Estampes françaises de salle de bain d'époqueif you are in the process of creating a chic, Paris themed bathroom and have stiopped for a moment to see whats new on Paris Decor, you'll be happy I am sure to see this wonderful set of...

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A Paris themed kitchen, dining room would not be complete without a vintage style wall clock featuring the Eiffel tower, pretty Paris post marks, French script and an adorable reference to the Fleur de lis, a symbol of French sovereignty and paraded...

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if you're anything like me you'll love getting creative with your home decor.I personally love ornate furniture but it does tend to come from the past in a dark brown stain or varnish, which can look a little heavy in a modern Paris, themed...

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J'aime ParisLets go to Paris, city of dreams, fashion, arts, cafes, incredible architecture and the standout tower that was built in 1889 and only supposed to be erected for twenty years. La Tour Eiffel had a mind of her own it would...

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Paris handpainted tour eiffel art mural The Eiffel tower is without a doubt one of the most recognized structures on the planet and synonymous with Paris France, as it's magnificent symbol of creative design by Gustave Eiffel a French engineer...

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if Paris is one of your favorite cities this captivating set of canvas prints featuring lovers kissing in the rain at the forefront of the most beautiful imagery of Paris with the Eiffel tower standing tall and proud on the Parc du Champ de Mars...

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