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Having an Eiffel Tower statue in the home as a special decor piece gets immediate attention from onlookers and inspires everything that is romantic and unique about its city of birth. Measuring 15″ x 6″ this stylish lookalike is also made of iron and makes a relevant centerpiece for a party with Paris in mind.

The Eiffel Tower is a golden idol and Parisian trophy always winning 1st prize as the highest paid monument in Europe and valued at 435 billion Euros. That’s an awesome achievement for a metal structure originally designed to show off French engineering skill.

The man behind the dream of La Tour Eiffel also helped construct the Statue of Liberty from a workshop in Paris after which it was taken apart and freighted to the USA as a gift from the French government. Around 18 years later Gustave Eiffel took on the mammoth task of building a metal tower as a token of French mastery in the revolution of industry.

The Eiffel Tower was part of a world fair and from that day forth in 1889 began a long journey of stardom as a Parisian VIM (Very Important Monument). It’s never easy to say why the tower is so admired except to believe it was at the time of completion very different. Paris has always been at the forefront of new and fashionable trends.

Choosing an Eiffel Tower statue over another may be made easier by reviews that help folks make a discerning choice. This gold replica of the fabulous French monument will be perfect for parties, weddings or to fit with a decor that embraces the Midas touch.

As night falls in the city of love her famous tower begins shining with gold, glittering lights, always a popular spectacle for locals and visitors.

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