Captivating Paris Eiffel Tower Bedroom Curtains

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How would you like to see these spectacular curtains featuring a vivacious vintage, Paris, Eiffel tower theme hanging in your bedroom?

Like Paris they breathe of history, with a parchment paper appeal that works so beautifully with this outstanding imagery of a tower that is over a century in the making and has seen many changes from it’s vantage point high above a city that leads the world in fashion, arts and boasts possibly the most famous monument on earth.

These Eiffel tower curtains consisting of two panels each measuring 108″ in width x 84″ in length are a supremely unique design from Antiquity that represents La Tour Eiffel in a very realistic way, with her intricate wrought-iron lattice construction and three levels with the top featuring a secret apartment where the innovative designer Gustave Eiffel, became the envy of Paris as most would agree the view from up there would make it possibly the most expensive real estate in all of Paris and possibly France.

The curtains are surprisingly silky (satin/polyester blend) and require a machine wash in cold water on a delicate cycle, then hung on the line to dry.

Bedroom, study or living room if you dare, these captivating Eiffel tower curtains will make a statement of history, grandeur and elegance!!

If you need longer curtains you can order the panels measuring 108″ in width x 90″ in length.

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