if you have been too France recently, you might feel nostalgic about this original art,wall clock, with a cool Paris dining theme! The clock measures 12" in diameter and is mounted on wood,with a hanger at the back for easy...

$27.49 as at 17:18 UTC. (Details)

Lustre Moderne Rose Pink is often the preferred color for a Parisian Princess wanting her boudoir to be the setting for a modern day fairy tale so this "pretty in pink" chandelier may well be the perfect prop for this style of decor and with the...

$49.99 as at 03:54 UTC. (Details)

Black adds sophistication to a room and can be used to offset any color whether it be white, turquoise, pink, green or brown. This beautiful in black chandelier with it's glittering ebony jewels and modern modern shade will give an air of opulence...

$45.99 as at 19:13 UTC. (Details)

if you're looking to add just the right amount of bling to one or more rooms in your home you might want to think about installing  a chandelier! This one comes in black with four lights, a 48 inch chain, plug and chord so you can hang it as an...

$72.99 as at 19:13 UTC. (Details)

The look is magical... A mini-chandelier that on closer inspection reveals a beautifully carved and embellished frame with crystals that are polished wood.... One can see the level of craftsmanship and care that went into the making of this...

$225.00 as at 11:59 UTC. (Details)

What a vision of Parisian elegance this chandelier is with its ornate scrolled metal structure and crystal droplets falling like raindrops through the frame. A lot of work has gone into creating this chic chandelier with intricate pink beading...

$55.99 as at 19:13 UTC. (Details)

As we look to the past for beautiful decor design ideas the, fabulous crystal chandelier becomes a popular choice for adding elegance to a modern themed room. Perhaps it is the princess within that draws us to the romance this timeless lighting...

$96.64 as at 16:13 UTC. (Details)

If you are a Parisian princess you will see the beauty and royal splendor of the aristocratic damask pattern but may prefer a more feminine color on the wall....The mix of pink and white with this ageless motif is the perfect backdrop for a Paris...

$35.00 as at 03:22 UTC. (Details)

Create a stunning nursery or kids bedroom in true Paris style with just a splash of timeless damask to brighten your walls.. if you don't want to wallpaper an entire room a feature wall or border is a good idea. This classy black and white damask...

$18.99 as at 05:08 UTC. (Details)

Add a chaise lounge and you have a room that denotes true elegance. I'm a huge fan of black and white damask as it has a commanding presence when seen on a wall...It is hard not be swept away with thoughts of far away castles and luxurious...

$22.95 as at 01:00 UTC. (Details)

Although the concept of damask, a reversible pattern formed from weaving has its origins in the city of Damascus it was in 18th century France that the symmetrical patterns we see so much of today were created.. These grandiose images of flowers...

$43.99 as at 05:08 UTC. (Details)

Early French postmarks decorate this quality linen pillow that is reminiscent of vintage grain sacks....I love the natural look as it has a French country appeal that can be easily added to a Paris Inspired room.. Size is 16.5" in length x 16.5"...

$5.14 as at 21:02 UTC. (Details)

What a stunning effect a wall would have in this detailed collage of Paris in all its descriptive glory.. With so much going on this colorful city you would need to stand awhile to take in the artists vision of this extensive...

$50.00 as at 05:08 UTC. (Details)

 "Vive la France! Vintage Paris couture and infamous, historical French landmarks such as the Arc de Triomphe, which stands in  the middle of the "Place Charles de Gaulle" in Paris, feature on this "one of a kind" wall paper border that is sure...

$20.09 as at 05:08 UTC. (Details)

Serviettes en noir et blanc chic Superior quality always counts and this elegant  bathroom towel set in classic black and white ticks all the boxes, as well as presenting a Paris theme that will add charm and sophistication to a discerning...

$79.45 as at 15:27 UTC. (Details)

if you are a coffee connoisseur and are looking to decorate your kitchen in a popular cafe/coffee theme, this set of four, framed coffee posters will be an instant "must have for their picturesque vintage look! The posters take you to Parisian...

$8.99 as at 17:37 UTC. (Details)

The fascination we have with Paris is magnified here in this very descriptive drawing of a day in Paris, a city..that always bring a smile when mentioned as there is so much history and creativity abounding in this 2000 or so year old...

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If you want a shower curtain that is brightly colored and features stunning aspects of Paris life, then look no further... This is a good quality curtain with vibrant colors and graphics that have to be seen to be believed covering snapshots of...

$23.97 as at 18:36 UTC. (Details)

Four fabulous prints depicting renowned architecture from each country featured. .In the Paris poster we have "Le Tour Eiffel" while in the London print we catch a glimpse of "Big Ben" (Clock tower) which is one of London's most famous landmarks....

$8.38 as at 22:57 UTC. (Details)

This is a very sweet little pillow that will add the finishing touches to a vintage, Paris themed bedroom..Black stitching adds charm to this linen/cotton accent pillow that measures 5-1/2" x 8-1/2". Super popular for its adorable Paris ...

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Bring a touch of Paris to your dorm room or office with this sturdy desk built on a solid black,steel frame with tempered glass.and visually stunning references to Paris. The clear desk top features a a pink Eiffel tower, love hearts and the word...

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This awesome,good quality matte black colored decal features our favorite Paris monument with the top of the tower in the clouds The overall size of this vinyl decal is approx. 24" x 34" and is easily removed without marking the wall.,although...

$12.99 as at 16:41 UTC. (Details)