Alluminium End Table

This ornate sculptured end table find’s its fabulous origins in the Baroque era ((circa 1600 – 1750), a time often referred to as the golden age of furniture, when Kings ruled France from the breathtaking palace of Versailles in Paris.

That is why this elegant table is the ideal accompaniment to a classic Paris themed room, where the romanticism of the past is re-recorded by many of us who appreciate the grandeur and style of furniture from days gone by…

I must confess to having two of these tables either side of my bed in white and the look is divine, but this aluminum effect on an antique style of table is outstanding and would be a glamorous accent in a traditional or contemporary home with the “on trend”  popular mix of old and new!

Size is 22″ in length x 15″ in width.

Made in India


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