Simply beautiful French, Paris postcard comforter set in aqua, blush pink and grey.

A Paris bedding set should reflect the chic, voguish style this beautiful city of light and amour emits----the perfect destination for a romantic getaway or place to be artistically inspired! Paris Bedding For Girls! This majestic Full/Queen...

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Classy pink, black and white Paris themed photo-booth props kit to make memories you'll cherish forever.

Lets party all year long in the city of Paris, a romantic European capital that allows us to admire the past with beautiful 18th century buildings, Roman ruins and monuments like the Eiffel tower, Arc de Triomphe and Notre Dame cathedral. Paris is a...

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Cute pink, black 3-piece centerpiece with Eiffel Tower, Parisian girl, French poodle, ideal for a Paris themed party

We're spreading our wings here at Paris Decor knowing how popular a chic, Paris themed party is with fans out there who love the idea of getting married---Parisian style with an elegant reception to match or hosting a baby shower for the mom-to-be...

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Gorgeous pink, Paris themed duvet cover set in a Full/Queen size with tons of vintage charm and Eiffel tower illustration.

Paris is a city shrouded in romanticism where we expect to find mementos of a royal and revolutionary past---along with fashion and haute couture, beautiful buildings, churches and monuments, each depicting the artistic prowess always in play around...

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Picasso style drawings of Eiffel tower, Notre dame cathedral on this colorful 5-piece Paris themed comforter set

Looking to make a grand bedding statement, with a clever sketch design featuring the Eiffel tower, Parisian apartment buildings, Arc de Triomphe monument and Notre Dame Cathedral?------This eye-catching King size comforter with two shams and two...

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3D Eiffel tower on a rainy day in Paris, with red umbrellas falling from the sky artwork.

Walking around the city of Paris one could be forgiven for thinking they had stepped into a parallel universe with history charmingly on show and a wonderful feeling of joie de vivre and amour emulating from the vibrant street cafes, patisseries and...

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