I wonder what it is like right now in Paris. I can close my eyes and imagine myself sitting on the sidewalk at a local cafe watching Parisians drinking coffee with friends, or walking by on their way to work or other endeavors

Then it struck me!

Instead of daydreaming about actually being there why not create a space in my home that was Paris inspired. I decided the kitchen was the right room to create such a culinary theme as it conjured up images of sipping cafe au lait and nibbling on delicious hot croissants..


Now the new year has begun it may be time to think about finally creating that Paris themed boudoir you have been thinking about for some time.

It doesn’t have to cost the earth to wake up every morning to the beauty and romanticism of this gorgeous city as you can find all you need right here at Paris Decor where making a Parisian decor fairytale come true is our passion..

You may want to choose a bedding set that features the Eiffel Tower or go for a more grand style with a black and white damask or gentile ‘toile de jouy”

A mini-chandelier will make the light dance a cross the room while an enchanting vanity unit reminiscent of yesteryear will set the tone for a room that will be feminine, courtly and  elegant. “La Tour Eiffel” may be your choice of wall decor or you may want to opt for an Audrey Hepburn quote that always has Paris in mind.

Colors are an individual choice but there is no doubt the combination of pink, black and white is a Parisian hot favorite for the girl who aspires to live the Paris dream..

Taking the road of Paris chic will find you decorating your home in a classic Paris apartment mode from a land that dates back to the era of French royalty and decor that is inspired by refined elegance.

How would you like to add a real piece of the Eiffel Tower to your decor. I am not talking about a poster or a statue but a table that looks so much like the grand tower you could be mistaken for thinking it really was.

It’s constructed of metal with a very nice enamel finish that will fit well in most home interiors but for those who have a deep affection for the most romantic city in the world it is very likely to be a ….must have!

Take a look I am sure you are going to like it..

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With the festive season just around the corner I have set up an exciting store on my Facebook page where you can order fabulous gifts with Paris in mind.

Just click on the Facebook icon or the link below and you will be taken to Paris Christmas Gifts where I think you will find the perfect gifts for friends and family..

Paris Christmas Gifts

Here are a few examples of what you will find.


Kurt Adler 5-Inch Glass “Paris City” Ornament

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Piedbald French Bulldog Dog Figurine Key Ring and Leash Holder Gift Wall Peg Hook Hanger Rack

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Gorgeous Silver Rhodium Plated 3D Crystal Eiffel Tower, Peace Sign, Heart Multi-charm Necklace on 18″ Chain ~ Paris France Theme

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Welcome to the Paris Decor Boutique a place where you can accessorize your decor into a chic, Parisian theme.

The capitol city of France has been a source of intrigue and mystique through the ages as it has only recently been revealed that his stunning city of lights may indeed be a lot older than the what was thought to be 300 years.

A lot has happened in that lime and all of it highly productive and creative for this place of dreams and joi de vivre has been a proverbial melting pot for artiste’s from every corner of the globe..

Every writer, painter, sculptor and literary mind were drawn to Paris which was and is seen as the cultural capitol of the world. With so much talent under one roof it is no wonder that so many amazing trends, designs and fashions have been produce over time in this fascinating metropolis.

it is an architectural wonderland with breathtaking structures like the Eiffel tower and the Arc de Triomph a monument to the fallen soldiers of France. There is no escaping the bustling cafe scene in Paris where many a celebrity can be spotted partaking in a clasisc “cafe noisette” or the ever popular “cafe au lait”

This is the city to be seen as it represents the stuff that dreams are made of. When Audrey Hepburn voiced “Paris is always a good idea” in her 1950’s Sabrina movie she could not have been more right as today Paris is conceived as possibly the most romantic and go to city on the planet.

Our love affair with this ageless icon shows no sign of slowing down as we drape our homes in it’s  fairy dust wanting to be a part of this magical realm..This was a city once ruled by Kings and there legacy of an inspired, golden age lives on…You just have to look at the furniture that was created by artisans with beauty in their hearts or the timeless damask and toile de jouy fabric designs that are a gift from a centuries way back.

Whatever it is you seek you may find it with Paris is mind for it signifies what is in all of us… the longing to follow a dream…