround yourself with the magic that is Paris? Drape your bed in gorgeous Paris bedding which boasts fine fabrics like lace or high-count cotton sheeting. Throw on decorative pillows with sparkly, sequined accents of the Eiffel Tower or the Lovelock Bridge imagery. Set up a museum-esque vanity area, complete with a shabby cottage style vanity and twinkling lights, framed with tapestry artwork of the most romantic bits that Paris has to offer. Floor length swag curtains in billowy fabric and toile design is an exquisite bedroom addition, along with tasseled lampshades or posters of Paris landmarks. Got a creative bug? Create shadow boxes that boast both Parisian photography along with little knick knacks of Paris love in the form of charms, baubles, train ticket stubs, and more!

Paris Bedding

Paris Themed Bathroom. Whether you’ve got an ensuite bedroom bathroom, a main bathroom for the house, a half bath, or all of the above, bringing Paris décor into these places is almost effortless. Want a subtle look? A cool, modern Paris themed shower curtain or a bath mat could be the way to go. Looking for a little more pizzazz? There are limitless Paris motif bathroom toiletry sets that include cute soap dispensers and holders, toilet brush and accessory jars, and fuzzy rugs that are as cozy as they are adorable under your feet. Thinking about going all out with your Paris decorations? Parisian silhouettes of the Eiffel Tower or French phrases make for great wall decals—and they also make for fabulous stencils on tiled bathroom flooring or backsplash! It’s never been easier to get super creative and unique with Parisian décor looks if you just put your imagination into drive.

Paris Bathroom Decor

Paris Themed Living Room. Last, but certainly not least is the ultimate gathering place in your home—the living area! The living room is a place to gather for any and every occasion—much like a Parisian café. A Fleur de lis stenciled armoire to showcase all your French trinkets and collectibles is an amazing and one-of-a-kind piece that will fit just right in any living room. Likewise, a beautifully upholstered toile-inspired chaise and a stylish bistro table corner are also fantastic additions to where you spend your most time with yourself and your loved ones. Obviously, you can never go wrong with artwork, canvases, and wallpaper in Parisian style, and you can never have too many Paris inspired accessories. Tall vases with etchings of old French Script font, replica Eiffel Tower statues, or vintage French ottomans and hatboxes for both decoration appeal and functionality are key pieces to bringing the City of Lights into your living room. If you’re looking for something extra-bold, why not bring the whole entire city of Paris into your living room—in the form of a huge area rug? Have a breathtaking panoramic view of Paris right at your toes at all times!

Paris Themed Furniture

paris decor









Paris Bedroom Decor Ideas

Paris is without a doubt the most magical place on earth, so it’s no surprise that so many revere the City of Lights devotedly—enough so to bring the very essence of Paris into their homes. Creating the ultimate Parisian look offers both ease and versatility, as there are so many options out there when it comes to Paris bedroom décor. No matter if you are looking to bring the boldest or the subtlest of the French capital feel into your space, whatever you can imagine can be achieved. You can completely transform your bedroom into something that feels as though you have stepped into Paris every time you enter the room!

Unsure of where to start?

You’re definitely not alone, as it can obviously be overwhelming with the limitless décor choices to express your infinite love for all things Paris. The best way to begin your journey of bringing Paris bedroom décor into your home is to think about all the things you “ja adore” about Paris. Let your mind wander from the timeless romance of the Love Locks Bridge to the iconic architecture of the Eiffel Tower and Arch de Triumphe. Daydream a little about the outdoor cafes and the incredible art housed in the one and only breathtaking Louvre museum. Think about just what Paris means to you, how it makes you feel, and why it’s a beloved place in your mind. Now, all those great, wonderful feelings that went through you when thinking about Paris can come to life! You can embody the very spirit of Paris in your bedroom without ever having to step foot on a plane to travel there!

Paris Themed Bedding!

Bedding is a no-brainer when it comes to great Paris bedroom décor, so after reminiscing all about Paris, start with bedding sets! Silk sheets with faint French script written across them and a luxurious duvet in bold colors like reds and purples with Eiffel Tower imagery pair beautifully together. Velvet throw pillows in gold with damask pattern stitching and tasseled bed runners give your bedding a truly French royal vibe. And don’t forget your bed itself! You can incorporate the Parisian look into your headboard in the form of classy toile or with more of a royal, pin-tucked look that also serves as a cool décor piece on the wall behind your bed.

Accessorize Parisian Style..

Paris accessory décor is just as impactful as bedding, too. Gorgeous canvas artwork of Paris’ iconic landmarks in crisp black and whites, or even with pops of bright colors like orange or pink, is a must in any Parisian themed bedroom. Wall decals that span across walls or ceilings in French phrases are a unique addition, while actual pieces of art, such as metalworks or light sconces offer a unique ambience. Why not find a huge metro map of Paris and frame it up on your wall? Got some photos, passports, or old plane and theater tickets from Paris? Post those up on a framed memory board for your wall space and keep adding through the years. It’s like a Parisian scrapbook that you get to look at every day! Have a favorite movie or two set in Paris? These film stills can be great posters, blankets, or even coffee mugs to hold your bedroom desk pens! Get creative and remember that this is all about your own personal style fused with your love of Paris.

Themed bedroom pieces can also be just as functional as they are chic. Storage ottomans with images of French cafes or bright yellow shelving units with embellishments of the Fleur de lis offer a lovely look along with helping you to keep your space organized. A Paris storage bench at the end of your bed or even a stiletto-shaped chair in true French fashion mix comfort, design, and usefulness.

Romantic, European Ambiance!

Décor also includes the smaller things, such as twinkling fairy lights draped throughout the room or sheer curtains that billow on the window. These are both extremely romantic aesthetics that will make you feel as though the loveliness of Paris surrounds you every night. An Eiffel Tower pull on a ceiling fan or a French lampshade on your bedside table are tiny pieces, yet they tremendously add to a true Paris lover’s bedroom motif.

These are only a handful of the billions of ways you can bring Paris into your bedroom. You can stick with what you create or you can change it up as the seasons do! Bring in some Parisian holiday spirit during Valentine’s Day or Christmas. The bottom line is this: you don’t have to spend tons of money and time traveling frequently to Paris. You can experience the magic of the classic city every morning when you wake up and before you fall asleep every night. It just takes a little bit of ingenuity and a whole lot of love for all things Paris!

Chic Parisian Bedroom

Eiffel Tower Bedding

Chic Paris Bedroom Theme





The New Year is upon us, and with that comes a fresh start, new ideas, and 365 days of all sorts of potential ahead! Now is the best time to take your love of the Parisian culture and infuse it into the main spaces of your home, such as the living and bedrooms. Transforming a room into an ode to Paris has never been easier, no matter what your personal style or tastes.

New Year, Chic New Paris Decor Look!

Paris room décor is a limitless world of options from the boldest looks to the subtler nuances. If you’re unsure of where to start when it comes to bringing in this type of décor, try smaller pieces and accessories. For instance, storage solutions are a great place to begin when decorating in the Parisian style. Ottomans laden with French script design that multipurpose as a storage bin, or metal shelving with Eiffel Tower accents are both fantastic ideas for bringing Paris room décor into your home seamlessly. Don’t forget similar functioning pieces in Parisian décor such as tin trash cans or posh hat boxes and jewelry bins.

Pretty, Paris Themed Bedding!

Curtains, panels, and accent pieces like wall art are all beautiful and easy ways to bring more décor into your spaces, and these types of things can feature iconic Parisian architecture, classic café imagery, or even snapshots of delicious food that can only be found in the French capital city. Throw blankets featuring romantic Parisian phrases or pillows for the sofa with stamps of the royal Fleur de lis symbol can really tie the French theme together in any living space. Moving onto the bedroom, you can have real fun mixing and matching bedding sets and looks. Whether you opt for the whole club of comforter, shams, skirts, pillowcases, and sheets of Parisian fun, or if you’re into more interchangeable pieces like bed runners or duvets, there is a versatile way to dress up your bedding in the Paris personality.

Of course, you also have to remember that it’s not just about the look of your fresh Parisian décor—but also the feel of it. Satin pillowcases and high count cotton sheets take up the style of bold colors and images of the Eiffel Tower or damask patterns. This also rings true for tasseled Parisian lamp shades or plush French styled rugs for under your feet by the bed first thing every morning.

Regardless of how you choose to bring in your Parisian-themed New Year’s look, you’re sure to surround yourself with a magnificently breathtaking 2017!

Beautiful Wall Art!

Paris Eiffel Tower (Red Umbrella) Wall Art

Posh Paris Trash Cans!

Posh Paris Trash Cans

Chic Paris Themed Bedding

Paris, Eiffel Tower Bedding Set

Picturesque Paris Ottoman!

Paris Eiffel Tower Ottoman

Elegant Paris, Eiffel Tower Nesting Boxes!

Beautiful Paris Themed Nesting Boxes

Paris, Eiffel Tower Themed Curtains!

Paris Themed Curtains








Eiffel tower At Christmas

The holiday season has officially arrived! Why not celebrate the happiest time of the year by gifting all your friends and loved ones with presents just as magical? Take your love of Paris and share it, in the form of joyful Parisian décor.

Décor schemes that boast looks straight out of the majestic City of Lights are perfect gifts, as they blend seamlessly with any already existing decorations. Patterns and lush fabrics are a wonderful option when finding the right Parisian presents, so think bold damask or Fleur de lis in glittering gold thread and soft silk on a table runner, throw pillows, or seasonal napkins. Fuzzy blankets with the classic French script designs and Parisian-styled garland for the fire mantle are cozy additions for anyone’s household.

Eiffel Tower Decor Gifts For Christmas!

Some of the most popular Paris décor gifts include those that people can put up on the wall. Eiffel Tower shaped clocks and Parisian café wall art in canvas and embellished framed looks are just a couple of great ideas that are loved by any personality and any style. Of course, you also can’t forget functional Paris décor pieces that pack both a snazzy statement and a purpose that makes life easier. Ottomans, dish towels, and storage containers are all items that everyone needs, and there are plenty of Parisian options to choose from.

Regardless of which gifts you go for this festive season, you’re sure to make memories full of joy. Happy holidays!

More Magical Gift Ideas!


Eiffel Tower Wall Art

Eiffel tower Wall Decor

Paris, Eiffel Tower Wall Art

Paris, Eiffel Tower Ottoman

French Script Ottoman

French Script Ottoman

French Script Eiffel Tower Ottoman

Paris, Eiffel Tower Throw
Paris, Eiffel Tower Throw
Paris Themed Throw Pillow

Paris, Audrey Hepburn Throw Pillow

Damask Decor Gift Ideas

Damask Decor Stacked Boxes

Black And White Damask Throw pillows

Eiffel Tower Shaped  Metal Clock

Eiffel Tower Metal clock

Paris, Eiffel Tower Themed Kitchen Towel

Paris Eiffel Tower Kitchen Towel







Eiffel Tower Christmas tree

Whether you’re having a fabulous Christmas party or just decorating your home for the holidays (or both!), why not make this year positively fabulous with a Parisian theme? A Paris Décor Christmas theme is full of magic, beauty, and sparkling personality that is simply unforgettable. Surround yourself with this lovely motif all season long with everything from table settings to Christmas trees to unique décor.

 Tres Belle, Paris Christmas Theme Ideas

The best place to start when putting together your Parisian holiday décor is with your Christmas tree. Beautiful baubles and shimmering ornaments pair brilliantly with twinkling lights—and even an Eiffel Tower tree topper! You have to have corresponding décor as well, of course, and this comes in the forms of wreaths, garland, tinsel, and more lights! Eiffel Tower string lights intertwined with cranberry woven wreaths makes for a gorgeous surrounding. You can even incorporate Paris Christmas décor within your gifts! Paris themed giftwrapping paper and bows really set off any Christmas tree.

Festive, Paris Christmas Table Setting!

One of the most important décor areas in a home is the dining room table. From actual eating and hosting to laying out holiday crafts, projects, and giftwrapping, the table is the center for all things Christmas. You want to make sure that it harbors one of the most festive looks in the home, so think beyond just a Parisian tablecloth. While this is beautiful all on its own, there is so much more you can add when you’re decorating. Lace overlays and burlap adornments to vases and silverware holders are in the spirit of the French countryside, which ultimately compliments the magic that is Paris. Eiffel Tower candlestick holders with crystal drops perfectly accent delicate garland that can be put around the edge of the table, while plates specifically designed with Parisian imagery in the snow make for breathtaking additions. Serving dishes and platters, both silver and ceramic alike, can be found in Paris themes with everything from Fleur de lis and damask patterns to actual Paris landmarks.

When serving up food, you can also make that part of your Paris Christmas décor, too! French pastries and delicious Parisian staples make for mouth-watering eats that go splendidly with the decorations and melt in as a memorable tasty treat special to the holiday season. Put on some relaxing French Christmas Carols and you’ve got a home set to enchant this Christmas time.

More Beautiful Paris Christmas Ideas!

Eiffel Tower Christmas Decorations

Elegant French Christmas Table Setting

Elegant French Christmas Table Setting

Eiffel Tower Christmas Tree Lights

Eiffel Tower Lights For The Christmas Tree

Eiffel Tower Christmas Decorations

Eiffel Tower Christmas decorations

Chic Parisian Christmas Theme

Chic Paris Christmas Theme

Black And White French Damask Christmas Theme!













Eiffel Tower Decor Christmas Gifts

The holiday season is fast approaching and already, we are surrounded by Christmas themed everything in stores, restaurants, and parks. It is truly a delightful time, but why not put a unique twist on your own Christmas this year and give it a magical Paris motif? From décor to gifts, you can encompass the enchanting feel of the City of Lights all around this holiday!

No matter what the age, Christmas gifts in a Parisian theme are limitless in their options. Gift ideas range from gorgeous bedding to artwork to knick knacks and antiquities. For kids, bold and bright colors are a great way to go when picking out a perfect Paris-themed present. Comforters for the bed in hot pinks or neon blues with cool images of the Eiffel Tower is a perfect addition to any fun, youthful bedroom. Parisian themed puzzles make for a great gift as well, and will keep a little one busy on Christmas morning for hours. Likewise, for a teenager, bold prints mixed with glittering accents when it comes to Parisian gifts are a favorite. Giant posters of the French city or removeable decals to post up all over the walls will delight as the best Christmas gift. And you can’t forget wearables! Parisian keychains for backpacks are a great little accessory! A wonderful idea for a functional gift for younger recipients that the parents will definitely thank you for, are storage boxes. These come in ottoman-like sizes wrapped in beautiful canvas with all sorts of awesome Paris designs. They serve as a seat, a foot prop, and most importantly, a storage piece to aid a young one in keeping their room picked up!

Elegant, Eiffel Tower Decor Gifts For Christmas!

Adults are just as fun to buy Parisian themed gifts for. Think of the vast options in the home there is for you to shower your adult friends and loved ones with. Curtains with French script sayings or a gleaming Paris vase are as special as they are a lovely addition to anyone’s home. Small accent gifts for entertaining areas such as wine glass charms, coasters, bottle holders, or kitchen towelettes are beautiful and also blend splendidly with already existing home décor. Of course, when you’re thinking about what to give in the spirit of your Paris themed gifts, you cannot overlook Christmas décor itself! Tree ornaments, garland, snow globes, wreaths, and even a little nativity town of Paris encompass the French city in all its loveliness brilliantly.

Regardless of who you are buying for, there are plenty of ways to pull together a one of a kind Parisian themed Christmas and spread that love to everyone you share the holidays with.

Paris Decor Gifts For Teens

Teens Paris Christmas Gift

Paris Themed Bedding Fot Teens

Eiffel Tower Decor Gifts For Christmas

Eiffel Tower Decor Gifts

Eiffel Tower Decor Gifts


Paris Kitchen Decor Gifts

Paris Kitchen Decor Gifts

zParis Kitchen Decor Gifts

Paris Wall Art

Paris Wall Art Gifts


Paris Wall Art









if you have just discovered a European city with historic ties to Roman times, royalty, revolutionaries and an inspiring creative edge, thanks to so many worldly artists, philosophers making Paris their home, you might be tempted to jump on the first flight out and find out what people of all ages are finding so fascinating about this city of light and amour!

Paris, City Of Ancient Architecture!

The moment you touch down in this busy metropolis it becomes instantly clear why Paris is the catch phrase of this millennium, offering a wonderful insight into a European past, as this French capital is over 2000 years in the making, while presenting the most incredible architecture through the ages, from the medieval Notre Dame cathedral designed in classic Gothic style to the Arc de Triomphe, a Roman style triumphal arch, the vision of Napolean Bonaparte and who could forget the iconic Eiffel Tower, built by Gustave Eiffel in the late 1800’s.

Along with magical monuments, Paris as the leading fashion capital of the world where style is determined and you just need to wander along the Champs-Elysees Avenue to see fashion designer greats like Chanel and Pierre Cardin present their latest creations with store window displays that inspire you to stop and stare! When in Paris a stop over at a sidewalk cafe is a must, where you can soak up the cultural ambiance, while enjoying a French classic..Cafe au lait with a delicious French macaron.

It’s easy to see why Paris is called the city of romance and why this mystical city has become the “on trend” home decor look, for Paris mad teens, toddlers and grown-ups, who love to incorporate the joie de vivre of this enchanting city where couples come to tie the knot and climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower, to declare their undying love!

Chic Paris decor can be incorporated into any room in the home with beautiful damask and Eiffel Tower bedding, bringing the charm and charisma of Paris to your own or kids bedroom!

Parisian themed wall art demands your attention immediately you walk into a room and two lovers under the guise of “La Tour Eiffel” above a sofa or bed, will captivate an entire space, with the beauty of this elegant, European land

Curtains with an Eiffel Tower theme will create a cozy. glamorous space, where Paris will be on show for fans who will love the feeling of being in the city of light, with an outstanding window treatment honoring the “iron lady” of France

A scattering of throw pillows on the sofa or bed enhance a stylish Paris theme!

Create your dream Paris decor theme, with beautiful bedding, curtains, wall art and throw pillows from the city of love, or gift a like-minded Paris fan, with something special for their own French themed home!





























Parisian décor fits seamlessly into any part of a home and in all sorts of different ways. From furniture to wall hues to accessories that brighten up any space, Paris room décor is as beautiful as it is practical, as whimsical as it is functional, and as limitless in its options as in its versatile style.

Paris Themed Bedroom

But perhaps the biggest conundrum comes about in where exactly to begin when decorating with Parisian taste! Don’t let the endless fabrics, designs, and collections of Paris room décor overwhelm you. Start in your favorite room in your home, and whether that be the bedroom, kitchen, or dining room, you won’t be left wanting when it comes to all the Parisian décor that’s available out there. In your very own bedroom, you can spice up your bed with Parisian style bedding that boasts vibrant imagery and iconic French taste. From big, bold colors of comforters and sheets, to Eiffel Tower scenes drawn elaborately into pillows and shams, you can express your love for all things Paris with really just bedding itself. Bedroom accents such as wall clocks, frilly curtains, or pieces of shabby cottage, vintage lampshades or bedside tables also really make a bedroom pop with personality.

Paris Bathroom Decor

In smaller rooms, such as bathrooms, you can really infuse a flair of Parisian décor here as well. Toiletry sets in the gorgeous style of your favorite parts of the City of Lights, or hand towels that are as luxurious in sight as they are in feel. Shower curtains in gorgeous grays featuring the Arc de Triomphe, or a French café really make even a small bathroom stand out.

Main rooms such as living rooms, kitchens, and even a home’s entry way look just as splendid glittering with Paris décor. A re-purposed entry way table with nick knacks such as Eiffel Tower miniature statues, or Paris themed coat hooks is a beautiful way to come into your home every day. Likewise, a huge, fancy rug in the center of a living room serves as a focal point that also poses as a huge dose of Parisian personality. Of course, in any room in the home, you can never go wrong or have too much of good wall décor. Multiple Parisian canvas artwork that make up one solid image or detailed floating shelves that showcase all your very favorite French books bring a bit of magic into a main living room space. Murals of the city itself or themed wall decals are also a fabulous way to go with Parisian décor if you like to change things up frequently.

Regardless of how you choose to show off your love for all things Paris, bringing this motif into your home is certainly a show stopper.

Paris  Bedding


Paris Bathroom Decor

Eiffel Tower Decor

Paris Kitchen Decor







Paris, France is an iconic city in all things—romance, innovation, freedom, mystery, and nostalgia. You cannot think about the City of Lights without some feeling being invoked within, which is why this awe-inspiring place makes for a perfect bedroom décor scheme. No matter what your age or personal style, you can turn an otherwise ordinary bedroom into something that looks as though it just came out of France.

Magical, Mature Parisian Theme

Paris bedroom décor is a beautiful look that boasts an endless array of possibilities for creation. Whether you choose to incorporate just bedding, or if you decide you want to go all out and deck your entire space in Parisian magic, it’s never been easier to cater to exactly what you want in regards to style. For a more mature look, think about fabrics and designs and what really mixes brilliantly together. For bedding, silk sheets and soft comforter linens make for a pleasant night sleep, and look amazing in soft hues, with a splash of a bold color or Parisian design like Fleur de lis or even the Eiffel Tower. Other bedroom décor can be as beautiful as it is functional. Think Parisian shelving or curtains with a French café art design. Or, spice up your bedside table or desk with a Parisian-themed lamp and little French figurines or artwork for a small but impactful look.

Teens Paris Retreat

Paris bedroom décor also works splendidly for youthful tastes as well. A teenage girl’s room can be blossoming with pink, and it’s not difficult to incorporate the French flair. A jewelry station with a metal Eiffel Tower bauble holder and colorful canvas artwork featuring a rainy Parisian day are both great places to start when putting up fabulous bedroom decorations. You can even opt for more unique pieces like a portable closet with an Arc de Triomphe imaged curtain, or a vanity in the Parisian chic design. Hope chests, accessory holders in the form of cute Parisian hat boxes, and Eiffel Tower candle holders are all really special accents that really add to a youthful girl’s room, while still giving her plenty of space to insert her own personality and style into where she sleeps, studies, and primps!

Chic, Paris Bedroom Theme

There are also plenty of Parisian décor options that can be utilized across the board, no matter if you’re looking for a more adult or a more youthful look, or maybe even a little mix of both. Black and white bedding sets with artistic representations of Parisian icons work beautifully in any space, while classic wall clocks, rugs, and throw blankets make for a cozy addition in any style room.

Regardless of what your personal tastes, you can create a canvas of Parisian magic in your bedroom, and what’s even better? Constantly changing it up is totally possible and always a fun adventure!







Themes are all the rage in home decor design these days allowing us as individuals to put our own personal stamp on a room in our home that has the “this is me factor” whether it be a certain color mix you love or the alluring ambiance of a city that is ablaze with history monuments, fashion and style!

The Style Capital Of France!

The European capital of France has become a popular bedroom decor theme with all age groups, as there is so much to draw upon from a city called Paris that offers over two thousand years of a life well lived with legendary Kings and revolutionaries, both playing their part in making this city of light one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world. Romance just fills the air, so stylizing a bedroom with a Paris theme is the ideal way to bring this fascinating city to your home

Chateau Chic

Parisians tend to paint their apartment walls white to let the light in but the present fashion has been to create a bedroom that honors the glamor and chic of a centuries past French chateau, with beautiful ornate furnishings, a crystal chandelier overhead plus gorgeous toile, damask patterned bedding inspiring an aristocratic approach to design, especially popular with teens who add their own color stamp with hot pink being a favorite mixed with bold, black and white.

Contemporary Chic Retreat

if a contemporary mode is more your interior preference, beautiful comforters, duvet cover sets, with outstanding Eiffel Tower imagery will be an eye-catching event in a modern day bedroom with some bedding adding a charming vintage appeal, featuring romantic Paris post stamps and French Script, a beautiful style of writing that blends freely with the fairy-tale overture this city of amour projects to the world! Paris is a place of captivating monuments with the Arc de Triomphe, Louvre Museum, and Notre Dame cathedral being only a few of the magnificent structures that demand your attention as you ride the glass lift to the top of a tower that is not only the pride of France but a landmark that personifies this city where artists have found inspiration to paint, write and fashion designers like Coco Chanel shared their vision of haute couture, that today still sees Paris holding her own as the fashion capital of the world

Eiffe Tower Decor

Eifflel tower statues, jewelry holders, wall decor with Paris monuments posters plus paintings that immortalize this city’s past, add to a modern, chic Paris bedroom decor theme as do metal Eiffel tower table lamps, throw pillows with endearing Audrey Hepburn quotes and wooden wall clocks with picturesque Paris art-work to enhance your amazing Paris theme!

it’s all about creating your own unique Paris bedroom space filled with a mix of old and new furnishings, the classic way Parisians love to decorate their homes and apartments!







Eiffel Tower décor is a magnificent way to bring the spirit of Paris into your life, whether that be in your own home or for a fantastic event you are putting on. From the smallest detail to the boldest, brightest piece, this iconic, Parisian themed décor can really bring any space to life, delighting all those who come into it.

Paris Decor Theme

In the home, Eiffel Tower looks are so much more than pillows or canvas artwork. Eiffel Tower bedding, curtains, figurines, and lamps are just naming a few of the incredible accents you can work into any space in your home. Did you know that there is even remarkable pieces of Eiffel Tower themed furniture? Eiffel Tower end tables and posh baroque style seating are both unique and incredible staples to add to your Parisian collection.

Paris Theme Party

But don’t just stop at your home for exquisite Eiffel Tower décor—take it on into a fabulous party! From gorgeous, Eiffel Tower embossed chair sashes to cutout garland, you have a million different ways that you can incorporate this classic feel of the City of Lights into the best events. Eiffel Tower LED lighted statues make perfect centerpieces for tables, while themed champagne glasses are wonderful for party guests to both use and even take home as a party favor!

Whatever you decide to bring into your space—permanent or party—Eiffel Tower looks are about much more than just the architecture. You can truly bring the feel of Paris right to your fingertips with the right décor.

Eiffel Tower Centerpiece



Party Theme/Cake Topper




The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Paris is the Eiffel tower, beautiful cathedrals, monuments depicting a city with a life well lived and inspirational royal and revolutionary history

With so much to draw on Paris has become a magical theme for decorating rooms in the home with bedding, throw pillows, wall art and  furniture depicting the beauty and form, of the iconic Eiffel tower along with the sophisticated charm of Paris postmarks and French script.

Furniture with a French theme makes for an elegant accent in a living room or bedroom, with Eiffel tower side tables, ottomans, antique style chairs in gorgeous black and white damask plus contemporary lounging chairs upholstered in vintage French script, adding a romantic ambiance to a modern decor.

Paris themed furniture brings the past to life with ornate pedistal tables, vanity sets, boxes with prominent monuments like the Arc de Triomphe, ideal for storing crafts, blankets or toys, while providing a visual spectacle of Paris favorite themes to enhance a room and highlight the glamor and mystique of Paris, a city with an ethereal, fairy-tale charisma.

The creative edge of Parisian furniture makers has left a legacy of Rococo, Baroque, Neo-Classical and Art Deco furniture styles for a world to revere and emulate in todays hungry market, making us instant fans of the way furniture used ro be made..Paris themed bedrooms call upon these crafted pieces of French furniture to reproduce a time of extravagance and pure luxury from a century or two past, when French royals resided in the palace of Versailles a haven for exquisite furnishings and style, today reinvented by Paris fans.

Paris themed furniture with vintage French script, post marks, Eiffel tower, Paris  imagery makes a romantic accent in a modern home!

 Stylish French Script Chaor And Ottoman

Authentic Eiffel Tower Accent Table

Trendy Paris, Eiffel Tower Ottoman, Storage Box




Paris is the most romantic city in the world, and it boasts an incredible staple that people travel from all over the globe to see—the Eiffel Tower. This amazing icon is what most think about immediately when they hear Paris mentioned, so it makes sense that if you want to transform your bedroom space into a lovely Parisian night, starting at the Eiffel Tower is the way to go.

Paris, Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is an architectural marvel, yet it has a personality all its own. By bringing that personality to mix with your own style in your favorite room in the home, you can practically bring Paris into your dreams. Eiffel Tower bedding specifically is a terrific way to change the look in your bedroom almost effortlessly, and it also allows you to showcase your love and excitement for this amazing Parisian (albeit worldly) icon

Wake Up With The Eiffel Tower!

From 3d, night vision bed sets of the Eiffel Tower to more subtle, soft vintage shams and duvet covers, you can interchange your bedding every season to every mood. A romantic black and white shot of the tower on a throw blanket or a modern, artistic take printed on runners or sheets, is a perfect way to bring the Paris home with you. With the right Eiffel tower bedding, you can fall asleep and wake up to this modern marvel every single day.

A Parisian look in the home can be as fun as it is elegant, and it’s absolutely the perfect décor for a teen’s bedroom specifically. You can completely transform the space with the right Paris themed bedding—and the good news? The options are limitless and delightfully interchangeable!

Regal Damask or Romantic Eiffel Tower Bedding

From elite patterns of damask and Fleur de lis to ionic imagery of the Eiffel Tower or a romantic French café, Paris themed bedding offers just about everything for any personality and style taste. A complete bedding set in a hot pink hue with drawings of Paris landmarks covering brilliant ivory cotton sheets that boast the look of old Parisian writing is a lovely look that mixes bold with subtle chic.

Beautiful bedding From The City Of Light

Parisian phrases on shams and fuzzy throw pillows are another great example of how you can merge the elegance of Paris themed bedding with a pop of happy color. Fabrics are just as important as hues and designs, so opt for soft and pleasant textures. For more subtle looks that still transform a bedroom, solid color comforters with black and white damask runners or golden tassel pillows do just the trick, or even a simple rose motif on the sheets.

Paris Bedding Inspired By the French Royals!

Teens love a little color so pink, purple and turqoise added to a gorgeous Paris theme makes for a bedroom with all the elegance of a city bursting at the seams, with architecture that inspires the senses and takes us back in history to a Paris ruled by royals from a mystical palace adorned with art, and furnishing treasures, befitting of a French King!

it is this era that inspires romantic Paris themed bedding ,so easy to do with French postmarks, script and stunning illustrative images of the monuments that bring people from every corner of the planet to see the wonders of this city of light and amour!

Regardless of how you choose to bring Paris themed bedding into your teen’s bedroom, it is simply marvelous just how versatile something so lovely can really be.

Eiffel Tower Bedding

Gorgeous Damask Bedding





The city of Paris is the most gorgeous and lovely city in the world, and you can bring it right into your very own home without so much as stepping foot in France. The dining room is the perfect spot to really capture the romantic ambiance that Paris is so well known for, and with the right accessories, you can create an elegant masterpiece with one of the most used spaces in the home.

A beautiful Paris dining room theme can be attained through any personal style or taste, and what’s better—it blends well with any other décor scheme already in place. Patterns of rich ebony damask on a tablecloth mixed with tall, silver candles in the image of the Eiffel Tower are breathtaking decorations, as well as simpler centerpieces of vases etched with Parisian postcard writing. Functional décor accents such as Paris themed coasters, dishware, or wine glasses are also brilliant for tying in the entire Parisian look in your dining room. Also, pay close attention to not just Parisian patterns, but also to the very fabric itself. Silks and velvets are luxurious and offer a whole other level to bringing the City of Lights into your home.

This look isn’t just for the dining room, either. Take it further for a wedding reception or life event as well. Tables can be set up in this Parisian look to wow guests and make such a huge celebration memorable for years to come.

Stylish, Paris Themed Table Setting

Dining With A Contemporary Eiffel Tower Theme

Classic Parisian Elegance!

Paris Themed Wedding


it’s springtime in Paris, a time of reawakening for those who call this fascinating city home. The days are longer and it’s always a good time to be in the city of light with the promise of summer days around the corner, as the locals head for the parks enoying the floral displays and bringing the joie de vivre back into everyday life as they stroll aong the river bank or picnic on the Champ de mars with the Eiffel tower in view.

Just the the thought of spending time in Paris brings a sigh of happiness with it’s ornate arcitecture providing a timeline of monarchial rule where many a king Louis and Queen, Marie Antionette, left a legacy of beautiful palaces, churches and monuments that make Paris one of the most visited cities on earth.

If you have a love affair with Paris you might be thnking about creating a Paris themed room where you can imagine for a moment you are living in this city of cafes, beautiful buildings and  gorgeous haute couture!

If you are looking to add a little Parisian romance to your living room changing the look of your throw pillows to gorgeous vintage images of the Eiffel tower, with endearing French postmarks and script will have your friends saying oh la la whenever they come to visit. Eiffel tower statues and lamps wll liven up the theme as will a beautiful painting of yesteryear Paris with La Tour Eiffel in the background.

Creating a Paris room theme will be so much fun as you collect decor items online or grab a few magic finds from the local fleamarket or charity shop. it’s all about creating a romantic ambiance that makes you feel as though you are window shopping on the infamous Champs-Elysees Avenue where the Arc de Triomphe, a monument inspired by Napoleon Bonaparte stands at one end, or sipping a cafe au lait at one of the popular side walk cafes, taking in the locals and tourists as they pass by.

A Paris room theme is a mix of old and new, a lot like the city where ancient architectutral structures work in harmony with newer designs, to create a city landscape that blends history with the needs of a thriving, modern metropolis. When designing a Paris room theme we find ourselves drawn to the sheer opulence of the royals that once governed all of France and their captivating homes where no expense was spared with furniture made by artisians under the watchful eye of a “Corporation des Menuisiers,” a furniture making guild that determined only the best pieces be presented to the King, along with dramatic damask wall-coverings, the finest crystal chandeliers, carved woodwork  painted ceilings and gilded walls and mirrors.

Min-versions of the place of Versailles apprtment rooms are poppiing up in teens bedrooms in this century creating a fairytale visual that takes us back to these royal times and allows us to emulate the life of a princess, if only for a while, when we enter our private chambers or bedroom!

Chic Paris, Eiffel Tower Wall Decor

Modern Eiffel Tower Theme

Teens Paris Bedroom

What better way to escape to the romantic city of Paris by creating a bedroom from scratch that lives and breathes the mystical essence that makes us fall in love with this cities wonderful street cafe’s, where those visiting Paris enjoy living the way the locals do on a time frame of their own that is enviable in this rush, rush world, as they take time out to sip on a morning cafe nor or the popular cafe au lait, while reading the newspaper and watching those passing by.

If you want your Paris themed bedroom to reflect past French royalty, the look is chic, stylish with a formal overview making the French favorite damask pattern a discerning choice, with it’s classic scroll like pattern set against a plain back ground generally in black and white. There are beautiful damask wallpapers available that will set a regal theme, as seen in the  palace of Versailles where Marie Antoinette a fashionista of her time lived surrounded by beautiful damask wall hangings in opulent surroundings, some of us may only dream about.

You may want to reserve the black and white damask pattern for bedding where it makes a standout focal point with curtains to coordinate as a stunning backdrop against white or colored walls, as black and white will go with just about everything.The key to a Paris decor, themed bedroom is a mix of old and new, so white or black furniture with a look from the past is perfect for adding that royal vibe and making a room feel perfectly Parisienne.

A white vanity with stool is feminine and chic with an ornate bed, headboard you might find at a flea market or charity shop that you could paint to authenticate the look. it’s all about creating an ambience of sophistication, so a chandelier like you might have seen in a 17th century French chateau will pull the whole room together, creating a magic, Paris fairy-tale look!

If you want to go all out you could add Eiffel tower lamps for your night stands with wall decor featuring the Eiffel tower and other historic monuments that you can’t miss on a tour through the city of light, with a glamorous wrought iron black mirror and lots of throw pillows on the bed with black and white damask, French stripes and perhaps the Eiffel tower.

If you are transforming your bedroom on a budget there are plenty of inexpensive damask duvet, comforter sets with affordable furniture, Paris themed wall art, throw pillows,damask wallpaper and mirrors to makeover your bedroom into an elegant Parisienne themed boudoir!

Now your Paris themed bedroom is an escape to a city of light and amour, where you can imagine life as a French royal and the grandeur of their living quarters, aptly named the King and Queen’s apartments where the furnishings were so exquisitely beautiful and chic!

Beautiful Black and White Damask

Tiffany Blue, Damask Paris Theme

Gorgeous Pink Diva Damask Nursery

The Drama Of Damask Bedding





Paris is not a latest movie that has people flocking to the cinema or a pop star with a memorable song that is zooming up the charts, it is instead a city, some two thousand years in the making with a celebrity status that is up their with the stars who make music we love and film stars that walk the red carpet on Oscar night smiling at their adoring fans!

You see Paris is a star in her own right with a mystique that prompts so many of us to jump on the next plane and embrace the intangible ambiance that seems so magical from afar? Paris has earned it’s stripes as possibly the most romantic destination on the planet with a history that goes back to the first king of what was to become France, Clovis then king of the Franks who instantly inspired romanticism with a legendary story of an angel presenting him with a golden lily upon his conversion to Christianity.That lily is the famed Fleur de lis, a symbol that became a heraldic motif appearing on the shields of French royalty and on a flag carried by Joan of Arc as she joined the battle to retake Paris from the British in the early 1400’s. Even this young and incredibly brave French girl has glamorized the stance of Paris as a romantic heroine who has inspired art and other creative works while becoming a “girl power” role model for generations of young women.

A long history of royal rule has brought Paris to the fore in this 21st century and reminded us about fairy tales told to us as children of handsome and beautiful monarchs who ruled the land and lived in beautiful palaces, always happily ever after. We then grew up watching movies about princesses and princes and dreamed of being just like them, much as we also do with a favorite movie or pop star.and as we get older the memory is still there, as we navigate our lives as adults still holding onto a romantic notion and a happily ever after dream!

The palace of Versailles is a fabulous reminder of how French royals lived with breathtaking rooms and furnishings that show a life of immense wealth and privilege, with the resident King and Queen representing something larger than life, similar to a celebrity today who just seems to have an  existence that so many can only imagine.

Centuries of royal rule would seem enough to stylize Paris as blissfully romantic, but there is more to the story of this evolving land as a young revolutionary named Napoleon Bonaparte who came to be called Emperor of France and a hero of the people after an era of monarchical rule shows. Deemed one of the greatest military leaders of all time, Napoleon Bonaparte has been romanticized through the centuries, giving Paris an aura of emotionalism that has added to the charisma of a city infused with change.

Paris has a creative edge perhaps like no other, with it’s evolution of various architectural trends borrowed from ancient Roman times, as originally Paris was a Roman city named Lutetia. Even Napoleon played a part in reshaping the city of light with the Haussmann project that was designed to make Paris the most beautiful and efficiently structured city in the world. One can see so many trends in buildings through the ages, with the Gothic inspired Notre Dame cathedral, Arc de Triomphe a take on a Roman triumphal arch commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte, the French Baroque style of the Versailles palace and the exceptional Eiffel tower, which, might just be the creme de la creme, of Parisian style and romanticism.

Eiffel tower and Paris decor have never been so popular with people of all ages embracing the elegance of Parisian a la mode, with a nostalgic salute to a decorative past where fairy-tale French palaces and chateaus were furnished with stunning damask wall hangings, crystal chandeliers and ornate, carved furniture that was made by artisan craftsmen who were instructed to create only the finest furniture for the courts..

Creating a Paris decor is to draw upon the true romantic within, as castles in the clouds and handsome princes on white horses seem real in the realm of a Paris themed bedroom where one can dream and imagine for a moment what it was like to be Marie Antoinette, wife to King Louis XVI and live in luxurious surroundings with a wardrobe that was filled with the kind of expensive, fashionable clothing a Queen of France would be expected to wear. Allowing Paris glamor and refinement to enter your contemporary home is like playing dress-ups as a child where you are the princess in your own, romantic make believe world.

Yes Paris is romantique!

Chateau de Versailles

Arc de Triomphe


Joan Of Arc Statue

Hall Of Mirrors – Palace Of Versailles


A theme is present in every room in a home, and one of the most important spaces a theme can be incorporated is specifically into a bedroom. A teenage bedroom is a place where a teen will spend most of the time, from sleeping to studying to hanging out with friends. So why not give your teenager a truly dramatic and beautiful bedroom motif that they want to show off to their friends, and that makes them feel right at home?

A Paris bedroom theme is the perfect way to do this and what’s better is that there is a huge, wide world of Paris bedroom décor out there just waiting to be mixed and matched! From gorgeous black and white damask curtains to accent chairs in bold colors of pink and fleur de lis designs, you can add as much or as little as you’d like of Paris décor to any teen’s bedroom. Eiffel Tower wall decals and Parisian café canvas prints look amazing up on walls of any hue, while bedding can be blended with Parisian stripes, lettering, or city imagery.

You can also bring in smaller accessories that pack big punches, like clocks or lampshades with exquisite imagery of old Paris postcard stamps. Curtains, shelving, and storage trunks or boxes are also a great way to incorporate an eclectic mix of Paris decor, transforming any room into something truly magical.

a bcvg

Paris is possibly the most romantic city in the world to share Valentines day with the one you love. After all it’s called the city of amour where the French appear to have written the code on falling in love, so imagine a fantasy dinner cruise on the river seine or strolling around the park like grounds of the Champ de Mars with the Eiffel tower in full view. Nothing quite breathes the essence of love like Paris where couples profess their undying love and “La Saint-Valentin,” is honored as Parisians show their affection with red roses and heart shaped chocolates in red ribboned boxes, displayed in the windows of master artisian chocolatiers, such as La Maison du Chocolat store, located just off the Champs-Elysees, possibly the most famous shopping street in Paris

The story of Valentines day hails from the legend of a Roman Emperor who wanted his war weary soldiers to continue in his quests for more territory and forbade them from marrying their sweethearts, so they would continue to fight without distraction for the Empire. Along comes a priest appropriately named Valentine who did not agree the Emperors law and secretly married young lovers until he was discovered and jailed for his defiance. As the story goes, while in jail he gave sight to the blind daughter of a prison guard and before his sentence was carried out, sent her a heart shaped letter with the message “From your Valentine.” Once the Roman Empire met its own demise a certain Pope Gelasius l made Valentine a saint and established the feast of St Valentines day, February 14th in the year 496.

Back to the 21st century and we are still celebrating this special day where love conquers all and reminds each and every one us in our busy modern lives, to take moments and say those three precious words, Je t’aime to the one we love above all.

if the city of Paris is not on your radar this Valentines day, why not create a touch of this ancient lands alluring romance in the comfort of your own home, with a special Parisian theme. You could dress the dining table in a pink or black and white French stripes or damask cloth and have an Eiffel tower metal statue as your centerpiece. French wine, cheeses,chocolates and macarons may be all you need to inspire a flirtatious Parisian liaison with close friends or the guy or girl who has stolen your heart.

Joyeuse saint Valentin..

So you want to create a kitchen that makes you feel as though you are in Paris with an abundance of classy Paris decor items to catch the romantic cafe mood and all the fine details that will allow you to indulge your passion for the city of light, in a kitchen you’ve now named…your Paris zone!.

For a cozy Paris kitchen theme hang cafe style curtains in the window unless you are in a windowless apartment where you could instantly have a spectacular window view of the Eiffel tower, with one of the fabulous and easy to apply wall decals in this mode A classic striped awning in black, red or green and white will add loads of Parisian charm, while a French bistro table and chairs with a red and white check table cloth and bow-ties on the chair covers, is the quintessential, quaint cafe look!

The bistro set can be wood or metal , the perfect place to enjoy a morning cafe au lait with a tasty French macaron,enjoying the French ambiance of your new Paris decor zone. Fill open shelves on the walls with vintage Paris coffee containers, cups..saucers with Eiffel tower shaped salt and pepper shakers, wine racks and coffee pod holders to set the joie de vivre mood.

Colors in a typical coffee house lean toward the beige and browns color scheme but a black chalkboard gives an authentic cafe look with menus of the day listed, which would be a whole lot of fun for the family entering your private Paris kitchen zone.

Wall art is a must and you can go wild with coffee cup metal wall art, vintage Paris coffee signs and framed images of iconic Parisian architecture will instantly catch the eye. Add an illustrative Paris wall clock and perhaps a poster of a Parisian cafe, plus a decorative wall plaque will remind you why Paris is always a good idea!

Creating a Paris decor with a Parisian cafe kitchen theme is all about the little touches or as the French say petite touches, so hang beautiful Paris themed linen and a mat with a beautiful Paris scene and you;ll find your Paris themed kitchen is always lieu de détente pour être (a relaxing place to be).

The light that shines on this magnificent capitol city of France needs no introduction to fans who adore it’s monumental landscape, historically beautiful and filled with the creative force of a land that has seen it’s share of wars and revolutions only to rise from the phoenix ashes into a worldly city called Paris where people from every part of this planet are drawn to it’s creative wonders.

is it Napoleons, Arc de Triomphe, the beautiful Gothic cathedrals or the Eiffel tower that draws us to this European nation where the diverse cultural interplay has formulated a city whose heart beats with joy as romance fills the air, making a cruise down the river Seine or a hot air balloon ride overhead a memory to cherish.

Paris is a mystical city that causes us to decorate our homes with it’s magical essence and the most popular room in the home to take on a Paris decor makeover is the bedroom, which makes perfect sense as the city of light has inspired designers to present chic Paris themed bedding so we can transform our after dark sanctuary into a glamorous Parisian boudoir, stylish and elegant

With so much to draw from a royal French past we are gifted with beautiful damask comforters and duvets in black and white, a popular Paris decor choice. Eiffel tower bedding that creates a spectacular statement, delicate toile de jouy quilts with tranquil pastoral scenes and Paris bedding for girls in the colors of  pink, black and white with French poodles, postcard stamps, French script writing and royal crowns imagery

A Paris decor interior is timeless and a beautiful blend of old and new furnishings, perhaps why the infamous Parisian flea markets are a favorite haunt for those wanting to incorporate vintage pieces into a more modern interior, reflecting the overall landscape of Paris itself with it’s antiquated buildings and exciting new skyscraper structures.


The light that shines on this magnificent capitol city of France needs no introduction to fans who adore it’s monumental landscape, historically beautiful and filled with the creative force of a land that has seen it’s share of wars and revolutions only to rise from the phoenix ashes into a worldly city called Paris where people from every part of this planet are drawn to it’s wonders.

is it Napoleons, Arc de triomphe, the beautiful Gothic cathedrals or the Eiffel tower that draws us to this European nation where the diverse cultural interplay has formulated a city with a heart that beats with joy as romance fills the air making a cruise down the river Seine or a hot air balloon ride overhead a memory to cherish.

Paris is a mystical city that causes us to decorate our homes with it’s magical essence and it’s romantic overview, the most popular room in the house to take on a Paris decor makeover is the bedroom, which makes perfect sense as the city of light has inspired designers to present chic Paris themed bedding so we can transform our after dark sanctuary into a glamorous Parisian boudoir, stylish and elegant

if you want to decorate your 21st century home in chic Parisian style you can get all the transformations tips you need from the palace of Versailles, a stunning tribute to baroque architecture and located in one of the wealthier suburbs of Paris, where French royals lived for over a century during the reigns of Louis XIV known as the Sun king plus Louis XV and King Louis XVl. The palace was first a hunting lodge foir King Louis Xlll and then expanded into a magnificent monument of absolute monarchical power where no expense was spared filling every room with furnishings, art work, tapestries and sculptures with an Italian influence, as the Kings apartment consisting of seven salons, were all named after Roman gods and planets.

it is here in this fairy tale castle of extreme extravagance, beauty and grandeur, we see the origins of Paris decor as it is today, with furniture designed to emulate the social status, associated with a king of France whose chair designs are a popular choice in modern interior design and damask wall hangings that inspire us to drape our beds in this same ceremonial way. With the advent of the French revolution much of the exquisite furniture in the palace was destroyed, or sold to finance the revolution and ironically many pieces were purchased by English collectors and royalty.

Marie Antoinette, the Austrian Archduchess and wife to King Louis XVl  had a very elaborate Paris decor style, within the walls of Chateau de Versailles and favored pastels in the Queens apartment where the influence was Neo Classical, drawing on the architectural beauty of ancient Greece and Egypt for inspiration in her private chambers. The young Queen of France was renowned for her lavish spending on gowns, furniture, jewels and big fashionable hairstyles accessorized with pearls, diamonds feathers and flowers made her a fashion icon then and today, as so much of her style has transcended to this modern age.

A Marie Antoinette princess themed bedroom is a popular choice with those who long to relive the magical life of a Queen living in a Parisian palace. This room would be decidedly feminine and befitting of a princess with carved, antique style furniture trimmed with gold, taffeta, silk and brocade fabrics in pink, green and blue pastels, accented with gold and soft floral motif’s  This stamps Marie Antoinette, Paris decor a la mode, along with portrait themed artwork, gilded mirrors, glamorous window treatments and chandeliers plus stenciled walls and ceilings The epitome of Paris chic and why Parisians today still decorate their homes with reference to a regal past, while incorporating the latest trends and flea market accents.

Some of the finest furniture ever made came out of Paris in the reign of the infamous French Louis kings, who commissioned skilled craftsmen to create furniture for their palaces in the traditional baroque and more playful rococo style, With such an awe-inspiring history of fine furniture, it is no wonder Parisians still hunt for bargains in the local brocantes or flea markets hoping to find undiscovered remnants of this golden era of furniture making and fine arts.

Paris may have discarded its Monarchical rule during the French revolution but if you walk through a classic Haussmann’s, Parisian apartment you are bound to find in the decor, a few pieces at least, of 17th century Baroque furniture and reference to Art Nouveau and Art Deco, a visionary explosion of decorative forms by artists wanting to break free from the traditional constraints of the historical, baroque era.

Everywhere you go in Paris you see the message of the past in it’s classical architecture and Napoleon inspired avenues and parks, so it’s not surprising to find Parisians mixing their Paris decor look with modern and antique furnishings.

You won’t need to visit the Paris broncantes for decor pieces, Paris themed bedding and furniture, if you are living somewhere other than France, as there is so much available for you to create your own Paris decor haven, with all the beauty and glamour one would expect to see in an elegant Parisian chateau or apartment. You could opt for bedding that features the iconic Eiffel tower or romanticize your boudoir with a black and white damask comforter or duvet with a sparkling crystal chandelier and French style furniture, painted in white..In the living area a clean lined, contemporary sofa will pair nicely with ornate accent chairs in the popular Louis style offset by a vintage mirror in gold or silver with white painted walls to emulate that classic Parisian light and airy, apartment appeal The emphasis is on chic, elegance and the blending with what has come before and the current decor trends of the day.The word effortless is synonymous with Paris decor design so take note of imagery you see in magazines or online, which wlll help you create your Parisian dream home.

The Paris way of deorating is timesless, elegance as Coco Chanel, a famous Parisian fashion designer once said

“Fashion fades, only style remains the same” ~ Coco Chanel



 From Paris with love this Christmas!

Christmas season in Paris is one of the most magical times in the whole world. The city of lights truly comes to life with all the bright holiday lighting, vibrant shops, and delicious Christmas treats. You can bring this holiday delight right into your very home this season with a Paris Christmas theme. With endless possibilities for décor, you can mix and match some of the most beautiful Parisian pieces together to create an incredible Paris Christmas theme that will light up your entire space all season long.

Drape your tables in ivory tablecloths with glittery runners that boast stitched imagery of the Eiffel Tower. Make sure to have your canvas prints of the Arch de Triumphe in full glory up on your walls, and accessorize every room with its very owns sets of Paris Christmas magic. From bathroom toiletry sets with iconic Parisian images to gorgeous Eiffel Tower drapes that match equally beautiful throw cushions, you can really tie your entire holiday look together with a Paris Christmas theme. Of course, you can’t forget some of the most glam pieces of Paris love, including decking out your Christmas tree in Parisian adornments and even paying attention to the smallest details with Paris wine charms. Transform your home into the most beautiful season in France this Christmas.

Joyeux Noel

The Eiffel Tower is a timeless, iconic piece of Parisian beauty and architecture, known widely throughout the world as one of the most breathtaking landmarks. Originally created and built as the dramatic entrance to the 1889 World Fair, the Eiffel Tower has become much, much more than ever intended. Today, it represents an immediately recognizable image, along with the embodiment of the magical place that is Paris, France. Perhaps its classic image is what makes Eiffel tower decor so popular amongst theme choices for bedrooms, main rooms, and even kitchens and bathrooms. Eiffel Tower décor can help you create an ultimate chic, Paris look in any room (or every room!) in your home, while also giving it a truly historic feel of something great and long standing.

Bringing an Eiffel Tower decor into your space can be done in a million different ways, and the looks can be so versatile, that you’ll really have limitless options when it comes to creative design. The bedroom is a particularly favorite spot that lovers want to bring in Eiffel tower looks, and there are tons of choices with this. From clean looks of black and white damask bedding, to vibrant bedding sets with colorful painted images of the Eiffel Tower, starting your decoration with bedding is a great way to find inspiration for the rest of your bedroom—and even the rest of your home! Accent pillows with vintage Eiffel Tower postcard stamp images and cozy throw blankets in bright shades with simple Eiffel Tower designs are also great ways to more subtly bring Parisian Eiffel Tower looks onto your bed.

Walls of your home are also fantastic sources to put unique and gorgeous Eiffel Tower décor. Eiffel Tower wall decals, canvas prints, and artwork look amazing and really can transform any room into a magical piece of Paris culture. Eiffel Tower clocks, shelving, or hookware is also a fabulous way to put décor up on your walls in a less obvious, but more unique fashion.

Of course, you can’t go wrong with Parisian accessories placed around your home, either. Eiffel Tower statues are all the rage for décor, and for good reason. There as beautiful in aesthetic as they are in design, and whether you opt for something big as a centerpiece on your dining room table, or something a tad bit smaller for a coffee table, Parisian statues and figures such as these really represent an iconic chic look.

The kitchen is also a wonderful—and often overlooked—room to bring Eiffel Tower décor into. From hand towels to dishes, you can even represent what it’s like to sit in a Parisian café and look out at the Eiffel Tower right in your home. Other really fun décor includes Eiffel Tower wine bottle or cork holders, wine charms for your glasses, or coasters that blend even outside of the kitchen.

Last, but certainly not least, you can’t forget about your bathrooms. Eiffel Tower décor can really be something whimsical and work really well in a bathroom of any size. With tons of options of matching toiletry, towel, and rug sets, there are so many ways to bring Paris to life in your bathroom space. A shower curtain with the entire city span of the Eiffel Tower imagery or toiletry sets in the shape of the Eiffel Tower give brilliant look to a bathroom, while also keeping it open and light.

Regardless of how you choose to bring the eclectic and exquisite look of the Eiffel Tower into your home, doing so will completely transform a space in all its magnificence and historical brilliance.


Paris embodies the very definition of romanticism, and you can clearly see this in the way native Parisians decorate their living spaces. A classic Parisian apartment is decorated in an eclectic sort of classic style, full of appealing aesthetics and functional pieces. Paris apartment décor is exclusive to the beautiful French city, however. You can bring Paris decor into your own apartment with the right additions and know how on Parisian style.

Paris apartment décor is a mix and mash up of elegant styles and contemporary designs. Sophistication is the ultimate feel in any Parisian apartment, along with a sense of personality unique to the decorator. With A Parisian theme, you can really merge together fashions and fabrics that range from traditional, classic looks with more modern pieces. For instance, a lounge chair that has images of the Eiffel Tower or shelving decorated in black and white damask designs are both great examples of mixing old with new. A bright rug with vintage Fleur de lis patterns is also a wonderful addition to an apartment, both for its look and for its function to keep feet warm.

For wall décor, an accent wall of paint is more than enough to coat your walls in. Parisian apartments typically boast bright white walls, so keep this in mind when decorating your space in the Paris fashion. Even if you opt to not add in an accent wall, you can still really make white walls pop with canvas prints, clocks, and accessory hangings with Parisian images. You can even cover an entire wall with a mural that replicates the image of looking out a window in Paris and seeing the sights, such as the Eiffel Tower. Don’t be afraid to be creative, as you really can mix just about anything together to give your space the ultimate Parisian vibe. Crystal drop chandeliers, fringe lamp shades, and deco art pieces are fancy, yet affordable, and make the atmosphere truly lovely and French.

French flea markets are extremely popular in Paris as well, so you can also bring this whole idea into your apartment, too. Vintage knick knacks such as figurines, vases, bookends, hatboxes, or photo frames are beautiful and fun additions to your Paris themed apartment, and they are truly one of a kind. Shabby chic wall mirrors for the hallways and bedrooms, Eiffel tower decor and bedding, complete with silk throw pillows looks amazing in a master bedroom, and matching brass toiletry sets look splendid in the bathrooms.

A Paris themed apartment really can be blended into any room, and the options are limitless when it comes to what all you can incorporate and bring together. Hand towels that feature French script are perfect for the kitchen, while coasters with images of vintage Parisian postcards look brilliant on any table. You can even merge Paris into useful items such as coffee mugs, wine glasses, or dish sets. There really is no ceiling to what you can do to make your home feel like an authentic Parisian apartment, so have a ball with putting everything together. Bringing the look and feel of a Parisian apartment into your home is all about utilizing shabby chic aesthetics, flirty color, exquisite designs, and classic French imagery that represent romance and individual style. By understanding how to put this style together, you can truly create a space that makes you forget that you’re not actually lounging about in an apartment just down the way from the Arc de Triomphe.

Paris kitchen décor is a fabulous way to really make the best room in your home feel like an authentic French Parisian café. These cafes in the City of Light are world renowned for being an ultimate city staple, and when someone utters the words “Parisian café”, an instantly recognizable image comes to everyone’s minds. Inside a bright, small shop filled with the aromas of fresh pastries and dark roast espresso, or outside in the cool morning air watching the tourists walk by—this is a feeling you get only one place in the world. Wait a second—you can actually replicate this atmosphere in your very own home with the right Paris kitchen décor!

A coffee bar in the kitchen is a great place to start, complete with flavored syrups in the French tastes of sweetness and rich, wrapped chocolates nearby. A pod holder in the shape of the Eiffel Tower and counter mats with the images of a Parisian mocha center and a canvas on the wall of a steaming cup of espresso is a delightful little setup. Sandstone coasters with the images of Parisian icons that can easily be seen from a Parisian outdoor café are the perfect Paris kitchen decor You can really transform your kitchen with items like French postcard hand towels, café infused rugs or drying mats, and city artwork trash can sets. Other more functional artwork could include metal works clocks in the shape of coffee mugs, or wooden wall panels with hooks that boast cute images of French poodles. Your Paris kitchen theme doesn’t just have to streamline with coffee, however. You can bring that café feel to other items as well, such as Eiffel Tower wineglasses, colorful French wine charms, or Love Lock Bridge bottle stoppers. Wall decals in the shapes of Paris landmarks or canvases of French stamps are lovely for the atmosphere of the space as well. The actual color of your kitchen space can be extremely impacting, too, so opt for bold and sexy colors such as reds, pinks, browns, or purples. Cabinetry can be a distressed, shabby chic design, and you can even get creative with adornments like handles, knobs, and magnets for your refrigerator.

But really, giving your kitchen the feel of a Parisian café is all about the accents and accessories. Glass candlesticks with sparkling teardrop crystal adornments, a well-placed, French hatbox full of coffee extras like sugars and stirrers, or a chic shelving unit made to display all your unique and beautiful mugs are all wonderful décor items that tie the whole ambience of a French café together. The look of a Parisian café is all about how you feel when you walk in, so aim to capture that feeling with your kitchen décor. A café look should be warm and inviting, yet pensive and inspiring. This is the first place you walk into each morning and you can set it up to truly become a room that starts off your day brilliantly. So what are you waiting for? Pour yourself a glass of deep red wine and grab a dark cocoa bonbon with a croissant. Kick back in your metal bistro table and enjoy the gorgeous space that you have created around yourself in your very own home.





Paris is the most romantic city on earth, renowned for its history, beauty, and refined feeling of a one-of-a-kind type of magic. People from all over the globe spend weeks and months at a time visiting the cultural French city and some never leave. But what if you landed in Paris and only had twenty-four hours to take in all the amazing things the City of Lights had to offer? Is it possible to soak up this gorgeous place in just a day? Breathe easy, because it is totally possible to pack in all the best of Paris in a day if you know exactly what fabulous spots to hone in your focus on! Below is an on-point list of all the most perfect Paris hot spots that will make you feel as though you spent several days instead of just one.

1.) Paris Iconic Sites: It’s a given that the architectural staples of Paris have to be on your day’s itinerary. You absolutely cannot leave Paris without stopping by the most breathtaking sites of the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre museum, the Arc de Triomphe, the Love Lock Bridge, and one to two cathedrals, such as Notre Dame or Sainte Chapelle. What’s really wonderful about visiting these sites is that you can mix in experiences of food, shopping, and incredible views of the city while doing so.

2.) Parisian Food: Food in Paris has a culture all its own and tasting all the divine dishes with flavors you can’t find anywhere else in the world has to be on your to-do list! Paris boasts some of the most exquisite cafes and restaurants, with menus full of delectable wines, coffees, flaky croissants, and buttery pastries. If you thought the culture of Parisian people was rich, just wait until you take a bite or sip out of all the decadent fares they have to offer. Some delicious eateries to check out in Paris are Seb’on, Cobea, or Epicure.

3.) Shopping: No matter what you’re looking for, or even if you are just window shopping, you’ve got to take a stroll through some of the most famous shops in the City of Lights. Some great options that you can easily get lost in by the sheer magnitude of what’s offered and how beautiful the structures are—Boulevard Haussman, which is THE place for Paris department store shopping, the Faubourg Saint-Honoré district, which boasts the chicest items near a pulse of fantastic bars and opera houses, or you can check out the more northern part of Paris that’s full of all of the best Paris flea markets. What’s great about Paris shopping districts is that you’re gaining a full-on cultural experience while doing so, as you’re surrounded by gorgeousness as you browse around.

4.) Sights for Sore Eyes: While an itinerary to see the best of best in Paris within twenty-four hours is absolutely necessary, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a more relaxed type of schedule. Seeing Paris icons like architecture, tasting the food, and enjoying all that the shops have to offer are great ways to soak up the magic of the city, but you can also gain equal breathtaking experience by just taking a stroll. A walk through Paris is a feast for the eyes, the senses, and certainly the soul, and the phrase “Stop and smell the roses” has never been more appropriate than when in the City of Lights.

While you’ll certainly want to plan a trip to come back to Paris, France for a longer bit of time in the future, you can absolutely get a true feel for the city in just a day. Walking down the cobblestone streets through thousand-year-old architecture with a scone in one hand and a coffee in the other—and the Eiffel Tower as your day’s backdrop—how could you not catch the Paris love bug in the first second of stepping foot in this iconic destination?





Bringing the beautiful city of Paris into your home is a sure way to create an exquisite and much-talked about look. By putting together pieces of Paris-infused furniture and décor, you can transform the main space in your home into something whimsical and jaw-dropping. With Paris room décor, you’ll give an otherwise ordinary living room the feel of actually walking right into the city of lights itself.

Creating that immaculate Parisian look in your living room all starts with a statement piece, which you then can begin to build around it to pull together the ultimate posh space. Furniture can be a great way to pose as the center of Paris room décor, and the options for these types of pieces are endless. A damask accent chair, a French Script laden ottoman, or a side table with black and white images of Paris are gorgeous additions to any living room. For bigger, bolder looks, opt for a wall covered in popping damask wallpaper or decals of iconic Parisian staples such as the Eiffel Tower, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and the Louvre.

A Paris decor is all about the classic accent pieces and you can truly let your creativity shine when picking out accessories. Throw pillows in colors of burlap with stamped artwork of the Eiffel Tower, curtains in breathtaking white and blue toile, and an enchanting crystal chandelier are all fabulous additions to a Paris-themed room. Artwork and wall clocks boasting vintage snapshots of the city, along with a full-scale, detailed rug in the shape of the Eiffel Tower can take your vision of Paris to a whole other level.

But, of course, don’t forget even the smallest of details when putting together your perfect Paris decor theme. Fleur de lis coasters for the coffee table, a poodle tissue box, or a vintage Arc de Triomph storage container may seem second-glance next to all your other fantastic décor, but even these little things will bring a big smile to your face.

Black and Pink ~ Parisian Chic

French Elegance


Paris Glamor!

Bringing the gorgeous city of Paris, France into your home can involve so much more than just artwork or accessories. Paris furniture is a bold, big, and unique way to incorporate the feel of the City of Lights all around you, and there is a variety of pieces to choose from when doing so. Whether your tastes rest on classic, sassy, or eclectic, there’s something for everyone when opting for Paris furniture in your living space.

French script is a classically romantic staple image of Paris and it can be merged onto any type of furniture you could imagine. Take for instance a linen wrapped Ottoman covered in French script that curves into Parisian words of romance or the same likeness in a leather storage bench and wooden side table. French script is beautiful with any color or fabric and can really give furniture a delicately posh pop of Paris.

When searching for the right furniture, while design and imagery can be everything, it is also important to note textures. You’ll want your Paris furniture pieces to be authentic as possible, so this is your chance to really bring in that feel of Paris Chateau. Sitting pieces such as chairs and loveseats are best done in thick upholstery, much like what you would see in an old-world French castle. Add a splash of damask or toile designs and you have the ultimate Paris chic look. White, distressed woods and shiny metals such as aluminum or tin also have an artistic and modern feel that can offer a feel of Paris to any furniture piece.

For more obvious looks, iconic images of Paris are your go-to. Think a wooden chest covered in a black and white photo of the Eiffel Tower or a beige end table splashed with famous Parisian stamps and artwork. All this can be done in any hue or style you wish, as these images take on a brilliant life of their own.

Fabulous French Script

Toile de Jouy

Parisian Chic

Cafe Style!

The Damask Factor!

~Table Paris chic noël~

Christmas is a magical time full of twinkling lights, romantic nostalgia, and all-around good cheer. Family and friends gather around the table to enjoy each other’s company, laughter, yummy food, and delectable treats. With the festive and appetizing fare being the center of the holiday celebration, it is simply a must to bring a joyful décor to your table—and for the utmost exquisite and sophisticated theme, there is nothing more perfect than the feel of Paris!

The city of lights is one of the most beautiful places in the world during the holiday season, so turning the presentation of your holiday feast into a Christmas in Paris table theme is sure to be memorable and breathtaking. Keep your theme with plenty of crisp colors like silvers, golds, creams, and blacks, with just as many sparkling lights. An ebony satin tablecloth with a centerpiece that replicates the Eiffel Tower is a gorgeous place to start. Line the center of your table with tall and short vases alike and fill them with roses—the prime flower of the city of romance. For a pop of color and extra Christmas flair, find roses that are red. Wrap a white feathered garland around the edges of your table and if you have a light fixture such as a chandelier hanging above your table, definitely take advantage! Utilize your above table light fixture by hanging smaller ornaments in gold or black, and wrap it in glittering tinsel. Add a backdrop to a wall behind your table with two silver wreaths adorned with miniature ornaments in the shapes of Paris staples such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, poodles, and damask shapes. For your actual table setting, choose serving and eating ware that is in coordinating silvers, which ties the entire Christmas in Paris table theme together. Opt for red plates that match your red rose centerpiece flowers and roll cloth napkins with a fleur de lis pattern.

To finish this Paris decor look, scatter an assortment of individually wrapped French chocolate candies, candy canes, and peppermints on the table and hand write a note to each of your guests to be put at their place settings to read “Joyeux Noel!”

Paris Christmas Table

Enchanteur table de Noël


Noël élégance

Regal noël

Joyeux Noël Paris



~Noel a Paris~

What more magical place at Christmas time is there in this world than in the City of Lights itself? Paris does the holiday season justice and the buildup to Christmas day takes the already-romantic place to new levels in its exquisite beauty. This historic French city brings the literal sense of the phrase “city of lights” to new heights as it covers the iconic Eiffel Tower and Champs Elysees with thousands upon thousands of twinkling Christmas lights. Holiday-themed carousels also light the way in the city, being placed all over Paris just for the Christmas season.

Window shopping takes on a new meaning in the streets of Paris during the holiday season as the biggest department stores decorate their window displays in competition with each other. Children come from all over, dressed in festive attire, to judge what stores have the best windows of the season. But retail stores aren’t the only businesses putting on a show for Christmas. Chocolate and pastry boutiques are especially busy this time of year, as Parisians are so in the mood for treats that the bakers can barely keep the sweets on the shelves!

Take a Christmas pony ride through the streets of Paris over to the Centre Pompidou that boasts an annual Avante-Garde Christmas tree extravaganza. Here, you’ll find tons of Christmas trees decorated in unusual, beautiful, and eclectic Paris fashion. And the best part—the center takes the entrance fee and gives back to an orphaned children’s charity.

And of course, this beautiful city would not be complete without an age old holiday and wintertime tradition of ice skating! In Paris, this simple pastime takes on a different air of wonder as a huge ice skating rink is set up just at the base of the Eiffel tower. Only Paris could truly make the holiday season into an enchanting wonderland.

La Tour Eiffel

Ice Skating

Arc de Triomphe

Galeries Lafayette


Paris détient la clé de votre coeur!

Or, in other words, Paris holds the key to your heart! What is it about this city of lights that finds a place in our hearts so permanently? It could be the timeless architecture—from the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre—or the vibrant history of France’s ultimate hub for creativity, love, and amazing food. Not to mention some of the classic movies that are set here, such as Charade, French Kiss, Les Miserables, Amelie, and The DaVinci Code.

The lifestyle itself is laid-back, yet regal, with the comfortable notion of never being in a hurry, while offering a sprinkle of glitz in fashion and artistic freedom. It’s no wonder that this very lifestyle full of romance and pleasing-to-the-senses imagery is something we yearn to incorporate into our own lifestyles and homes. From glamorous Parisian prints such as damask, to classic images of poodles, Audrey Hepburn, and the Eiffel Tower, it is seamless to merge the captivating feel of Paris into your living space!

Colors of blacks, whites, and deep pinks seem to romanticize our feelings as we walk into a room. Top that with black metal art pieces, or vintage-looking art and accessories and you’ve created a place much like the city of love itself. Who says when you leave Paris that you have to leave it behind completely?

It is all but impossible not to fall in love with a place so full of wonder, enchantment, and charismatic elegance. Paris holds a piece of us all within it, whether it be our nature, our creativity, our romance, or our bewitching curiosity of such a rich place in time. Paris does, after all, hold the key to our hearts.

Paris is the kind of city that we all want to visit with It’s artsy, romantic, stylish, ambiance. So how about bringing Paris to life in your room?

The item that gets the most attention in a bedroom is (you guessed it!) the bed. You can give your place of rest a special, French, vibe by throwing Eiffel tower bedding on it. Paris bedding does not only include the Eiffel Tower but also Damask patterns which every bedroom.

You can choose among a variety of styles for your bedroom – do you prefer a more nostalgic, ethereal feeling or do you prefer a more modern effect? This will help you choose a color scheme. For the first ,you want to select neutral colors (pastel yellow, taupe, beige) while for the second go for a bold contrast, for example HOT pink with black.

A very simple way to enhance the style is to hang black and white pictures of personalities that lived and thrived in Paris. From Coco Chanel to Vincent Van Gogh, great minds have resided in this city. Search for someone who inspires you!

Paris postcards are just the thing when it comes to romanticism. Just look online for the perfect postcard! Then you can place them around the bedroom among your own pictures or on your night table. You can even use them as bookmarks when reading a book.And since we are talking literature… Get informed about French writers. You can fill your book selves with French literature. Not only you will discover a new amazing world but you will add a nice touch in your bedroom.

You certainly need something to light up that beautiful space. How about a chandelier? They give an antique feeling and opulence reminiscent of 18th century French chateaus’ or as the French would pronounce, chateaux.. If for any reason ,you can’t have a chandelier you can go for a chandelier style table lamp. Read “The Little Prince” by its stylish light! Now go and search for this Paris bedding right here! Have fun creating your own tiny Paris!





Why Choose Parisian Décor
Paris, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is constantly referred to as a destination that every man and woman wants to travel to at one point in their lifetime. With that being said, why spend the thousands of dollars to travel to the city when you can bring the city to you? With the help of Paris decor you can completely transform your entire house or bedroom with all of the romantic furnishings that help to create the appeal of Paris. Plus, it will be as if you are on your own vacation in the comfort of your home.

Bedding and Linens

Crawling into bed at night is an experience that can feel quite comforting but without the right bedding, your bed may not seem as aesthetically pleasing as it should. Paris themed bedding is a great way to show your bed off in the right way as it will exude elegance, femininity, and even a classic appeal. Another advantage to using Paris themed bedding for your home is that it can make a regular bed seem regal. This can help to prevent you from having the need to buy a new bedroom set to have the romantic appeal of Paris.

Comfortable Seating
When you are entertaining friends and family members, what is the first thing that you need to consider? Comfortable seating as everyone will want somewhere to sit, relax, and enjoy each other’s company. Instead of relying on a generic material covered ottoman or a regular wooden chair, why not choose Paris décor that will sincerely bring your entire family together? With all of the pieces that have an antique feel, A Parisian decor can truly make your furniture appear to be more expensive than it is – plus it will be incredibly comfortable.

Another important component to owning a home that is designed in a Parisian style aside from Paris themed bedding are the lighting elements that you put throughout your rooms. Whether you are looking for table lamps or floor lamps, there are hundreds of different Paris themed items that would look perfect in a romantic home. Even if you aren’t interested in overwhelming your space with too many pieces that are reminiscent of Paris, you can use lighting to simply convey the message without being too over-the-top.

Paris décor is perfect for both men and women of all different ages as it is classic and timeless. Consider bringing your own little bit of the most romantic city in the world into your home or bedroom.

Millions travel to Paris and fall in love with the very romantic city that is full of history and culture. Many decide to bring the Parisian influence back to their home. Certainly, the best Paris decor begins with black and white decor and damask wallpaper to set the tone for the entire room. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination. Get started by shopping online for a few accessories to add to the Paris themed decorating.

It is easier than you might think to design your very own Parisian bedroom. Make the room a very awe inspiring romantic getaway for you or a place to relax in luxurious surroundings. Start with beautiful damask wallpaper elegantly decorating the walls with a wonderful Paris theme. Select a soft silky fabric in a bold black and white design to match the other black and white decor elements in the room. The damask wallpaper will instill a very rich and elegant feeling.

Next, it is important to remember that just the right lighting sets the tone for the elegantly styled Parisian themed room. Any room with a Paris decor has a truly feminine and very dramatic look. Add white linen along with printed black and white damask style bedding. This should give the bed a very elegant, yet feminine touch. Don’t forget to add a few Paris pillows in black or white. Perhaps a damask inspired throw pillow to enhance the chic theme.

Every Parisian decor requires a few extra accessories. Add black and white decor in the form of prints or paintings lining the walls in black glazed frames. Add stylish French inspired furniture in white. The elements included here certainly define Paris theme decorating. Let the City of Lights influence your decorative style and bring a bit of Parisian influence into your life.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have your own bit of Paris in the Springtime, Summer, Winter, and Fall? Well, it is truly possible to create your own Parisian sanctuary at home. In fact, Parisian themed decor will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any home decor. There are two ways to incorporate a Parisian decor into your abode. Either go over board with the Parisian theme or keep it simple and very elegant. Here are a few ideas to consider.

A Paris themed bedroom would certainly be a very romantic place to spend the night or just about anytime of the day. Add a few elegantly designed French country elements to the room. Perhaps, very chic French patterned bedding with matching curtains. Select Parisian themed pictures to line the walls in the bedroom. Then it is possible to settle back on your bed and sip a cup of cafe au lait or espresso while you enjoy your Parisian themed sanctuary.

Add Paris decor to other rooms in the house. Greet guest to your home with a Parisian themed entry way or living room area. Add delightfully simple, yet elegant touches. LIne the walls with French portraits or vintage drawings. Add comfortable Parisian inspired throw pillows around the room. Don’t be afraid to customize the look and add your sense of style to the mix. Paris decor certainly mixes well with antique furniture. It also mixes well with more traditional decor. Don’t be afraid to experiment and make the decor truly unique.

Ultimately, Parisian styling is all about incorporating unique pieces into the home that add just the right touch with everything from French country styling to shabby chic. Begin your journey at an online shop by selecting a few fabulous pieces that bring the beauty and elegance of Paris into your home.


I wonder what it is like right now in Paris. I can close my eyes and imagine myself sitting on the sidewalk at a local cafe watching Parisians drinking coffee with friends, or walking by on their way to work or other endeavors

Then it struck me!

Instead of daydreaming about actually being there why not create a space in my home that was Paris inspired. I decided the kitchen was the right room to create such a culinary theme as it conjured up images of sipping cafe au lait and nibbling on delicious hot croissants..


Now the new year has begun it may be time to think about finally creating that Paris themed boudoir you have been thinking about for some time.

It doesn’t have to cost the earth to wake up every morning to the beauty and romanticism of this gorgeous city as you can find all you need right here at Paris Decor where making a Parisian decor fairytale come true is our passion..

You may want to choose a bedding set that features the Eiffel Tower or go for a more grand style with a black and white damask or gentile ‘toile de jouy”

A mini-chandelier will make the light dance a cross the room while an enchanting vanity unit reminiscent of yesteryear will set the tone for a room that will be feminine, courtly and  elegant. “La Tour Eiffel” may be your choice of wall decor or you may want to opt for an Audrey Hepburn quote that always has Paris in mind.

Colors are an individual choice but there is no doubt the combination of pink, black and white is a Parisian hot favorite for the girl who aspires to live the Paris dream..

Taking the road of Paris chic will find you decorating your home in a classic Paris apartment mode from a land that dates back to the era of French royalty and decor that is inspired by refined elegance.

How would you like to add a real piece of the Eiffel Tower to your decor. I am not talking about a poster or a statue but a table that looks so much like the grand tower you could be mistaken for thinking it really was.

It’s constructed of metal with a very nice enamel finish that will fit well in most home interiors but for those who have a deep affection for the most romantic city in the world it is very likely to be a ….must have!

Take a look I am sure you are going to like it..

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With the festive season just around the corner I have set up an exciting store on my Facebook page where you can order fabulous gifts with Paris in mind.

Just click on the Facebook icon or the link below and you will be taken to Paris Christmas Gifts where I think you will find the perfect gifts for friends and family..

Paris Christmas Gifts

Here are a few examples of what you will find.


Kurt Adler 5-Inch Glass “Paris City” Ornament

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Piedbald French Bulldog Dog Figurine Key Ring and Leash Holder Gift Wall Peg Hook Hanger Rack

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Gorgeous Silver Rhodium Plated 3D Crystal Eiffel Tower, Peace Sign, Heart Multi-charm Necklace on 18″ Chain ~ Paris France Theme

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Welcome to the Paris Decor Boutique a place where you can accessorize your decor into a chic, Parisian theme.

The capitol city of France has been a source of intrigue and mystique through the ages as it has only recently been revealed that his stunning city of lights may indeed be a lot older than the what was thought to be 300 years.

A lot has happened in that lime and all of it highly productive and creative for this place of dreams and joi de vivre has been a proverbial melting pot for artiste’s from every corner of the globe..

Every writer, painter, sculptor and literary mind were drawn to Paris which was and is seen as the cultural capitol of the world. With so much talent under one roof it is no wonder that so many amazing trends, designs and fashions have been produce over time in this fascinating metropolis.

it is an architectural wonderland with breathtaking structures like the Eiffel tower and the Arc de Triomph a monument to the fallen soldiers of France. There is no escaping the bustling cafe scene in Paris where many a celebrity can be spotted partaking in a clasisc “cafe noisette” or the ever popular “cafe au lait”

This is the city to be seen as it represents the stuff that dreams are made of. When Audrey Hepburn voiced “Paris is always a good idea” in her 1950’s Sabrina movie she could not have been more right as today Paris is conceived as possibly the most romantic and go to city on the planet.

Our love affair with this ageless icon shows no sign of slowing down as we drape our homes in it’s  fairy dust wanting to be a part of this magical realm..This was a city once ruled by Kings and there legacy of an inspired, golden age lives on…You just have to look at the furniture that was created by artisans with beauty in their hearts or the timeless damask and toile de jouy fabric designs that are a gift from a centuries way back.

Whatever it is you seek you may find it with Paris is mind for it signifies what is in all of us… the longing to follow a dream…