Why not cover your tired dining room chairs with a fresh new look, featuring a bold, black and white damask pattern ,with a fabulous ruffled French stripe? Sound too beautiful to be true? The transformation will be spectacular and ideal for...

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~Rayures damassé noire et blanche cantonnière~  Love this gorgeous, glamorous black and white damask with stripes window valance? It's easy to see why! The term damask when referred to in French circles has a decidedly regal overture due...

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Noir et blanc rideau de damas A beautiful window treatment can be the visual making of a room, while  blocking out light, providing essential privacy and maybe even highlighting a fabulous window view. The choice of color and fabric will...

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Noir et blanc banc de damas Have you been searching for ornate furniture with a black and white, damask theme? Many of us adore the sharp color combination of black and white, highlighted by a stately damask design and this 19th century bench,...

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Rose glamour et damas blanc it's  easy to see why the classic patterns of damask are trending in home decor with wall paper, bedding and pillow covers like this one in beautiful and highly sought after fuchsia pink, ready to bring an edge of regal...

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~Damas cantonnière~ Bring the magic of damask to your room, with this delightful black and white, damask window valance! Size is 54" x 15" and will fit most standard windows Fabric is cotton and machine washable.. If you have created a...

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Add a touch of elegance with this black and white, damask table runner in gorgeous satin, ready to highlight your table with it's timeless, glamorous look! Size is 13" x 60" Fabric is 100%...

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When you think that the intricate weave work known as damask can be traced as far back as the Middle Ages, you might feel you are in the presence of something quite remarkable as today the popularity of damask patterns lives on, due to it's timeless...

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The enduring pattern of damask looks enchanting on this black and white 3-piece nested box set that will add a breath of glamorous fresh air to your Paris/Vintage inspired room.. Perfect as a decor feature with the added bonus of storage space...

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If you have already  fallen under the spell of "damask" you will find this wall decal a charming addition to your Paris inspired room.. The simplicity of wall decals immediately adds to the appeal as you can place this elegant pattern anywhere...

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These black and white party..paper lanterns make the perfect finishing touch to a Paris themed room especially if there is a hint of the gorgeous damask pattern being highlighted in a bedding set or sofa pillows. These are a fabulous look and a...

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I remember seeing a damask patterned wallpaper on the wall of a relatives house when i was growing up and thinking at the time how grandiose it appeared. I later discovered that this "old world" pattern was inherited from a reversible woven fabric...

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The regal pattern of damask mixes beautifully with a contemporary color combo to add that special touch of elegance to a Paris theme.. The design is exquisite and possibly as old as time but stands proudly against a 21st century decor... There...

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Paris and Damask are a match made in decor heaven! It has all the ingredients necessary to compliment  a room where elegance is the key. The endearing designs of damask may have been created in a land called Damascus but it was through the eyes...

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If you are a Parisian princess you will see the beauty and royal splendor of the aristocratic damask pattern but may prefer a more feminine color on the wall....The mix of pink and white with this ageless motif is the perfect backdrop for a Paris...

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Add a chaise lounge and you have a room that denotes true elegance. I'm a huge fan of black and white damask as it has a commanding presence when seen on a wall...It is hard not be swept away with thoughts of far away castles and luxurious...

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