Awesome Eiffel Tower Themed Boys Bedroom

Men, women, boys, and girls alike are all enraptured by the magic of Paris, and what better way to bring in that love of the famous French city than in the form of Eiffel Tower bedding? Specifically speaking for boys, the fascination with timeless and awe-inspiring architecture can really resonate in a bedroom. The Eiffel Tower is arguably the most iconic architectural structure in the world, and when it comes to options, you’ll find yourself surrounded by many, many good ones when looking for the perfect Eiffel Tower bedding and décor for any boy’s room.

Boys ultra-cool Eiffel tower hang-out

Creating a truly awesome bedroom for your boy with an electric Eiffel Tower theme has never been more fun! From black and white wall decals to blue and green comforters, there is a whole world of items to choose from when picking out the coolest Eiffel Tower bedroom decorations. Glow in the dark Eiffel Tower ceiling stickers/stars (or even glow in the dark bedding sets!) pair perfectly with wall artwork featuring the Eiffel Tower with a cool motorcycle or Parisian sports car in front of it. You can also bring furniture into the mix, with dressers boasting a front image on all drawers of the Eiffel Tower ascending from the bottom drawer to the top. And what about taking Paris to the limitless sky, with an accent wall or door featuring chalkboard paint and a vision of the Eiffel Tower, stars, spaceships, and planets above!

Eiffel tower bedding makes an instant impact…

Sheets and pillows with cartoon drawings of the Eiffel Tower are super fun, along with literal bookshelves shaped just like the tower itself. Architectural blueprints of the Eiffel Tower matted and framed look beautiful on the walls, a map surrounding the Eiffel Tower look great as images on a duvet cover, and pop art posters of cartoon Parisians walking their look alike pups along in front of the tower make for a really fun bedroom addition. A faux Paris street sign that functions as a clothes hanger is something extra unique, and even smaller accents such as fan pulls, drawer pulls, or bedposts in the vein of the Eiffel Tower can also make a big impact within the décor scheme.

Finishing touches….

Of course, you can’t forget a boy’s love for great automobiles, so check out big floor rugs with the Eiffel Tower and all the city roadways around it! Rack up on some really cool toy cars, and voila! This boy’s got his very own replica of driving the most beautiful French autos around the most beautiful structure on Earth!



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