BoƮte de tissu Paris if you are hoping to find a tissue box for your bathroom with a classy Paris. Eiffel tower theme, you've just struck gold for glamour, craftsmanship and chic, vintage design!it could be love at first sight with this one,...

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~Tour Eiffel Romantique~ It's inspiring imagery like this, with a visual parchment appeal, that evokes the romantic nature of a tower, built of iron and stretching from the ground to the clouds, in a land called France in a city called Paris, where...

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One of the best places to see cherry blossoms in spring is right by the Paris Eiffel tower, as seen here on this shower curtain featuring a tree lined walkway, complete with park benches where travelers and locals can sit and soak up the...

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Tour Eiffel au Printemps Spring time in Paris in the park where the Eiffel tower stands is a beautiful sight, with cherry blossoms in bloom and flower beds filled with colorful pansies, tulips, creating a warmer ambiance for strolling through the...

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~Fashionist "Paris" rose rideau de douche~ Girls only shower curtain in black, white and pink with every touch of girl glamor you could think of, from gorgeous vintage dresses to shoes, jewellery, perfume and purses that, so fits the fashionista...

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Rue de Paris This shower curtain represents a most inspiring glimpse of the infamous Rue Di Rivoli, in Paris, a street that features glamorous fashion boutiques, cafes and luxurious brands, known all over the world. The name bears the memory of...

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If you are looking to add a little interior design magic to the bathroom, you can't go past this stunning rendition of the Eiffel Tower in a mix of grey, black and white. it's possibly one of the best snapshots of this enchanting tower, ever taken...

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if you are looking to create a bathroom with a touch of traditional class you might want to choose a beautiful black and white shower curtain with a timeless toile de jouy pattern, The thing that makes toile so interesting, is the way the pattern is...

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Cartes postales anciennes de Paris A collage of vintage Paris postcards and French perfume ads, on this unique shower curtain is already a popular choice for a Parisian themed bathroom.The size is 72" in length x 72" in width, while the fabric...

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