Think Paris, early 19th century when a new revolution of design emerged named "Art Deco," which swept through architecture and decorative arts with it's inspiring, geometric artistry and flair for the unique and archeological form. Many new...

$125.00 as at 02:51 UTC. (Details)

~De beaux meubles de Paris~ When we think of Paris we conjure up elegant images of furniture in the style of this glamorous entry, hallway table in matte white, with a distressed, aged appeal! The look is distinctly centuries gone by, when...

$86.91 as at 10:49 UTC. (Details)

Superbe literie violet! From the moment I saw this stunning purple bedding set, i could feel my heart beating faster as it had the Paris "Ooh la la" factor, so I couldn't wait to share it with you! The crispness of white with royal purple is...

$109.95 as at 15:55 UTC. (Details)

~Millesime elegant How eloquently the French describe this classy vintage wall clock with a rustic Paris theme.. Predominantly black and white with an aged patina effect this desirable vintage gem, gives the look of a reliable timekeeper, that...

$39.79 as at 02:25 UTC. (Details)

If your heart belongs to the romantic city of Paris, take the time to view this magical imagery of Parisian life, perhaps a century ago, with the grand, Eiffel Tower draped in the clouds like a sentinel, standing guard over a land that has captured...

$99.00 as at 02:25 UTC. (Details)

Paris is a city of romance, dreams and this magical imagery of the Eiffel Tower and the inspiring quote "When I dream, I could fly to Paris. It's at my beck and call." Is a reminder that dreams are within reach, especially if that vision is a...

$3.40 as at 01:28 UTC. (Details)

Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel was a fabulous French designer who began her rise to fame in the early 1900's when she opened her first clothing store in Paris's Rue Cambo and from there created the Chanel brand that today lives on through her perfume and...

$25.00 as at 04:39 UTC. (Details)

~Noir et Blanc Damas~ Nothing quite steals the show than a French inspired, black damask pattern,on a crisp white background as seen here with this outstanding bedding set featuring a Full Comforter measuring approx. 74" x 86," with a fitted sheet,...

$56.19 as at 17:05 UTC. (Details)

~Papillons Paris~ This beautiful cushion cover is more a work of art, don't you think and with stunning Eiffel Tower, butterflies imagery creating a fabulous vintage, visual appeal, your sofa will never look so good! Size is 18"...

$12.95 as at 22:43 UTC. (Details)

~Beau Lustre~ if it's a Paris theme you desire then you won't need to spend a lot of cash on a crystal chandelier, when you can have this dynamic wall decal that has recaptured the enchanting look of a chandelier that could easily have hung in the...

$1.40 as at 04:39 UTC. (Details)

Possibly one of the most expressive statements on the planet is the French saying ~"Ooh la la ~ Have it on your wall right now, in the form of an easy to apply wall decal measuring 51cms x 25cm that can be removed, repositioned and reused....

$9.20 as at 02:25 UTC. (Details)

if you are going to purchase an Eiffel Tower replica, then it's essential the statue looks like the real McCoy! No problem here as this "La Tour Eiffel," centerpiece, jewelry stand has passed the "look a like" test and is proving really popular...

$11.56 as at 06:25 UTC. (Details)

Could be a very elegant gift for someone who has a strong affection for the romantic city of Paris, or to impress guests with a fashionable choice of drinks coasters at your next soiree..Beautifully presented in a natural, rubber wood holder are...

$23.42 as at 03:45 UTC. (Details)

"Tout simplement magique!" Bring the magic of Paris to your bathroom with this uniquely illustrated shower curtain, featuring the stunning Eiffel Tower, possibly in Winter time, nestled amongst the trees against a romantic, pink background. Size...

$16.43 as at 17:23 UTC. (Details)

There will be no need to hang a chandelier when the next best thing is a stunning black replica that will easily stick to a surface,  giving you a glamorous chandelier on the wall, looking just as good, if not better than the real thing.. All...

$15.99 as at 06:22 UTC. (Details)

For those who prefer their Paris decor, contemporary comes this modern bedding set with an invetive vintage appeal, featuring creative, graphic images of the stunning Eiffel Tower. This is a Full/Double Duvet Cover measuring 86" x 79" with two...

$99.95 as at 17:05 UTC. (Details)

 Adore le look! If you love the look of this elegant pillow cover with a Parisian perfume theme, waste not a second in securing one or two for the room you desire to live and breathe the magical city of Paris.This is something quite rare...

$3.27 as at 02:55 UTC. (Details)

Whether your home has leanings toward a Paris, shabby chic or vintage style of decor, this gorgeous, Eiffel Tower pillow cover will compliment all of these feminine,romantic looks perfectly... Size is 18" x 18" and made of a cotton/linen blend...

$9.99 as at 22:44 UTC. (Details)

Rue de Paris This shower curtain represents a most inspiring glimpse of the infamous Rue Di Rivoli, in Paris, a street that features glamorous fashion boutiques, cafes and luxurious brands, known all over the world. The name bears the memory of...

$11.10 as at 18:07 UTC. (Details)

All the usual French/Parisian stars appear on this beautiful valance, designed for the window with a Parisian view. There is the ever, timeless, elegant French script with classic Paris postcard stamps leading you to wonder what romantic note was...

$34.00 as at 04:41 UTC. (Details)

If you are looking to add a little interior design magic to the bathroom, you can't go past this stunning rendition of the Eiffel Tower in a mix of grey, black and white. it's possibly one of the best snapshots of this enchanting tower, ever taken...

$1.99 as at 18:07 UTC. (Details)

For a baby girl soon to be born, what could be more delightful than creating a Paris themed pepiniere or nursery with an ultra feminine, crib bedding set in the baby soft colors of pretty, pink and teal.. Only the best for a baby girl who one...

$88.44 as at 17:20 UTC. (Details)

Add a romantic splash of Paris to your living room with this endearing ottoman, featuring a French script, postcard theme and glimpses of "la tour Eiffel and all that is the beauty of this fabulous city of amour and dazzling lights.. Fabric is...

$23.99 as at 05:21 UTC. (Details)

A beautiful birds eye view of the city of lights, that you can have on your wall at home..This is the clever way to create an art form that will light up a room without the expense of having to purchase a painting or print. Yes!.. This is a decal...

$9.99 as at 02:27 UTC. (Details)

What a focal point in the room this industrial chic "Eiffel Tower" table lamp will make with it's intricate French tower metal design and vintage patina finish. Let's not forget the classic travel-stamped, French script style shade and French...

$69.89 as at 01:28 UTC. (Details)

The enduring pattern of damask looks enchanting on this black and white 3-piece nested box set that will add a breath of glamorous fresh air to your Paris/Vintage inspired room.. Perfect as a decor feature with the added bonus of storage space...

$14.99 as at 02:44 UTC. (Details)

TICK TOCK! Step back in time with this 50's Retro/Vintage wall clock in pink with "Joli Fifi" (pretty Fifi) the infamous black French Poodle looking beautiful on the clock face.. This would be the perfect addition to any Paris/Retro theme with a...

$29.95 as at 10:12 UTC. (Details)

Caniche Français Poubelle Have you been searching the markets.looking for those special touches to add to your Paris/Shabby chic boudoir or bathroom? Well look no more as I have found the perfect accessory that will catch the eye of all...

$17.95 as at 02:35 UTC. (Details)

Do you love Shabby Chic/ Vintage and all things Paris? Then you won't be able to take your eyes of this romantic.. throw cushion cover featuring a "Carte Postal" (post card) theme with dreamy imagery of the Eiffel Tower flanked in gorgeous purple...

$11.99 as at 01:29 UTC. (Details)

The French Poodle epitomizes all that is elegant and beautiful about Paris and would be a perfect fit for a Parisian style apartment.. Pretty in pink with a feminine Shabby Chic/Vintage appeal this gorgeous enamel metal waste-basket looks almost...

$26.95 as at 03:49 UTC. (Details)

The stories these suitcases could tell of the person that stored their belongings while traveling from one place to another. The suitcases would have been admired by many as they feature elegant French script with enticing imagery of the Eiffel...

$65.17 as at 01:29 UTC. (Details)

Vintage Vogue Fans of vintage decor are going to love these "set of two" suitcases that feature a classic French script design and are covered in durable burlap fabric with classic vintage straps and brass buckles that give an authentic antique...

$115.99 as at 12:05 UTC. (Details)

If you have already  fallen under the spell of "damask" you will find this wall decal a charming addition to your Paris inspired room.. The simplicity of wall decals immediately adds to the appeal as you can place this elegant pattern anywhere...

$16.87 as at 08:34 UTC. (Details)

These black and white party..paper lanterns make the perfect finishing touch to a Paris themed room especially if there is a hint of the gorgeous damask pattern being highlighted in a bedding set or sofa pillows. These are a fabulous look and a...

$7.99 as at 02:25 UTC. (Details)

The perfect mix of Paris and gorgeous Leopard Print combine to create a magical poster ready to grace your wall.. Size is 6" x 18" Tres a la...

$9.99 as at 02:27 UTC. (Details)

When you cover your standard switch-plate with this picturesque cover you will be switching on the light to a view of the Eiffel Tower from a romantic Paris cafe.. Finished in the ancient decoupage method this finishing touch to a Paris style...

$4.99 as at 04:58 UTC. (Details)

Put this Paris cafe wall plaque pride of place in your kitchen and order up a cup of hot Parisian cafe... Size is 9" x 24" Tres...

$27.32 as at 08:45 UTC. (Details)

In the image of a French pocket watch this vintage wall clock will be a beautiful addition to a Paris style of decor..Visually beautiful, this vintage jewel has a distinctive aged appeal with roman numerals and petite black hands encased in...

$47.94 as at 11:58 UTC. (Details)

"Welcome to the "Cafe de Marguerites" Ensure  the authenticity of your Paris cafe themed kitchen with this charming French vintage wall clock finished in the traditional decoupage method with a pendulum that swings gently from side to side, black...

$39.99 as at 02:19 UTC. (Details)

Buy a loaf of bread from the Paris boulangerie then stroll casually into the cafe next door for a cup of coffee and a classic Parisian catch up with friends. This is the mood created by this beautiful Paris street border and it's enchanting...

$26.79 as at 02:28 UTC. (Details)

With decals you can transform a wall space  into an Eiffel Tower /Cafe mural that will take your breath away....Easy to apply and without the expense of a poster or print.. Put it up...relax and drink Parisian coffee of your choice.. Perhaps a...

$30.99 as at 05:04 UTC. (Details)

Create a "Paris Cafe" themed kitchen with this adorable artwork featuring the "Arc de Triomphe" a monument constructed for Napolean Bonaparte (1806) in memory of fallen soldiers. Size is 8" x 10"  Framed Size (9.5" x 11.5") Choose your own...

$18.95 as at 11:58 UTC. (Details)

if you know someone that  is right into Eiffel Tower decor you might want to gift them this very nice "La Tour Eiffel" tea light holder. It's made of solid cast iron and looks very much like the grand tower that stands on the "Champ de Mars" in...

$18.90 as at 12:15 UTC. (Details)

The detailing on this Eiffel Tower Wall decal is superb and you really get an idea of how beautifully designed this tower was for the Exposition Universelle of 1889. in Paris France. A wall decal of this caliber and size would look equally as...

$14.99 as at 08:45 UTC. (Details)

The perfect accompaniment to a Paris inspired decor.. Elegant and romantic this Paris wall decal measures 7" in height  x 22" in...

$15.00 as at 04:30 UTC. (Details)

There is nothing quite like the vision of the Eiffel Tower at night as it glows against the darkened sky towering into the heavens above.. The artists perspective is awe-inspiring and I guarantee when you place this work-of-art throw pillow on a...

$49.00 as at 02:55 UTC. (Details)

Paris is the heart of fashion and this vintage style mannequin will be a popular choice with fashionistas who love dress ups and displaying clothes and jewelry from the present...past.. Bring out the Coco Chanel in you and add this stylish...

$23.90 as at 15:34 UTC. (Details)

The Cafe Van Gogh in Paris was the fascination of this infamous painter who in 1888 created one of his most recognized and popular works.."The Cafe Terrace." The original can be seen at the Kroller Muller museum in the Netherlands You too can...

$29.00 as at 11:58 UTC. (Details)

The legacy of French couturier Coco Chanel lives on through her innermost thoughts and philosophy of a life so very well lived.. Ahead of her time she celebrated femininity and the beauty of being an independent, artistic woman who broke all the...

$13.99 as at 13:53 UTC. (Details)

Audrey Hepburn was a true beauty with an inspiring heart that penned many famous quotes, that became for many a code with which to live by.. Her vision for a more caring and kinder world shines eloquently through this typical Hepburn mantra....

$14.99 as at 15:24 UTC. (Details)

To really get the feel of Paris into a room you can add a realistic looking mural and it's so easy to do as it is just like hanging wallpaper! This gorgeous Paris apartment style window box, will create a backdrop in a room that will makes you...

$24.56 as at 08:45 UTC. (Details)