Spend valentines day in Paris, France

The temperatures may be cooler right now in the city of light but February heralds in Valentine’s day a time of replenishing love and renewing vows.

“La Saint Valentin” falls on the 14th of February and in Paris is really for adults only. There is not the same fanfare you might see in other countries with advertising blasted on billboards and stores everywhere.

Let love be forever with a romantic, Parisian valentines day theme

The French exchange gifts and flowers but no cards are ever sent to celebrate this special day of amour. Romantic dining and time spent way are the preferred choice of a culture that breathes the language of love

Valentine’s Day in France is a wonderful occasion especially in the charming, village of Saint Valentin around 260 kilometers to the South of Paris. This fairytale town is for lovers and showcases a three-day celebration in February where loved up couples come to be a part of this enchanting ambiance.

 If you can’t make it to Paris or the “village of love” here are a few suggestions to make this fab day special wherever you are in the world.

Since Paris exudes an enduring message of love why not stage your valentine’s day with gifts and a Parisian, party theme for two. If you are apartment living and have a balcony decorate the space with a Paris feel and so easy to do with an Eiffel tower statue as your table centerpiece plus red placemats with crystal, wine glasses or steaming, hot coffee and red roses in a vase. How can any valentine resist such a romantic setting?

Create A romantic  valentines day, Paris themed table setting

What about a gift for the girl of your dreams? Anything relating to Paris is sure to light up her eyes and that could be a colorful painting of La Tour Eiffel in the rain.

Give the Gift of romantic Eiffel Tower  artwork this valentines day

A pretty, throw pillow spells je t’aime to the person who adores every inch of this irresistible city so uniquely gifted with emotive monuments. Paris is a lovers playground where hearts are bound in unity forever.

Surprise your betrothed with a valentines day getaway to Paris. Imagine professing your heart-felt feelings beneath the Eiffel Tower or on a river cruise along the River Seine by night. Letting a little of Paris into this momentous, magical day is sure to seal a bond of love for eternity.

Eiffel tower overlooking the River seine by night

Step inside your new Paris inspired bathroom where the majestic appearance and snazzy soul of this city are highlighted with a shimmering silver, ornate mirror and wall showcasing, divine black and white damask wallpaper.

Nothing says Paris chic more than damask with its glorious, swirly patterns reminiscent of those created by a former, French royal upon discovering this ingenious art of fabric weaving.  A café awning, black and white, wallpaper stripe serves the same purpose offering an eye-catching feature in a room often ignored for its decorating opportunities.

The concept of a Parisian themed bathroom is chateau luxury with a claw foot bath and scented soaps that inhale the essence of lavender fields growing freely in the picturesque, French countryside.

The modern bathroom features a vintage, style shower curtain where the Eiffel tower struts her monumental imagery next to elegant French script and post stamps emulating an amorous, European vibe. Bathroom accessories with sweet, vintage writing and Eiffel tower statues let the visitor to your guest bathroom think they are in playful Paris.

A well-placed chandelier introduces opulence and grandeur, the key to incorporating Paris into your personalized, salle de bain. Black and white towels with a splash of your favorite color add richness to this magical, whimsical theme

Bath mats with Eiffel Tower images are a fun idea and antique wall sconces you can repaint to fit with your eclectic, Parisian design. Taking all the wonderful elements this stylish city has gathered over centuries of time allows you to create your own Paris bathroom dream.

The one thing that breathes this Euro fantasy land is romance and mystique with ancient architectural offerings including Roman relics and miraculous, medieval churches. The monuments always steal the show with the Notre Dame cathedral heralding the gorgeous, Gothic era and royals and revolutionaries re-inventing the Paris landscape as a measure of their immense power.

If only one room in the home is a tribute to this memorable city it could be  a place to escape and soak in the tub with thoughts of strolling the stores along Champs-Elysees Avenue or watching the locals go about their day from the vantage point of a charming, street cafe.

Paris evokes a myriad of emotions as you stand before the French tower, initially built to captivate an industrious world and now a planetary favorite with an all-age fan base. Long before the Eiffel tower appeared Paris was a field of stone entities and in this modern age a landscape of beauty and diversity allowing the designer within us all to choose their own breathtaking vision.

The power of throw pillows to alter a décor look is legendary and designers know it can be the finishing touch to a well thought out room.

Paris pillows are blessed with dynamic images of enchanting towers, eloquent writing with decorative florals in soft muted colors to fit with a range of décor choices. One should never underestimate the impact throw pillows can have on a sofa while making magic with plain bedding.

Paris pillows are graphic with vintage flair offering a timeless accent that tells a story of a European city divided by a river and embellished with monuments, palaces and fashionable apartments. Most commonly sought are cushion covers at affordable prices allowing you to re-cover your current pillows, inspiring a fresh new look.

The art of writing romantic postcards and letters might just belong to Paris with endearing French script a prominent feature on Paris pillows along with prolific quotes reminding us what a wonderful idea this city is.

The Eiffel Tower has a magical presence and makes a striking motif on a pillow destined for center stage on a sofa or bed. There are color schemes to suit all décor tastes with fun imagery of French poodles and love hearts for the younger set.

Throw pillows light a flame of fabulous offering an easy way to define a theme of choice. Once a visitor spots the Eiffel tower beaming its light of beauty from your sofa the conversation is opened to memorable holidays spent in this alluring capital.  

If you’ve been considering reinventing a bedroom or living room with a lux, Paris design ordering a few cushion covers in its likeness is a clever way to see how the new theme will work with your furniture and décor pieces. Sometimes throw pillows are all you’ll need to brighten up a room and as the French say add a little joie de vivre to a weary space.

When the Eiffel Tower became the poster of choice for kids in every corner of the planet it started a craze that shows no signs of waning.  Folks of every age have a secret love affair with this city and enjoy reinventing the romance and grandeur of Paris in their bedroom sanctuary.

It’s here the city of light excels offering an atmosphere of peace and beauty drawing on centuries of French stylists whose own personal inspirations were often Greek and Roman architecture. If frilly furniture and chateau chandeliers bring a secret smile then why not fashion your bedroom with an inviting, Paris theme.

The French are the masters of mixing up old and new furnishings and creating beautiful rooms for the modern age. Ornate side tables found at the markets can be easily painted or sanded back and refreshed to their former light at a low cost. The same goes for swirly, wrought iron headboards and dressers you can add to capture the glamor of baroque furniture, a favorite in the home of Parisian royals and an export originally from Italy.

Sumptuous bedding with layer upon layer of quality fabrics speaks Paris chic, or you can opt for a contemporary look calling upon the array of Eiffel tower and Paris themed bedding available.

The damask pattern is as old as time and works like a charm on lamp shades, throw pillows and bedding. Young fashionistas often use a beautiful black and white damask comforter as their base adding modern Eiffel tower artwork along with colorful throws, pillows and curvy furniture.

A Paris bedroom theme will always look up to date as you can’t beat the classics when it comes to decorating a space in the home. With centuries of fashion trends under our belt calling on the city of love as an eternal design theme will turn heads and never lose its glow.

You can put together your ideal bedroom on a shoestring if you choose a Paris motif as most bedding is affordable and flea markets/charity stores offer an abundance of vintage pieces at low cost.  You could say Paris is vintage central although the city is thousands of years old

The Eiffel Tower built in 1889 by a very clever Parisian is only a part of the story as long before this iron masterpiece began her journey as the most revered monument on earth there were dynamic structures from one side of the River Seine to the other. Paris brought us Art Deco, Neo-classical, Art Nouveau and Rococo to name a few sensational designs you might want to incorporate into your personalized Paris theme.

Set a budget and scour the yard sales for décor and furniture that screams French glamour. You don’t need a ton of money to create a gorgeous, Paris themed bedroom with affordable furniture waiting to be transformed from yard sales and markets. All you need is a little imagination time and a desire to sleep in Paris every night.

Welcome to the fantastical world of Paris, an ancient city relatively untouched by modern influence with a bounty of beauty and craftsmanship. Although long gone the influence of visionary royal’s sets a whimsical tone in the form of structures made to mark time in history and promote the French ability to create architectural messages that wow people from all nations.

If you never believed in fairytales Paris might just change your view with its romantic overture and palaces where folks born with status lived a life of wealth and privilege. Paris lets you believe in enchantment and offers an opportunity to add a touch of this cities magic to your décor style whether it be traditional, modern or eclectic.

A living room painted in pure white with minimal black furniture is suddenly transformed with images of the Eiffel tower on the wall or throw pillows featuring this ginormous metal sculpture. Every room in the home can benefit from centuries of artistic endeavor as the lux effect of Paris evokes elegance and European charm to the bathroom, kitchen and bedrooms.

Kids go gaga over Paris and design their personal space with duvets and comforters embellished with their favorite tower while replicating the opulence of a Parisian chateau, past and present. Modern colors mixed delightfully with old-world, damask patterns and a chandelier hung strategically over the bed for optimum extravagance sees the grandeur of French decor in a contemporary abode.

Paris is a land of vintage themes with a picture postcard image we love to bring into our homes. Artwork, rugs and chairs covered in fashionable French script add grace and majesty while statues of the tenacious tower make vivid, focal points on a side table or dresser.

The city of love is always a talking point with those who have visited or others who dream of seeing the breathtaking sights. Eiffel tower candlesticks on the dining room table are sure to impress and get the party in progress as guest’s volunteer tales of their own personal pilgrimage to the sizzling capital of France

Rooms will come alive with a touch of Parisian charm and it’s a rare décor trendsetter that captures the attention of every age. That’s the wonder and ongoing fascination of a city that honors its unique, fantastical heritage.

Christmas time in Paris, France is one of the most magical things in all the world. Wouldn’t it be absolutely lovely to be able to surround yourself with that magic this season? Or, wouldn’t it also be even more wonderful to shower your loved ones with Parisian Christmas inspired gifts for them to surround themselves with the magic? You can make the best of both worlds happen with the wide array of Paris bedding available, and in finding some perfect bedding pieces, you can put together unforgettable gifts this Yuletide year.

What’s especially great about Paris themed bedding specifically, is that you can truly bring in all the warm Christmas spirit into your favorite place in your home. You can really just cozy up to all things Paris Christmas. From duvets boasting vintage Paris postmark designs to bold comforters with the artistic image of the Eiffel Tower, you never have a shortage of options when it comes to discovering the best Parisian Christmas gifts for friends or for yourself. Don’t know what size bed your friend might have? No problem! You can opt for soft, fuzzy Parisianthrow blankets, sequined decorative pillows, and beautiful body pillows showcasing the tall structure of the Eiffel Tower at night. And while you’re at it, grab a gift for yourself as well! How about crisp white and blue toile cotton sheets, or a complete set of a more modern Parisian look in bright reds, whites, and blacks?

There are so many pockets to Paris, especially during the holiday season, that are beautiful to explore. This makes buying bedding items for Christmas just as fun as exploring all the bubbles of the City of Lights. Floral patterns mixed with hues of pale pinks and blues make for romantic and timeless bedding sets, while more eclectic tastes might enjoy striking Victorian-esque prints of the Arc de Triomphe and other Paris landmarks in grayscale detailing. Of course, it’s not all about the design and print when it comes to perfect Parisian bedding. Colors and fabrics make all the difference, too. Lace bed-skirts in ivory or velvet royal purple comforters add a dose of that air of old French dynasties. High count sheets or silk pillowcases bring the feel of joyous youth. Faux fur throw blankets that rest at the end of a bed, just over the feet bring about a timeless warmth and beauty.

Whatever you choose, you and your loved ones will never have a better holiday season than one surrounded by the crème de la crème of Parisian brilliance and beauty.