7 Paris Themed Pictures To Decorate Your Home

One of the most effective ways to introduce the enigmatic city of Paris to your home décor is with an impressive piece of wall art featuring one of the magical monuments that live in the city of light.

The capital city of France is the perfect inspiration for any age group within the family unit including younger fans who might be drawn to a personalized wall plaque with their name and images of Paris.

Cool kids, Paris themed wall plaque
Paris Themed Wall Art For Kids Bedroom

Paris is a very old city and has the Roman ruins and ancient structures to prove it with one that stands out above all as the epitome of quintessential French design. That’s the Eiffel Tower a tall, intricately, woven metal monument created by an engineer back in the late 1800s as an experiment in different building materials and look. At the time the city of love was a landscape of breathtaking stone sculptures in various architectural styles.

Black and white Eiffel Tower photography
La Tour Eiffel, Paris

Each layer of stone came with a story of its own and one of the oldest buildings dating back to 1163 is the Notre Dame Cathedral known for its statue of a legendary French heroine named Joan of Arc whose bravery earned her sainthood. A picture of this stately structure is bound to be a talking point when visitors come to the home or possibly even better as a grand statement of monumental design, in an architect’s reception area.

Captivating Notre Dame Cathedral piece of wall art
Notre Dame Cathedral Painting, Paris

The Eiffel Tower has become a playful motif for creative artists flexing their modern design muscles by adding fun red umbrellas or gorgeous glimpses of cherry blossoms to photographed or painted images of the famous, French monument

Elegant , red, black and white Eiffel Tower painting
Romantic Paris, Eiffel Tower Wall Art

Another memorable tribute to European artistry is the Arc de Triomphe an official archway originally the vision of Napoleon Bonaparte to highlight his wartime victories which ended at the battle of Waterloo. The Arc has become a national tribute to French soldiers and took 30 years to complete. A picture of this commemorative structure would be an eye-catching event in a modern home or office.

Paris wall art picture of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris
Arc de Triomphe, Paris

Paris is a sea of imagery with modern and older buildings plus bridges, statues, and palaces with storybook interiors. The Louvre Museum is an outstanding visual masterpiece and home to some of the worlds greatest pieces of art. The Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo and Great Sphinx of Tanis are a few of the magnificent exhibits on show in this ever-changing edifice that started out as a castle then become a palace and eventually the museum it is today.

Magnificent Louvre Museum in Paris
The Louvre Museum in Paris, France

Pictures on the wall offer an insight into the homeowner’s style and favorite art subjects so if they see the Eiffel Tower beaming from a friends living room it may start a conversation about a recent trip or planned vacation to the city of love.

Romance in Paris, France
Romantic Night In Paris
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