Eiffel Tower Decor

In 1889, a wrought iron lattice tower would become the world’s most famous, iconic construction and a direct representation of the city it sat right in the middle of. At over a thousand feet, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France has become a whole romantic mythology of itself, forever an image that every person on the planet can recognize, and many others devotedly love enough to bring into their everyday lives. From fashion to travel gear to home design, Eiffel Tower décor never goes out of style, and the options for what you can do with it only continue to expand.

Though it might seem a little backwards, when bringing the Eiffel Tower theme into your home, starting in your own bedroom can actually be the best for creativity. No matter what your personal taste, you can incorporate beautiful bedding sets or throw pillows into your already existing bedroom design. Bold looks of Eiffel Tower imagery in contrasting black and white, or softer, more feminine looks with pink hues and backgrounds of florals are both gorgeous to snuggle up under after a long day. Not into the idea of an entire bedding set? Go for a fuzzy blanket with a beautiful print of the Eiffel Tower in rainbow colors to cozy up with a good book and nice cup of tea.

While shams and comforters are amazing opportunities to showcase Eiffel Tower décor, there are also even better ways. Literal mini Eiffel Tower replica statues can be found that are plated in gold, silver, bronze—you name it. And they come in all sizes, while some even offer functionality, too. You can use a bigger statue as centerpiece for your dining room table, or a functional piece that doubles as a beautiful sculpture, as well as a jewelry holder to hang your favorite necklaces and earrings. Some Eiffel Tower statues can be so breathtaking in their details and materials, that they offer a truly bold statement in place of a vase or other piece of artwork. They are perfect for an entryway foyer in a home, a main gathering spot, or even a bartop in the kitchen.

What’s really especially lovely about Eiffel Tower décor is that it’s versatile in what you can do with it. Eiffel Tower designed curtains can make a mark in a bedroom or a living room. Eiffel Tower laden canvas art and wall clocks can make glorious debuts in a bathroom or a reading nook. No matter what Eiffel Tower décor piece you choose, you can do just about anything with it, and you’ll be awed and inspired at what a true transformation it can achieve in your space.




With the seemingly endless options of Parisian style, it has become easier than ever for Paris lovers everywhere to incorporate the French city’s look into their homes. From a large range of colors to textures to awesomely unique pieces, you can transform one room—or every room—into a direct ode to the City of Lights!

Think about your favorite room in your home. Is it your bedroom? Your kitchen? Your entertaining spaces? Regardless of where you love to spend most of your time, there are tons of fantastic décor items to add magic into those areas. Full Parisian styled bedding sets that boast images of the Eiffel Tower and tapestries embellished in beautiful recreations of famous Paris city scenes are both gorgeous additions to any room. Want a bolder pop in a more social space, such as your main living room? Opt for seriously gorgeous French art canvas prints or shabby chic furniture pieces with eclectic accents! Need functional décor? Hatboxes and trunks painted in French script or old Parisian postcard print are beautiful and can store a thing or two, while seamlessly blending in to any already-existing décor.

Of course, you can’t forget about the small details, either. Sometimes, nothing can capture the essence of Paris more than smaller décor pieces, such as a gold-plated Eiffel Tower replica for your coffee table, a Breakfast at Tiffany’s wall clock for the kitchen, or a set of matching throw pillows and coasters for a cozy sitting room. No matter what your personal style, you’ll have both ultimate liberty and a creative blast when bringing new Parisian décor into your home!




The New Year has arrived, and with it comes the possibility for all sorts of new joys to bring into our lives! There is no better time to begin the creative process of giving your home’s main area—the living room—a transformative update that will set your entire 2018 year into motion. And for all us avid lovers of the City of Lights, there is no more perfect occasion to bring a Paris theme into your living room update!


Start with smaller decor items..

1.) You can start just about anywhere when bringing in all your Paris themed goodies, but sometimes it sparks extra inspiration when beginning simple. Parisian throw pillows or coffee table books, or small accent vases, are simple decoration additions, yet they really pack a design punch that brings in the feel of the French capital.

2.) Once you’ve got the smaller décor items up, let your imagination run wild with the rest of your living room transformation! Curtains and plush blankets can correspond in images of the fleur de lis and toile patterns, while decorative rugs can offer a great look with French script musings written across soft fabric. Photo frames and French trinkets look outstanding in the spaces that need to be filled in on your entertainment center. You can’t go wrong with wall art, either, and you can never have too much of Parisian art across your walls. Painted canvases of the Eiffel Tower, metal work of Parisian icons that come in the form of wall sconces or even clocks, and actual framed black and white photography of some of the best spots in Paris are all beautiful pieces that can make your living room feel like magic.

Add stylish furniture…

3.) Speaking of ultimate magic, you can take it to the next level by bringing in some unique Parisian themed furniture to your living room as well. Whether you opt for furniture that has literal imagery of Parisian favorites on it, or that just has the essence of Parisian style, there are limitless options out there for any and every taste. Want a large, red stiletto chair in your living room that is reminiscent of Paris Fashion Week? Bring it on in! Looking for something a little more subtle, like a shabby chic meets French countryside sofa table? There are just about a thousand to choose from that all offer a gorgeous look that can pair with an elegant French chandelier light or a table Eiffel Tower bronze sculpture!

Paris theme accents…

4.) Some other Paris themed décor pieces that we can easily overlook when picking out the best, are the functional accents.  Need somewhere to put decorative balls or potpourri? You can find a beautiful Paris-inspired bowl to make the centerpiece of your living room, and it functions as a holder for anything you need it for, too. What about an ottoman covered in Parisian imagery? This can pose as a décor piece that both holds storage inside, and offers a foot rest after a long day.

Re-use Christmas ornaments..

5.) For an extra dose of creativity, don’t put away all of those Parisian Christmas ornaments just yet. Take stock of those ornaments and you’ll realize that not all of them are necessarily just for the tree! You can hang them up, along with twinkling Parisian-like lights, all around your living room in any place. Along the ceiling, on the edge of a table or bookshelf, or even on the pulls for fans and window blinds.

Let your imagination run wild…..

Great Ideas For A Paris Theme Living Room

Your imagination and possibility for updating your living room into a total Parisian nirvana is without bounds, and every piece of décor you choose will have the seamless ability to blend in with any other décor style that’s already there. A new year calls for a fabulous new space in the form of all your favorite Paris themed, well, everything!

Paris Gifts For Every One On Your Christmas Wish List

There is no more magical place in the entire world than Paris during the Christmas holidays. Bright lights are what the French capital itself is known for, and during this festive time of year, Parisians really take that up a notch. From streets and cafes glittering in frosted nuanced lighting to cobblestone streets echoing the sounds of tourists’ footsteps pacing along the fancy shops, you’ll find the allure of Paris at Christmas unlike anything else.

Magical Paris Decor, Bedding Gifts

Now, most of us cannot just jet set off to Paris at Christmas time to experience the one-of-a-kind carousels, carriage rides, and avant-garde trees, but fortunately there is a way to bring that French holiday magic right into your life. In fact, there are tons of ways! Incorporate Paris Christmas any and everywhere you wish, whether you opt for spoiling your loved ones with gifts—or yourself! Christmas presents in the theme of Paris can be given to anyone of any taste. For the young romantic, pink bedding sets with images of the Eiffel Tower, high thread counts, and romantic postcard themes are the perfect presents. For the most avid fan of the French city, just about anything goes. Parisian artwork, wall décor, kitchen accessories, or bathroom sets are always loved by Paris fans, while big Paris decor style gifts definitely don’t go unnoticed,  themed gifts for either. Shabby cottage, vintage furniture pieces, and giant replicas of Parisian icons like the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe are unforgettable gifts that really pack a bold punch.

Paris, Eiffel Tower Presents, For Everyone On Your Christmas list!

But Paris themed Christmas gifts don’t just have to be about larger décor items either. Sometimes, it’s the smaller, subtler, more functional pieces that pose as the absolute best holiday presents. For instance, a puzzle boasting the imagery of the always classic Audrey Hepburn in her role as Hollie Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. This is a gift that can be done in a group of friends or family, and can be framed as a keepsake or even put together as a tradition every year. It’s functionality possibilities turn this into a whole other level of a Christmas gift that is absolutely priceless. 3D artwork, likewise, becomes more than just a hanging décor on the wall, but also an explicit conversation piece. An Eiffel Tower in the form of a statue or accessory holder becomes this metal artwork all its own that holds the gift receiver’s favorite necklaces or watches or hair scarves. Even something as small as a fleur de lis key-chain represents a love for Parisian culture that a person can take with them everywhere.

Joyeux Noël!

Don’t forget that gifts for a Christmas tree, such as an Eiffel Tower ornament, or a toile winter wonderland runner for a Christmas feast table are also great ideas. A Parisian scene of Christmas printed on a beautiful silk Christmas tree skirt, string lights draped over French café paintings, and antique Parisian snow globes are all gifts that can be put around a home during the most wonderful, celebrated time of year. Sometimes, a literal Parisian image isn’t needed to make a good Paris Christmas themed gift. Sometimes, you can give gifts that simply make someone just feel like they’re holding a piece of the beloved Paris in their hands. Large ornament tassels of royal golds and purples, or fur throw blankets for cozying up with delectable mulled French wine immediately wrap around someone’s senses and bring them into that magical world that is Paris at Christmas time.

Regardless of what you choose to give your friends and loved ones for Christmas this year, you can never go wrong with bringing the spirit of a Parisian Christmas into the holiday season.

The Paris, Eiffel Tower

Paris Christmas Gifts For Everyone On your Christmas List



The Paris, Eiffel tower in springtime highlighted by magical cherry blossoms.

1.) From the breathtakingly beautiful monuments, enticing street cafes, patisseries, fashion, designer stores and a European culture that lives by a code of joie de vivre-–welcome to Paris where you will fall in love with this city of infinite dreams and a history that engages your fantastical mind as you walk through the Chateau de Versailles—glamorous, room to room imagining how it was to live in such extravagance, riches as a King who ruled all of France long before the French revolution, reinvented this legendary city of Paris that whispers through the wind, wherever we are in the world.

What perfect way to show someone how much you care than with a gift inspired by the city of lights and amour and with so many gorgeous presents to choose from—lets get started with 7 personalized, Paris decor gifts to delight fans of all ages!

Paris Wall Decor…

Black and white set of (3) Eiffel tower canvas art work with pops od red umbrellas.

2.) A great piece of Paris themed wall art is always stylish gift and you generally can’t go wrong if the subject matter is La Tour Eiffel—the world famous monument that has made it’s home on the Champ de Mars park-grounds since 1889 when it’s unique, metal design was displayed to the world at the Exposition Universelle, a world fair held in Paris. What a smash hit this tall, pylon shaped tower was and still is on a day to day basis drawing the crowds like a seasoned rockstar whose fans never tire of seeing their idol, time and time again. Mademoiselle Eiffel has been the revered subject of artists for hundreds of years and no wonder as she photographs like a beautiful top model—making a showstopper focal point on your living room room wall, with pops of red umbrellas floating from the sky on a rainy night in Paris!

Paris Pillows!

Pretty pink ,"Paris Is Always A Good Idea" with Eiffel tower illustration throw pillow cover

3.) Throw pillow covers are a creative gift for the friend, family member who is planning a Paris decor theme and will appreciate your classy choice, with this stylish pink cushion cover featuring an Eiffel tower motif and the classic Audrey Hepburn quote-mantra “Paris Is Always A Good Idea! You can easily add the filler, pillow for a gift they can use right away or in it’s easily affordable, cushion cover form.

Paris Themed Bedding Gift!

Gorgeous pink, Paris themed duvet cover set in a Full/Queen size with tons of vintage charm and Eiffel tower illustration.

4.) Know a teen-girl who has been nagging for a Paris themed bedding set? You might think this will be an expensive gift but there are a range of budget-friendly Paris bedding sets delivering on style and quality your niece, grand-daughter may like to match their craze for all things prettily Parisian! There is a good choice of comforters or duvet covers—the latter generally more affordable as your favorite teen can fit the duvet over the comforter they have and remove for easy washing. Paris bedding sets come in Twin, Full/Queen, king and often King California sizes cater for all ages, bed sizes and guys who think Paris is pretty cool also.

Eiffel Tower Souvenir!

Detailed metal Eiffel tower statue, replica for display, gifting

5.) The Eiffel tower a spectacular metal monument, some say the reigning monarch of France has a certain hypnotic charm that wows when the lights come on and 20,000 bulbs sparkle, as the mammoth criss-crossing spotlights burn their beams into the ebony, Parisian sky. No other monument on the planet has created such a buzz, as the iron lady of France is a piece of art, supremely photogenic and the classic camellion, stylish and sleek by day—a  glittering maze of  lights and beams by night! How many other great wonders of the world can boast such popularity and having a miniature version displayed in homes all around the world. La Tour Eiffel looks good in any form so if you are searching for that inspiring gift to excite an architect, engineer friend, a statute of this awe-inspiring tower to place on their desk is sure to be well received. Kids always know what they like and if that’s the mighty Eiffel tower, symbol of France and awesome looking structure, a replica, statue is a great gift for them too!

Paris Wall Clocks…

Charming vintage, Paris, Eiffel tower themed wall clock with purple flowers, butterfly, French script.

6.) Large wall clocks with a gorgeous Paris theme, make the ideal wedding, house warming or anniversary gift as who dosen’t like to see a clock on their wall showcasing the city they may have fallen in love with, or about to get hitched under the silhouette of the Eiffel Tower. Paris themed clocks are like a beautiful piece of artwork with la Tour Eiffel generally taking center stage surrounded by beautiful flowers as you would see in Springtime on the Champs de mars park-grounds, she calls home. You’ll wake up every morning looking to see what time it is in Paris, a city that overflows with culture, art and history, immortalized by it’s mesmerizing monuments, beautiful snapshots of various centuries encompassing Renaissance, Rococo, Baroque, Medieval, Gothic Neo-Classicism, Art Nouvea architectural design—a wondrous, visual feast of Paris through the ages. Looking to spoil a Paris fan?—A lovely, Eiffel tower themed clock is a safe bet for successful gifting!

Stylish Eiffel tower on the Champ de Mars park grounds shower curtain

7.) From pretty Paris decorated hat boxes, bathroom accessories—to elegant French script ottomans, always a popular gift to for kids who love this city and can store their toys, games—-to showstopper, shower curtains with beautiful Eiffel tower photography plus table lamps in the shape of la Tour Eiffel, the choices are endless and fun for gifting that special friend, family member or co-worker, whether it be their birthday, engagement or baby shower!

Paris Themed Ottoman!Pretty Paris, Eiffel tower, French script ottoman to store toys, magazines


Eiffel Tower Table Lamp!

Elegant, Eiffel tower shaped table lamp with black and white "French stripes" shade and pink bow


Cool Kids Personalized Paris Sign!

Pretty, personalized wall sign for kids with a hand-crafted Paris, Eiffel tower theme.







The Paris, Eiffel Tower at night

The iconic Eiffel Tower has stood strikingly in the clouds over arguably one of the most beautiful cities in the world for decades. The famous French tower has inspired artists, creators, and lovers of life from all over the globe since its construction in 1887, and whether you’ve been yourself or dream about it from afar, Paris is always in reach. Parisian décor is something that is as gorgeous as the Eiffel Tower, the Arch de Triomphe, and all the other gems that make up the City of Lights—and it’s a way to bring your favorite place into your very own home 24-7. From Paris themed bedding to artwork to furniture, Parisian décor is limitless in its options, and versatile in its looks.

Romantic , French themed bedroom


Pretty pink, Paris themed bedding

The biggest question is: where to start? Putting together a super-chic Paris décor scheme in your own space can be daunting, but it most certainly doesn’t have to be. Keep your mind open and your imagination ready to go, and you’ll be amazed at how inspired you become! Sometimes the simplest place to start is the very spot where we begin and end our days—the bedroom! Paris themed bedding comes in a variety of spectacular looks for all different personality types and tastes. From cozy Eiffel Tower blankets to fluffy Fleur de lis patterned comforters, you can transform your bedding into the ultimate representation of your love for the great city of Paris.

Ornate, Antique French themed furniture


Paris, Eiffel Tower Themed Tablecloth

Once you’ve gotten your pillows, shams, and bed runners all put together in true Parisian style, then you can begin to focus on other areas of your home, like the kitchen, main gathering areas, bathrooms, or office. Even smaller, less focused-on spaces such as hallways and foyers can be transcended to the likes of a royal French court with canvas prints, lush tasseled curtains, and replica statues of Parisian icons. Never underestimate the smallest of details as well, and find these for yourself in metallic toile wallpaper for an accent wall or French Script scrabbles on canvas ottomans. Have a bolder taste? Score some seriously shabby chic-ish furniture such as side tables or dining room sets that boast a true Parisian aristocracy look, complete with royal colors of purples and blues.

Stylish Parisian Living Room


Modern Eiffel Tower artwork

Perhaps the best thing about a Parisian décor theme in the home is that it’s completely customizable to anyone’s taste and interchangeable with the seasons or even weekly moods! One thing remains the same no matter what your personal style—your ultimate love for all things Paris. Surround yourself with the beauty that is the French capital every day of your life without having to so much as step food on a plane. Salut!