Authentic, Eiffel Tower Wall Hook

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Like celebrities, the hype around wordly monuments can be over the top but there is one pop star structure living in the seventh arrondissement on the left bank of of the river Seine, that never disappoints. I am of courseĀ  referring to the Eiffel Tower, a larger than life giant monument, made of wrought-iron that truly towers over Paris, reigning as the new French royal beckoning her loyal subjects from every part of the globe, to come and pay homage to her beauty and amazing architectural form.

Crochet mural de la tour Eiffel!

Now you can take home an authentic looking Eiffel Tower wall hook, to remind you of the moment this world renowned tower came into your view on a first time trip to Paris, while providing a highly decorative piece of wall art to feature in your home. This wonderful Eiffel tower look-a-like measures overall 3.2″ in length x 1.8″ in depth x 7.4″ in height, the hook itself is 3.8″ in length x 1.8″ x 0.6″ in depth. Made of a durable polyresin material and finished in bronze to emulate the real tower color, this stylish symbol of France features a strong metal hang scarves, hats, keys in your entryway or towels in the bathroom, jewelry in your Paris themed bedroom

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