~Paris est toujours une bonne idée~ From the beautiful Audrey Hepburn comes the infamous quote. "Paris Is Always A Good Idea!" This highly desirable cushion cover is made of a cotton,linen blend and  measures 18" x 18" and it is recommended...

$1.90 as at 01:03 UTC. (Details)

Audrey Hepburn exudes the elegance and glamour of Parisian style with the poster of her infamous role in "Breakfast At Tiffany's" where she plays the role of a country girl who comes to New York and with her beautiful looks and charm becomes an...

$4.39 as at 01:27 UTC. (Details)

The beauty and timeless elegance of a glamorous, crystal chandelier is long recognized for it's romanticism and opulent appeal throughout centuries of stately Parisian chateau's where their dazzling light would dance shadows on the walls of great...

$99.00 as at 01:26 UTC. (Details)

For the Parisian fashionista and connoisseur of all things vintage comes two fabulous golden French, fashion posters, ready to be framed and appreciated by all who are inspired by Paris couture and the iconic symbolism of the Fleur de lis.which...

$9.99 as at 21:53 UTC. (Details)

~Belle architecture Parisienne~ If it's the architectural ambience of the city of lights you so desire, then  this Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe masterpiece is the artwork for you!! Imagine an office, living room or bedroom transformed into a...

$0.06 as at 22:30 UTC. (Details)

A Parisian themed bedroom is the epitome of style and elegance, so this white comforter with "on trend" teal trim and a magical damask/leaf motif will be a fabulous find, especially if the boudoir in question has a popular turquoise color...

$63.91 as at 13:01 UTC. (Details)

This is a great look for a Paris themed bedroom in glittering hot pink and black with "La Tour Eiffel" making a grand statement. This tres belle Parisian jewelry holder has 6 solid hooks for necklaces, bracelets, scarves with a black holding dish...

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Audrey Hepburn stated "Paris is Always a Good Idea" in the 50's movie Sabrina, wearing a stunning gown by Paris couturier, Hubert de Givency, This elegant and much revered actress also made movies with the beautiful city of Paris as her backdrop...

$10.99 as at 01:26 UTC. (Details)

Upholstered in a chic, damask inspired, black/white pattern and modeled on the classic Wing, recliner designed to protect occupiers from drafts generated by centuries old houses or ladies delicate skin from the roar of an open fire place, this...

$233.97 as at 21:46 UTC. (Details)

Apart from the beautifully presented Eiffel Tower, this stylish, Paris cushion cover features fascinating imagery of the Paris Metro created by engineer Fulgence Bienvenue as an alternative mode of transport on par with London and New York whose...

$12.95 as at 01:25 UTC. (Details)

French script has a romantic, vintage appeal that brings a touch of timeless beauty (une touche de beauté Françaiseto) to a contemporary or traditional style home You can easily reinvent an old lamp base by painting it then adding this brand...

$36.00 as at 22:37 UTC. (Details)

A fabulous mix of "olde world charm" and contemporary convenience in the form of a genteel, French script ottoman with endearing features such as trendy beige script upholstery highlighted by French country style, brushed bronze, nail-head trim and...

$92.60 as at 20:17 UTC. (Details)

A laundry hamper is a very functional item in any style of home, which needs to be sturdy, easy to carry and large enough to take a decent load of laundry out to the line. What if you could face the every day laundry chore with a basket in an...

$16.72 as at 17:56 UTC. (Details)

Add a little Paris classe to your home decor or office with this delightful  canvas book set made of leather, quality wood and so beautifully presented with the classic star of any Parisian show..."La Tour Eiffel" These are hollow book cases...

$25.70 as at 18:27 UTC. (Details)

Based on the fabulous style of 20th century American designers, Charles and Ray Eames, comes what is now known as the Eiffel Tower chair, designed at the time of it's creation for industrial use and molded from plastic with steel enforced, wooden...

$139.36 as at 23:14 UTC. (Details)

Created in the 1930's by the Parsons school of design, Paris France as a functional, comfortable chair, devoid of the classic ornamentation seen in furniture at this time, the Parsons chair went onto to become a popular choice in contemporary style...

$81.95 as at 05:53 UTC. (Details)

Classic elegance meets contemporary chic with this graceful, "high end" accent chair, upholstered in a sophisticated gray damask, Jacquard fabric..Designed for supreme comfort and glamorous looks this creme de la creme of  decor style is of a solid...

$118.99 as at 23:18 UTC. (Details)

~Tour eiffel gras~ Possibly the most photographed monument in the world and designed by a young French civil engineer,, the "Iron lady," of Paris features on this shower curtain in a more moody, earthy light hovering over the Seine river, which...

$29.50 as at 17:23 UTC. (Details)

 "Monuments de Paris magiques" "in soothing beiges, ivory and browns with beautiful distressed edging, comes this illustrative, wood wall clock, finished in a magical French decoupage look, with captivating Paris, France architectural imagery...

$21.81 as at 20:11 UTC. (Details)

This "Ville de Paris" wall clock has an enchanting look, that will have you daydreaming of romantic walks by the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomph and other captivating landmarks that make this city of Paris an inspiring metropolis, filled with busting...

$29.99 as at 22:37 UTC. (Details)

 ~Tour Eiffel boit caboteurs~ The design on this set of four drinks coasters is exquisite with a red Eiffel Tower taking center stage amidst beautiful vintage French Script, postmarks, assuring us all that Paris is possibly the most romantic city...

$18.99 as at 18:27 UTC. (Details)

 ~Millésime écriture ottomane Français~ This little storage cutie is destined for the home where a little appel vintage Français is required! This is a very good looking ottoman with classy beige, linen upholstery, enhanced by beautiful,...

$69.99 as at 21:42 UTC. (Details)

"Tour Eiffel boit caboteurs" If you want a set of drinks coasters that look fabulous on the coffee table, while doing the job they were created for, take a moment to check out these Eiffel Tower, Paris themed coasters with a very cool etched design...

$9.95 as at 22:04 UTC. (Details)

When you think that the intricate weave work known as damask can be traced as far back as the Middle Ages, you might feel you are in the presence of something quite remarkable as today the popularity of damask patterns lives on, due to it's timeless...

$14.99 as at 20:18 UTC. (Details)

~Français stockage de script banc~ The first thing you notice is the "look of class" this standout storage bench presents, making it an easy choice for connoisseurs of vintage themed furniture who know how beautifully they blend with the furniture...

$132.95 as at 22:38 UTC. (Details)

Elegant accent chair with beautiful, vintage French script upholstery, will add add a little touche de France, wherever it is placed.. Overall size is 31.5" x 28.5" x...

$124.79 as at 22:38 UTC. (Details)

The color chocolate is a super popular, home decor choice and when you add stunning French postmarks and script imagery to the visual mix you know this hand-made pillow cover will be the perfect accent for that Paris, sofa makeover you have been...

$21.99 as at 22:38 UTC. (Details)

Style moderne et romantique it doesn't really matter what color scheme you bring to a Paris themed bedroom as long as the elements of elegance and grandeur are present as seen here on this monarchical, damask themed bedding set in contemporary,...

$65.68 as at 17:17 UTC. (Details)

This picture perfect cushion cover has it all with vintage, snapshots of the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Pyramide du louvre and the entrance to Metropolitain a mainly underground subway, known for its stunning, Art Nouveua...

$11.99 as at 23:18 UTC. (Details)

~Paris millésime~ Humankind is a sentimental breed that loves to look back in time where good memories live, and bring them forward to the present day. A bicycle ride through Paris is the subject of our memorable story, depicted...

$14.90 as at 23:18 UTC. (Details)

~De Paris avec amour.~ Take a moment to imagine the look, this French script pillow and it's gorgeous rectangular counterpart, would create in your living room if you took the leap of faith and allowed a little of the city of lights, love into your...

$28.04 as at 22:38 UTC. (Details)

 "Oreiller poste de jet français" Thinking that your sofa chairs could do with a beautiful Paris/French themed makeover? What is not love to about this endearing, French script throw pillow with unknown messages from the past, delivered post...

$12.87 as at 22:38 UTC. (Details)

 ~Français scénario accent chaise contemporaine~ Bring the romanticism of Paris to your home, contemporary style, with this modern accent chair upholstered in classic, French script with stylish black, wood legs. You could spend forever taking...

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~Tour Eiffel boit caboteurs~ Won't it be nice to have a set of these gorgeous, vintage Eiffel Tower coasters on the coffee table, counter or bar? The image has that lovely faded postcard appeal that could  bring a nostalgic tear to the eye for...

$13.19 as at 00:58 UTC. (Details)

This ornate sculptured end table find's its fabulous origins in the Baroque era ((circa 1600 – 1750), a time often referred to as the golden age of furniture, when Kings ruled France from the breathtaking palace of Versailles in Paris. That is...

$54.44 as at 10:48 UTC. (Details)

~Belle chaise française avec pouf~ Bring a little ooh lal la, Paris magic to your home with this beautiful, accent chair and matching ottoman where the look is inspired elegance, featuring beautiful black French script writing, imagery on an...

$213.09 as at 22:38 UTC. (Details)

~Boîte de rangement de la Tour Eiffel~ Functional and fabulous would be the best way to describe this vintage inspired storage box with a glamorous black and white, Paris/Eiffel tower theme! From the kids to the grown ups, the...

$168.99 as at 07:16 UTC. (Details)

It doesn't matter what angle the Eiffel Tower is photographed at, the outcome is always a stunning visual of engineering, architectural supremacy! La Tour Eiffel is one of those structures that catches the eye and imagination of us all as a supreme...

$199.90 as at 23:18 UTC. (Details)

Tour Eiffel Art Mural~ The Eiffel Tower makes for a stunning piece of wall art as this is a tower designed in a city, renowned for it's romantic, creative edge. The tower was built by engineer, Gustave Eiffel, is the grand age of 125 years and...

$34.95 as at 02:24 UTC. (Details)

~Tour Eiffel Magique~ I simply love the ethereal look of this 3-piece canvas print, featuring the grande dame of Paris, "La Tour Eiffel, from ground level on the Champ de mars to the very tip of the tower, peeping through the...

$25.59 as at 01:27 UTC. (Details)

Café à emporter! Once you have been to Paris, they say it never leaves your heart, perhaps why it is often referred to as the most romantic city in the world! This beautifully decorated travel mug in a Paris/Eiffel Tower theme, will be that...

$19.95 as at 04:39 UTC. (Details)

 ~Magnifiquement féminine~ Beautifully feminine, lilac/off white, ceramic travel mug, featuring the Paris, Eiffel Tower with a gorgeous visionary, vintage appeal! Take a sip of aromatic, cafe au lait and be transported to Champs-Elysees a...

$14.99 as at 23:18 UTC. (Details)

~Fille glamour~ if your creating a chic, Paris themed bathroom for the girl who loves the elegance, romance and high fashion of this beautiful city, the "glamor girl" shower curtain, has to be the perfect bathroom accessory on your decorating...

$11.05 as at 18:10 UTC. (Details)

~Fashionist "Paris" rose rideau de douche~ Girls only shower curtain in black, white and pink with every touch of girl glamor you could think of, from gorgeous vintage dresses to shoes, jewellery, perfume and purses that, so fits the fashionista...

$13.99 as at 18:10 UTC. (Details)

Signe de Toilettes What could be a more eloquent finishing touch, to a Paris themed bathroom than this elegant, hand stenciled wooden sign, "La Toilette,' finished in black and cream Size is approx. 3-3/4" in height x 12" in length x 1/4" in...

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~Tour Eiffel tapis~ How would you like the Eiffel Tower on your floor? If that has you curious, take a look at this spectacular area rug featuring as the French like to call her "La dame de fer," in the contemporary colors of grey, black and...

$78.43 as at 01:27 UTC. (Details)

Being a huge fan of metal, wall art and the magical city of Paris, I found this stunning Eiffel Tower piece very appealing as i know you will too. In fact I sense you are already thinking where you would like to place this mighty, lattice tower that...

$44.15 as at 00:17 UTC. (Details)

~Housse de coussin Tour Eiffel~ A very simple but highly effective,affordable way to change your decor look, without purchasing a new sofa, is to find new cushion covers in the style, theme you like! Size is 18" x 18" Fabric is lightweight...

$5.50 as at 02:24 UTC. (Details)

Paris tapis de cuisine theme.. Anti-fatigue mats are a practical idea for the kitchen, relieving the aches and pains of standing in one place for too long. So wouldn't you be thrilled if some kind soul,gifted you with one of these comfort mats in...

$23.99 as at 01:28 UTC. (Details)

 ~Dîner aux chandelles pour deux~ if you are looking for something to enhance your decor, with a glamorous, elegant appeal, this set of two, "La Tour Eiffel," crystal candlesticks will create an opulent ambience of contemporary...

$34.56 as at 01:02 UTC. (Details)

~Cafe de Paris~ Create a little of the bustling Paris, France cafe in your kitchen with an Eiffel Tower rack, equipped to hold individual coffee machine pods, ready to brew your favorite cup of Café au lait! This could be the perfect gift for...

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