Bring The Essence Of Paris Home With Unique Paris Home Decor

Bring the essence of Paris home with unique Paris Home Decor

Paris, the beloved city adorned with magnificent buildings, quaint street café’s and relics from a forgotten era. The Eiffel tower stands proud in the center of this beautiful city masquerading among the clouds, its silhouette the focus of many wonderful paintings and artistic masterpieces. Amidst the town center, the vast sea of romantic lovers deluge upon the streets to seek entertainment and admire the sensational sights. Yes, Paris is probably the most romantic city in the world.

Many women adore Paris so much, they set out to decorate their home in Paris home décor. Their bedrooms resembling extravagant, luscious boudoirs with delicate black, white and pink satin bedding embellished with pictures of the Eiffel tower and a rose. Surrounding the bed would be little sterling silver trinket boxes with a Parisian flower design, matching scented votive candles in a white tray and beautiful, large black and white damask lamps.

The living room would have a brightly colored pop art of the Eiffel tower wall hanging to set the tone of the room, a particularly vivacious piece that will be the talk of every guest. And scattered flamboyantly around the sofa would be pretty Parisian pillows and throws. There would be a generous amount of candles amongst ornamental trays adorned with sparkly pink pebbles and crystals.

The kitchen would feature unique Paris home décor plaques with pictures of women sitting having a coffee in a Paris café scene. There would be small Eiffel tower dinner plates and tea service, with delicate handcrafted white napkins. And there would be the Eiffel tower wine bottle opener.

The bathroom would also receive the same kind of attention with Paris home décor. The shower curtain would complement the colors of the home with a bold black, white and pink Eiffel tower picture. Again the towels and robes would be colored a fuchsia pink, with a dash of black and white. If you’re lucky your flooring would be black and white carrying on the picturesque Paris theme.

Even the smallest room in the home, the toilet, can adorn the latest fashion. There are pretty little toilet lid covers with a Paris typography with a matching soap dispenser and toilet roll holder.

No matter what room you are decorating, you are spoilt for choice with Paris home décor. There is something for everyone, male or female, adult or child, formal or chic. Age is no barrier to admiring the most romantic city of the world.

Au Revoir, mes Amis….