Best value gold Eiffel Tower statue

Having an Eiffel Tower statue in the home as a special decor piece gets immediate attention from onlookers and inspires everything that is romantic and unique about its city of birth. Measuring 15" x 6" this stylish lookalike is also made of...

Eiffel Tower Hologram Night Light

If your kids are fans of the Eiffel Tower this super-fun night light with a hologram visual effect is not only going to make them feel comfortable at night but create a cool sci-fi ambiance in their bedroom.La Tour Eiffel probably seemed like...


The Eiffel Tower lives in Paris, France and has rockstar appeal drawing folks from every land. The Colosseum in Italy has it and so does the Taj Mahal in India plus the Statue of Liberty in New York and Sidney Opera House.All these amazing...

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Paris, Eiffel Tower Limoges Box, Collectible

Limoges of France have been in the business of making beautiful, decorative items to enhance your home decor look since the 18th century and have taken on the world famous Eiffel Tower, an architectural wonder to create a porcelain collectible,...

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Vintage Themed Eiffel Tower Hand-Painted Glittering Glass Christmas Tree Keepsake

So much has been written about the Eiffel tower, how it was once a blue print for a competition to build a unique structure for a late 1800's Paris world fair and was only supposed to stay erected for twenty years, until city officials recognized...

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Eiffel Tower Lego Architctural Model

The Eiffel tower is probably the coolest monument on the planet, with it's unique metal form designed way back in time for a "Universelle Exposition, held in Paris to celebrate the centennial of the French revolution and to showcase the beauty of...

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