Bring The Essence Of Paris Home, With Unique Paris Home Decor

Paris, is a popular city adorned with magnificent buildings, quaint street café’s, Roman relics and the Eiffel tower, a unique metal structure that stands tall and proud on the Champ de Mars park-grounds, ushering in millions of loyal fans to come and witness the phenomena that is La Tour Eiffel.

The Amazing Eiffel Tower!

Originally designed and created by her name sake, Gustave Eiffel for a Paris world fair in 1889, the Iron lady as the French refer to her with affection, lives in the clouds and has been the focus of many wonderful paintings and artistic masterpieces, movies, and books adding to her celebrity status image as a symbolic, French icon loved by millions of people everywhere in the world.

Paris Room Decor!

Today this enchanting French capitol is on-trend in the home decor arena with fans of all ages creating their own Paris room themes and as we are also fans you”ll find plenty of great ideas at the Paris Decor blog plus beautiful, Paris themed bedding, Eiffel tower decor, throw pillows, furniture, lighting, all with the essence of chic, Parisian charm!

Eiffel Tower Decor