4-Famous Architectural Monuments Black And White Canvas Print, Wall Art

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Ancient architectural monuments, structures have always been a major tourist attraction bringing the past into view and making us all wonder what lives were lived, when some of the incredible monuments showcased on this set of four black and white canvas prints were constructed.

Beautiful Monuments Art Work..

The Paris, Eiffel tower is featured with the leaning tower of Pisa, a freestanding bell tower in Italy, renowned for it’s infamous lean due to the settling of its foundations—plus the Amphitheater ruins of El Jem, once the largest Colosseum in North Africa, built by the Roman Empire during their occupation and the magnificent Lucca Cathedral, a fine example of Gothic architecture dedicated to Saint Lucca in Italy.

Quality, black and white prints of world famous, historic landmarks!

These four monumental structures presented by “Weico Art” make a captivating wall feature for fans of historic art and architecture that has been preserved from way back in time. Each stunning canvas print measures 12″ x 12″ and has been stretched onto a wooden frame with hooks at the back for easy hanging. You can configure the set of four any way you like, making an outstanding focal point on the wall in your home, office or hotel. The quality is superb with a generous price tag and ideal for gifting this Christmas.

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