Trendy Black And White Eiffel Tower Area Rug

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A decorative rug on the floor makes a great focal point in any room, so how amazing if the rug design features a stunning real life, black and white photo shot of the Eiffel Tower, where she stands embedded in the earth of the park ground known as Champ de Mars, reaching up to the sky like a sentinel watching over her beloved city of Paris!

 Belle Eiffel Zone de Tour Tapis!

The architectural prowess of this mighty monument, makes a stylish statement in a contemporary living room covering 5ft x 3ft/3″ of floor space, while creating an awesome piece of art. You have a few size options with the choice of ordering this gorgeous rug in a smaller option of (2ft x 1ft/8″0 and larger sizes (5ft x 4ft), (7ft x 5ft) to suit.

Paris Themed Area Rug!

With the infamous Eiffel Tower on show you can expect a pop of European style, as this rug made of 20% plush x 70% sponge x 10% non-woven stain-resistant fabric, will make an amazing statement at a great value price! if you have been to Paris and explored the inner workings of this unique tower it might be fun to have this rug on the floor so you can relive those magical moments when you watched the Parisian sunset from the top floor, dined in one of the fabulous restaurants or witnessed the spectacular golden glittering light show, La Tour Eiffel delivers every night!


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