Paris themed bedding takes its influence from the landscape of this dynamic city and the life of French royals who resided in the opulent Versailles Palace.

The French royals have influenced the chic appearance of Paris themed bedding.
Regal Paris Duvet

One reason to more than like bedding with a Parisian theme is the alluring damask motif. When traders returned from a pilgrimage to Damascus in the middle ages they brought back with them a dual-sided fabric that earned the name damask and patterns developed by artists in Europe including scrolled floral and acanthus leaf designs became the wall coverings in many of the royal palace rooms. These fabulous flouncy styles have proven to be popular throughout the ages and bring a classic vision to a modern, Paris themed bedroom often in the color scheme of black and white.

Black and white damask is a Paris themed bedding favorite
Black And White Damask Bedding

Another reason to dress the master with in-vogue French bedding is a city where fashion leaves the runways and can be seen on the red carpet in Hollywood. The capital of France has been blessed with many great designers including Christian Dior, Coco Chanel, and Yves- Saint Laurent all earning a place in the history books as French fashion icons. Champs-Elysees Avenue boasts some of the most visited clothing and apparel stores where fashion-conscious folk look for the latest trends to appease their standing in life.

Paris is the fashion capital influencing decor and bedding trends
Paris Fashion Duvet

Paris has a history of looking good and one of the earlier French kings prompted members of the court to dress for success. This king was Louis XlV a gregarious character who employed tailors to design clothing for the inhabitants of Versailles Palace and designers to decorate the bedroom chambers with the most exquisite fabrics and furnishings. Marie Antionette wife of King Louis XVl may well have inspired Parisian bedding with a floral, bohemian look as she was known to have an affinity with nature and although she flaunted big pastel colored hairstyles, her pretty flower crowns started a craze still popular today.

Bohemian, Parisian Themed Bedding

Paris comforters and duvet covers are uniquely popular due to an appearance by La Tour Eiffel a super-stylish structure that touches the clouds and has a worldwide fan base.  This bronze beacon of French architecture is a captivating sight that was once a display for a French car company advertisement and it’s antenna a source of messaging for the French resistance in World War Two. The Eiffel Tower has a commanding presence in a romantic land of stone monuments highlighting the creative nuance of clever Parisians who have the knack of setting trends for others to follow. Eiffel Tower bedding is fun, fanciful and hugely popular with kids and adults who show off this amazing motif in bedrooms all around the world.

Eiffel tower bedding highlights the popular Paris monument.
Eiffel Tower Bedding

The romantic vibe of Paris bedding sets a Fantasia theme for a girls bedroom where they can be the princess in the Versailles palace and bring their little friends to play in their court. Flossy pink and purple comforters with Eiffel tower throw pillows set a youthful tone for girls who think Paris is a fairytale land

Pink and purple Paris bedding for girls.
Pretty Paris Bedding For Girls

If you’ve said “I Do” on the Champ de Mars park grounds under the approving eye of the Eiffel Tower a Paris comforter set will be a reminder of your perfect day.

Romantic scene by the Eiffel Toweron a bedding set
Romantic Eiffel Tower Bedding

Paris quotes and sayings are endearing snippets on Paris inspired bedding like ooh la la, Paris is always a good idea and je t’aime meaning I love you in French.

Paris is the city of love and expressed on beautiful bedding sets
The City Of Love Bedding Theme

The classic monuments are a magical reason to fall head over heels for Paris themed bedding where Empire archways inspired by Napoleon Bonaparte feature along with the Eiffel Tower. The Notre Dame cathedral often takes a bow on Parisian bedding as does the Sacre-Coeur church.

Paris monuments inspire bedding with Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe imagery.
Paris Monuments Bedding Theme

The enchanting essence of Paris history has created a romantic mystique for all to explore in the monuments, statues, and palaces once inhabited by French kings A young revolutionary also played their part in making this city of light and love a magical European entity and reason to fall in love with Paris and bedding in this beautiful, chic theme.

Paris is the romantic inspiration for bedrooms in this magical theme
Luxury Eiffel Tower Set
French furniture fits perfectly with modern decor designs

The twentieth century is a mega era for home décor choices with chic French furniture still holding its own as a memorable style of furnishing that has been influenced throughout history by artists, designers, and French royals.

In medieval times furniture was large and made of oak with symbolic carvings similar to the architecture of the time. This was the age of Gothic and Roman style furniture.

Medieval times saw Gothic Furniture emerge in France.
Gothic Furniture

Next came the Renaissance period, a stylish mix of Greek and Roman influence followed by an exciting time when furnishings with a French country theme were seen in homes away from the glitz of royal life in Paris

Out in the provinces French Country Furniture was born and is hugely popular today.
French Country Furniture

Back in the French capital King Louis XlV established a line of extravagant furniture with ornate shell, lion and gold decorations. This was the fantastical time of the Sun King who built the Chateau de Versailles and was a champion of the arts.

Era of the celebrated "Sun King" in France and ornate furniture decorated with lions and shells.
Antique French Furniture

Up until the reign of the next King Louis XV in the 1700s furniture pieces were decidedly masculine but with the advent of French women airing their views the arena of furniture making took a left-field turn with lighter and more feminine offerings.

Petite furnishings in the Queens apartment in the Palace of Versailles, Paris
Queens Apartment , Palace of Versailles

The last king of France put his stamp on the designing of furniture for the royal palace before Napoleon Bonaparte led the revolution and became the 1st Emperor of France. Empire furniture took its inspiration from Greece and Egypt with eagle sculptures often featured.

Empire style chairs rom the era of Napoleon Bonaparte, France
Empire Inspired Chairs

Not content to be the ruler of France, Napoleon sought to conquer new territories and eventually found himself out of favor with the citizens who had helped bring him to power. A new reign of leadership began and furniture started its journey in a manufactured form. One thing that remains the same throughout the advent of French furniture is its absolute beauty and artistic charm. Antique pieces are sold through auctions for substantial amounts and sought after by furniture collectors.

 Curvaceous  antique French chairs.
Antique French Furniture

Modern day French homes are notorious for presenting remnants of the past beside new design elements. It is this endearing, eclectic décor theme that makes Parisian homes a model for those with an interest all around the world. Paris themes take a little of every era always including the ornate and opulent look the royals made popular through every unique reign.

French themed furniture brings the regal ambiance of the Versailles palace to any room
Parisian Themed Vanity

The Eiffel Tower with its unique lattice form has seen tables designed to emulate its magical shape. Built-in 1889 by Gustave Eiffel the tower remains an every day, tourist curiosity and standout architectural form.

Paris, Eiffel Tower shaped table
Eiffel Tower Furniture

.French furniture is romantic and heralds in a Parisian history of royal and revolutionary characters who helped shape the design and awe-inspiring elegance of furniture that has seen replicas made in its honor. Next time you are in a charity store and see a chair in classic Louis style take a moment to see if it’s the real deal and you might be lucky enough to discover a lost treasure from a golden furniture making time.

King Louis XVl of France is famous for the style of chairs he designed still popular today.
Louis XVl Chairs
Paris is a city of beauty and lights from crystal chandeliers in royal palaces to nightly Eiffel Tower light shows

Paris by day is a hive of activity as locals catch an early morning coffee at a sidewalk café and tourists begin their pilgrimage taking in the sights. When night falls the city of Paris illuminates with monuments lit up to showcase their magical beauty while vintage lamps turn on their charm all over Pari

Monuments all over paris including the Louvre museum are lit up at night.
The Louvre Museum lit up at night

The Eiffel Tower provides a spontaneous show of lights with sparkling interludes of golden hues and powerful spotlights invading the sky. Since its construction in 1889 the tower has seen a succession of light first in the form of gas and then later electricity. In the 80s La Tour Eiffel began her glittering career as a nightly spectacle where 20,000 bulbs dance in glee for 5 minutes every hour until one oclcock in the morning. Hence Paris became known as the “city of lights”

The Paris, Eiffel Tower glittering gold at night.
Eiffel Tower Light Show

Images of grandiose chandeliers in 18th-century French chateaus and castles have been the inspiration for homes all over the world being reinvented with a timeless, Parisian theme. Originally these ornate chandeliers were lit with candles which back in the day were incredibly expensive and only afforded by the rich.

Palais de Compiègne, France once home to King Louis XV.
Chateau de Compiegne, France

Design themes have a way of reverting back to the bold and beautiful as seen in Paris themed bedrooms where a crystal, chandelier evokes an ambiance of luxury when combined with chic furnishings. The Grand Trianon is a smaller pink palace found on the Versailles Estate comprising of 800 acres and built by King Louis X1V as a getaway. The glamorous Empress bedroom was revamped by Napoleon Bonaparte after becoming the first Emperor of all France. The layout is perfectly pink a popular color for girls creating their own version of a Paris bedroom theme.

Empress bedroom on the grand Trianon palace, Versailles, Paris
Pink, Empress Bedroom, Versailles Paris

Modern bedrooms take their lead from French royal palaces with a chandelier emulating the glamor and grandeur of a monarchs residence The colors may vary but furniture often leans toward a traditional ornate design with trendy bedding illustrations featuring the Eiffel tower and references to this ethereal city.

Modern Paris themed bedrooms feature ornate furniture with a classic chandelier overhead.
Modern, Paris Themed bedroom

Accessorize with Eiffel tower shaped table lamps adding a soft glow to rooms in the home while highlighting this industrious monument as a decor showpiece.

The Eiffel Tower lights up a room as a stylish table lamp
Eiffel Tower Table Lamp

A nightlight for the kids room becomes a fun idea when its in the form of their favorite Paris monument that switches different colors.

Eiffel tower night lights that change colors gives kids their own personal light show
Eiffel Tower Night Light

Visitors to Paris are introduced to the chic charisma of a European city bathed in light when the sun goes down. All eyes are then on the Eiffel Tower as she performs her nightly theater enchanting the locals and tourists who travel far to see this world famous monument.

When there is something to celebrate in Paris the Eiffel Tower lights up
Eiffel Tower Light Show

One of the most effective ways to introduce the enigmatic city of Paris to your home décor is with an impressive piece of wall art featuring one of the magical monuments that live in the city of light.

The capital city of France is the perfect inspiration for any age group within the family unit including younger fans who might be drawn to a personalized wall plaque with their name and images of Paris.

Cool kids, Paris themed wall plaque
Paris Themed Wall Art For Kids Bedroom

Paris is a very old city and has the Roman ruins and ancient structures to prove it with one that stands out above all as the epitome of quintessential French design. That’s the Eiffel Tower a tall, intricately, woven metal monument created by an engineer back in the late 1800s as an experiment in different building materials and look. At the time the city of love was a landscape of breathtaking stone sculptures in various architectural styles.

Black and white Eiffel Tower photography
La Tour Eiffel, Paris

Each layer of stone came with a story of its own and one of the oldest buildings dating back to 1163 is the Notre Dame Cathedral known for its statue of a legendary French heroine named Joan of Arc whose bravery earned her sainthood. A picture of this stately structure is bound to be a talking point when visitors come to the home or possibly even better as a grand statement of monumental design, in an architect’s reception area.

Captivating Notre Dame Cathedral piece of wall art
Notre Dame Cathedral Painting, Paris

The Eiffel Tower has become a playful motif for creative artists flexing their modern design muscles by adding fun red umbrellas or gorgeous glimpses of cherry blossoms to photographed or painted images of the famous, French monument

Elegant , red, black and white Eiffel Tower painting
Romantic Paris, Eiffel Tower Wall Art

Another memorable tribute to European artistry is the Arc de Triomphe an official archway originally the vision of Napoleon Bonaparte to highlight his wartime victories which ended at the battle of Waterloo. The Arc has become a national tribute to French soldiers and took 30 years to complete. A picture of this commemorative structure would be an eye-catching event in a modern home or office.

Paris wall art picture of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris
Arc de Triomphe, Paris

Paris is a sea of imagery with modern and older buildings plus bridges, statues, and palaces with storybook interiors. The Louvre Museum is an outstanding visual masterpiece and home to some of the worlds greatest pieces of art. The Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo and Great Sphinx of Tanis are a few of the magnificent exhibits on show in this ever-changing edifice that started out as a castle then become a palace and eventually the museum it is today.

Magnificent Louvre Museum in Paris
The Louvre Museum in Paris, France

Pictures on the wall offer an insight into the homeowner’s style and favorite art subjects so if they see the Eiffel Tower beaming from a friends living room it may start a conversation about a recent trip or planned vacation to the city of love.

Romance in Paris, France
Romantic Night In Paris
Magnificent Paris monuments and museums from the past and present

Once upon a time, France was governed by the elitist Capetian family until Napolean Bonaparte led the charge ending centuries of monarchical rule.

Grandeur was the key component of the French royals who lived luxurious lives and played their part in creating some of the most spectacular churches and buildings enjoyed not only by those with a keen eye for architecture but folks who appreciate the intricate beauty of a Notre Dame cathedral or the Palais de Luxembourg designed and built for the wife of King Henry lV.

The stately Luxembourg Palace in Paris, France
Luxembourg Palace, Paris

Having wealth on tap allowed royals to construct supremely elegant palaces at will including the magical, Chateau de Versailles often the residence of French kings and their family.

The ornate beauty of Chateau de Versailles in Paris, France
Chateau de Versailles

These opulent addresses leave a legacy of how the rich and famous of French royalty lived while their subjects often struggled. With the American Revolution in full swing, the have not’s in France saw the opportunity under the guidance of Napoleon Bonaparte to do away with the affluent royalists and create a France where all peoples could hope for a better way of life. So began the French revolution in the year of 1789

Napoleon Bonaparte, revolutionary and first emperor of France
Napoleon Bonaparte

 At the time King Louis XVl was making his mark as a caretaker of the arts while raiding the French piggy bank to recreate the Versailles palace into a haven of glitz and glamour. This King flaunted his wealth and subsequently paid the price by being guillotined but not before he changed the face of French furnishings and established the Louis style of furniture still popular and sought after today.

Enchanting interiors in the Palace of Versailles, Paris
Versailles Palace, Paris

The first Emperor of France designed the now infamous Arc de Triomphe, a Roman-style archway that honors the fallen heroes of French and Napoleonic wars. Situated at the west end of Champs Elysees Avenue a be seen or spot the celebrity shopping fiesta with flagship stores like Louis Vuitton and Channel a legendary fashion icon since 1910.

Arc de Triomphe monument on Champs-Elysees avenue
Arc de Triomphe

Not everyone knows the Musee du Louvre dates back to the late 1100s as a castle to protect French citizens from Viking attacks and years later was transformed into a royal palace. The Louvre then became a refuge for creative minds under the rule of King Louis XlV until Napoleon saw fit to re-invent the palace as a museum and in the twentieth century, the controversial glass pyramid shocked the locals in much the same way the Eiffel tower did around 100 years earlier.

Egyptian-style glass pyramid and the Louvre museum in Paris
Louvre Museum, Paris

Paris is a landscape of ceremonial churches and features the heavenly Sacre-Coeur Basilica a breathtaking rendition of Roman architecture plus Sainte-Chapelle a Gothic, design jewel originally constructed to hold religious artifacts from the time of Christ.

White stone Sacre-Coeur catholic church in Paris
Sacre-Coeur Church, Paris

The Eiffel Tower stands alone as a monumental contribution to the dazzling array of Parisian structures considered a “must see” on the well-beaten tourist path of this phenomenal city. Waiting in the wings are the new wave of modern shrines.

Awesome Eiffel Tower
Paris, Eiffel Tower

La Seine Musical could easily be a prized addition to the future halls of Paris monument fame with its high-tech stance and typically French uniqueness. The Grande Arche de la Defense says hello to its triumphant counterpart as a modernist building with a classic, creative edge.

Artistic Seine Musicale in Paris, France
La Seine Musicale
Contemporary Paris Building
Contemporary Paris Buildings

Paris is a kaleidoscope of mesmerizing monuments from ancient times to the present day offering a curious world the opportunity to see history unfold in every church, tower and museum.

Paris monuments
Paris, France

The Eiffel Tower. Facts And Fantasy

You may have noticed a new worldwide craze concerning a metal monster that dominates the landscape in Paris, France. The Eiffel tower has mega-star status and a charisma that draw folks from all around the planet to pay homage to her alien form.

Yes she is a she and adoringly loved by the French who at first glance during her construction back in 1889 basically threw her to the wolves and fought furiously to have all building of this hideous attempt at engineering halted.

A lot of good PR followed and Gustave Eiffel the maker of this adventurous and perhaps risky monument had his way and the tower became the hit of a Paris world fair in that year.

The secret apartment in the tower where Gustave Eiffel spent time with like-minded souls irritated Parisians on the ground below who made outrageous offers of riches to spend a night among the clouds. Today you can visit this intriguing space and catch a birds-eye view of Paris.

Being that guy who was willing to stand against the crowd in order to try something new has sealed his place permanently in European history as a pioneering engineer. Not only is the Eiffel tower an amazing feat of construction but one of the most intriguing tourist attractions ever created.

Clocking in at 1063 feet in height with a total weight of 10,100 tons the Eiffel tower presents a foreboding figure with an ongoing mystique that brings around 7 million visitors a year

The Eiffel tower is a world war survivor and landmark worthy of respect as this was a gamble that paid off for her creator preferring to work with rivets and wrought iron materials instead of the embellished, Lutetian limestone used in the making of bridges, churches and stately palaces

Architectural triumphs like the Gothic, Notre Dame Cathedral and neoclassical, Paris Opera House breathe the artistic essence of Paris so when a super-tall, metal tower began slowly reaching toward the sky, hearts were skipping a beat all over Paris.

Like all new things that dare to  challenge the norm La Tour Eiffel got her reprieve card after 20 years of being firmly planted in the earth of the Champs de Mars park grounds and went on to become the darling of Paris and a captivated world.

Deemed a romantic European destination and inspiring ambiance for folks with an aptitude for writing and creating great works of art, Paris has always been a landscape of intense activity with ruling kings ousted by an army officer who trained on the very grounds  this tenacious tower calls home.

Napoleon Bonaparte would possibly have approved of the Eiffel tower having been a righteous revolutionary who sought change in a nation historically ruled by French monarchs

An 8th wonders of the world perhaps? Or just an innovative piece of metal art, so many seem to love. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and for most Eiffel tower fans the buzz word is Magnifique!

The illuminated Paris, Eiffel Tower by night