10 Reasons To Fall Madly In Love With Paris Themed Bedding

Paris themed bedding takes its influence from the landscape of this dynamic city and the life of French royals who resided in the opulent Versailles Palace.

The French royals have influenced the chic appearance of Paris themed bedding.
Regal Paris Duvet

One reason to more than like bedding with a Parisian theme is the alluring damask motif. When traders returned from a pilgrimage to Damascus in the middle ages they brought back with them a dual-sided fabric that earned the name damask and patterns developed by artists in Europe including scrolled floral and acanthus leaf designs became the wall coverings in many of the royal palace rooms. These fabulous flouncy styles have proven to be popular throughout the ages and bring a classic vision to a modern, Paris themed bedroom often in the color scheme of black and white.

Black and white damask is a Paris themed bedding favorite
Black And White Damask Bedding

Another reason to dress the master with in-vogue French bedding is a city where fashion leaves the runways and can be seen on the red carpet in Hollywood. The capital of France has been blessed with many great designers including Christian Dior, Coco Chanel, and Yves- Saint Laurent all earning a place in the history books as French fashion icons. Champs-Elysees Avenue boasts some of the most visited clothing and apparel stores where fashion-conscious folk look for the latest trends to appease their standing in life.

Paris is the fashion capital influencing decor and bedding trends
Paris Fashion Duvet

Paris has a history of looking good and one of the earlier French kings prompted members of the court to dress for success. This king was Louis XlV a gregarious character who employed tailors to design clothing for the inhabitants of Versailles Palace and designers to decorate the bedroom chambers with the most exquisite fabrics and furnishings. Marie Antionette wife of King Louis XVl may well have inspired Parisian bedding with a floral, bohemian look as she was known to have an affinity with nature and although she flaunted big pastel colored hairstyles, her pretty flower crowns started a craze still popular today.

Bohemian, Parisian Themed Bedding

Paris comforters and duvet covers are uniquely popular due to an appearance by La Tour Eiffel a super-stylish structure that touches the clouds and has a worldwide fan base.  This bronze beacon of French architecture is a captivating sight that was once a display for a French car company advertisement and it’s antenna a source of messaging for the French resistance in World War Two. The Eiffel Tower has a commanding presence in a romantic land of stone monuments highlighting the creative nuance of clever Parisians who have the knack of setting trends for others to follow. Eiffel Tower bedding is fun, fanciful and hugely popular with kids and adults who show off this amazing motif in bedrooms all around the world.

Eiffel tower bedding highlights the popular Paris monument.
Eiffel Tower Bedding

The romantic vibe of Paris bedding sets a Fantasia theme for a girls bedroom where they can be the princess in the Versailles palace and bring their little friends to play in their court. Flossy pink and purple comforters with Eiffel tower throw pillows set a youthful tone for girls who think Paris is a fairytale land

Pink and purple Paris bedding for girls.
Pretty Paris Bedding For Girls

If you’ve said “I Do” on the Champ de Mars park grounds under the approving eye of the Eiffel Tower a Paris comforter set will be a reminder of your perfect day.

Romantic scene by the Eiffel Toweron a bedding set
Romantic Eiffel Tower Bedding

Paris quotes and sayings are endearing snippets on Paris inspired bedding like ooh la la, Paris is always a good idea and je t’aime meaning I love you in French.

Paris is the city of love and expressed on beautiful bedding sets
The City Of Love Bedding Theme

The classic monuments are a magical reason to fall head over heels for Paris themed bedding where Empire archways inspired by Napoleon Bonaparte feature along with the Eiffel Tower. The Notre Dame cathedral often takes a bow on Parisian bedding as does the Sacre-Coeur church.

Paris monuments inspire bedding with Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe imagery.
Paris Monuments Bedding Theme

The enchanting essence of Paris history has created a romantic mystique for all to explore in the monuments, statues, and palaces once inhabited by French kings A young revolutionary also played their part in making this city of light and love a magical European entity and reason to fall in love with Paris and bedding in this beautiful, chic theme.

Paris is the romantic inspiration for bedrooms in this magical theme
Luxury Eiffel Tower Set