The most magical time of year has arrived, and what better way to celebrate the joy and dazzle of the holidays than with equally magic Parisian décor? From ornaments to gorgeously design furniture pieces, you can gift the beauty of Paris in so many ways this Christmas to your loved ones.

Christmas time in the City of Lights is a sight to behold, taking the already bewitching magic of the French capital to entirely new heights. This is why the entire spirit of the holiday season itself could never be more perfectly captured than with Christmas Paris Décor. Shatterproof Eiffel Tower Ornaments and wine charms encapsulate that whimsical feel of the city in December, and they also make great stocking stuffers. While Parisian décor themed gifts are limitless in options in general, you’ll find no shortage of amazing little goodies for smaller presents. Think “Bonjour” necklaces for a teenage girl, or a French flag stocking cap for a boy. Parisian coasters, candies, and warm, fuzzy socks also all make for fantastic and memorable gifts that are easy to transport just about anywhere!

You can also drum up some pretty great ideas by thinking about different rooms in a home. For instance, everyone loves gifts for the kitchen—and you can really never seem to have enough! Parisian stackable espresso mugs, pot holders, oven mitts, and soft handtowels are just some places to start for amazing presents. Sets of dishes like plates or serving ware are also perfect for the season. You can also move that same idea along to the breakfast nook or dining room of the home, and gift beautiful table runners, table-cloths, or even fancy Parisian napkins and chair accents.

Sometimes we want to go a little bigger and bolder with our gifts, and keeping in the Parisian motif, you can find some of the most breathtaking décor pieces. Canvased artwork of the city incorporates into any already-set style, while ironworks like Parisian clocks also look great on any wall in the home. A shabby chic, side table, or an Eiffel Tower replica that sits as a gorgeous decorative piece on that said table are equally awe-inspiring gifts that no one would soon forget. Other really amazing Parisian décor gifts for the home are French nutcrackers, classic Christmas decorative toile plates, and even handcrafted beer steins that are made just for the holiday season.

One thing is for certain: you’ll never get it wrong with a Paris décor gift this Christmas season.




Living Room Paris Theme

When you think of Parisian décor, hundreds of looks probably come to mind. It can be daunting when figuring out what might work for a more modern home, but actually, some of the most beautiful Paris décor comes in the form of traditional pieces, accents, and art. Even paying close attention to the colors chosen in your Paris décor can make a huge impact in a modern approach to incorporating your love of Paris into your home. Stark hues of reds, whites, blacks, and purples can really embody that gorgeous feel of Paris in every type of decoration.

So where do you begin when approaching a truly traditional and modern Parisian motif for your space? Smaller rooms can sometimes be easier to start with, such as bathrooms or kitchens. Bring in a luxe silver toiletry set, a shower curtain featuring black and gray artwork of the Eiffel Tower, and a colorful canvas of the world-renowned Louvre for the wall. Hang a “Le Bain” ivory distressed sign on the door as a unique accent. Moving to the kitchen, branch out a little more with your décor, bringing in pieces that are as functional as they are beautiful. Hand-towels, oven mitts, and coffee mugs all in the spirit of the City of Lights offer a lovely dose of style to any kitchen space. If you have the space, you can even bring in a bistro table and stools as seen in any current day Parisian café.

For bigger spaces, the bedroom is a wonderful area to infuse a little modern Parisian magic. Shabby chic furniture gives that French traditional feel, while purple velvet curtains and a city of Paris accent wall mural offer an almost royal ambiance. Gold bed-frames in a simple, yet elegant minimalist design give any bedroom an air of positive Parisian class, and a throw blanket featuring some bright cerulean toile artwork is great to both snuggle up in and use for a décor item. Throw blankets and pillows such as this offer an interchangeable modern look in a living room or gathering space as well!

You can even get creative in technically “non-rooms”, such as hallways! Think tin signs on the walls in elegant French Script celebrating the best spots in Paris. Or, you could put up white framed and matted prints of gray-scale Parisian photography. Sometimes even a space as small as a hallway can pack a big punch.

Whether you choose to decorate all rooms in your home, or just one, you’ll love what you can do with transforming a space into a truly modern representation of the French capital.







Accent Your Paris Theme With Elegant French Script Furniture

Beautiful furniture pieces are a key way to bring a touch of Paris into your home. From something as small as a shabby chic side table to something as big as a vintage chaise, you can transform your living room with French Script furniture. This look is gorgeous and timeless, and you’ll be amazed at just how this décor change will wow your friends and family—and yourself every day you step foot into your living room.

Can you imagine anything lovelier than coming home to relax in a lily white, hued linen chair with a storage ottoman, complete with breathtaking French Script designs and brass button accents? Pair this off with a cute little side table, complete with distressed ivory wood, laden in French Script style phrases, to set your evening nightcap on as you decompress for the day. There’s never been a more perfect ambience that French Script furniture can offer in your living room when you turn on Les Miserables to watch, or cozy up on a French Script loveseat to read Count of Monte Cristo.

You can also bring in brighter options to your already existing living room décor, such as a fun accent chair in the shape of a French couture fashion heel, with French Script writings adorning it. Bright white leather accent chairs with stark black complimenting writing decoration, and coffee tables in pretty colors of mint or Tiffany blue offer happy vibes. A black and white entertainment stand is perfect to house your television and all your favorite movies or games, while a more modern credenza offers a certain elegance.

If you’re going for an extra dose of style, baroque pieces look absolutely stunning in the French Script design. Large and dramatic with accents of fancy wood and embellishments, you can do matching sets of loveseats and sofas, or you can do individual pieces like chaises or daybeds. Baroque looks brilliant in a living room that boasts a French Script designed hutch or shelving unit for all the bests in Parisian literature.

What’s especially great about French Script style furniture is that there are options for any taste or budget. You can redo an entire living room with the highest end, or you can bring in a piece here and there at a super affordable price. The best part? Even these lower cost options pack the same punch and offer an exquisite addition to your home.


Paris party theme

It’s almost an indisputable fact—that Parisian themed parties are the absolute best! Whether you’re 12, 32, or 82, there is always room for a celebration centered around a love for the City of Lights. Think about the French capital and all it embodies: romance, joy, adventure, and beauty. All of these things are incorporated into our lifetime milestone celebrations from weddings to birthdays to anniversaries to, well, just getting together with our loved ones to have a fun weekend. No matter what you’re toasting to, there’s a Paris themed event for just about anything.

Chic Paris themed wedding

There is something incredibly special, for instance, about throwing a beautiful wedding event in the motif of all things Parisian. From bright red roses wrapped with ivory sashes in contrast to gleaming ebony vases garnished with pearls, this fairytale event can truly be full of romance and breathtaking magic with a little help from a Paris look. The bride herself can be adorned in Parisian fashion, which offers a seamless coordination to other décor, such as Eiffel Tower style cakes or luges, decorative signs with romantic Parisian sayings, or creative ways to utilize the fleur de lis icon. Tie long, black velvet ribbons to big, heart-shaped balloons for an extra dose of Parisian class, and infuse eclectic Paris items into décor, such as carousels, horse drawn carriages, and the world renowned Louvre pyramid.

Anniversary in Paris

In the same love story vein as a wedding, an anniversary party can be just as whimsical with the help of a little Parisian flair. A sophisticated look is the way to go, with plenty of vivid gold and black aesthetics, twinkling lights that match the ambience of all the lights Paris boasts itself, and décor mimicking the Love Lock bridge to represent true love that lasts. Of course, sparklers for guests and in a main event cake is an absolute must to ring in such a huge occasion!

Paris birthday bash

Not all Paris themed parties have to be for grandiose events, however. Sometimes, just a birthday party for a little girl turning 10 is enough reason to bring in Parisian vibes. Pink tutus and cute poodles with diamond collars offer a really fun decoration that will make the birthday girl feel like a Parisian princess! Black silk bows on chairs and bejeweled serving trays make for a great match to Eiffel Tower shaped sugar cookies and fizzy lemonade drinks in French teacups. Purple French hatboxes full of little assortments of gourmet candies make for awesome guest party favors, while you can’t go wrong stringing colorful Parisian banners from the walls.

Throwing a birthday soiree for an older honoree? The Parisian theme is just as easy! Create a food area that’s set up as a mock Parisian Patisserie full of a yummy array of treats, cakes, pastries, towers made of bon-bons, and macaroons that pair perfectly with themed beverages. Drape a beautiful lace overlay over tables with metal Eiffel Tower centerpieces, and put up big pearl-colored balloons.

Bachelorette parties are also a fantastic event to bring in a Paris theme. You can make the party venue practically burst with looks from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and make the bride-to-be feel like her very own version of Audrey Hepburn! Black and white striped tablecloths or backdrops mixed with Tiffany blue cupcakes set a beautiful atmosphere.  Feather boas, tiaras, black gloves, and sunglasses make the perfect party fare for guests to really get into the spirit. Bring in some shabby chic tables and French 75 drinks for all to enjoy, and have messages in French script posted up on cute chalkboards. Set up a photo booth full of Parisian props, and use Paris imagery in the form of garland or hang up decorations, such as chandelier and Eiffel Tower silhouettes.

Tres belle party food

Want to throw a fabulous Paris themed party for no specific reason? That’s just as fun, too! Everyone knows that some of the best foods in the world come right out of Paris, so gather all your friends together for a Parisian cooking party! Whether you opt for pastries, cocktails, or something more savory (or all of the above!), lay out your chef hats and aprons and create a get-together like no other. Baking up miniature cakes, flaky croissants, or a one-of-a-kind French café hot chocolate are all fantastically delicious and delightful ways to bring together your favorite people for an unforgettable time.

Regardless if you’re celebrating nuptials with two hundred guests, or reminiscing with five old friends in your home, the magic of Paris offers something truly unique to any event’s experience. Bid adieu to the typical forgettable party foray and introduce your loved ones—and yourself—to a beautifully worldly experience that’s like no other. Once you say bonjour to a Paris themed party, you’ll never go back to the way you celebrated before.




Men, women, boys, and girls alike are all enraptured by the magic of Paris, and what better way to bring in that love of the famous French city than in the form of Eiffel Tower bedding? Specifically speaking for boys, the fascination with timeless and awe-inspiring architecture can really resonate in a bedroom. The Eiffel Tower is arguably the most iconic architectural structure in the world, and when it comes to options, you’ll find yourself surrounded by many, many good ones when looking for the perfect Eiffel Tower bedding and décor for any boy’s room.

Boys ultra-cool Eiffel tower hang-out

Creating a truly awesome bedroom for your boy with an electric Eiffel Tower theme has never been more fun! From black and white wall decals to blue and green comforters, there is a whole world of items to choose from when picking out the coolest Eiffel Tower bedroom decorations. Glow in the dark Eiffel Tower ceiling stickers/stars (or even glow in the dark bedding sets!) pair perfectly with wall artwork featuring the Eiffel Tower with a cool motorcycle or Parisian sports car in front of it. You can also bring furniture into the mix, with dressers boasting a front image on all drawers of the Eiffel Tower ascending from the bottom drawer to the top. And what about taking Paris to the limitless sky, with an accent wall or door featuring chalkboard paint and a vision of the Eiffel Tower, stars, spaceships, and planets above!

Eiffel tower bedding makes an instant impact…

Sheets and pillows with cartoon drawings of the Eiffel Tower are super fun, along with literal bookshelves shaped just like the tower itself. Architectural blueprints of the Eiffel Tower matted and framed look beautiful on the walls, a map surrounding the Eiffel Tower look great as images on a duvet cover, and pop art posters of cartoon Parisians walking their look alike pups along in front of the tower make for a really fun bedroom addition. A faux Paris street sign that functions as a clothes hanger is something extra unique, and even smaller accents such as fan pulls, drawer pulls, or bedposts in the vein of the Eiffel Tower can also make a big impact within the décor scheme.

Finishing touches….

Of course, you can’t forget a boy’s love for great automobiles, so check out big floor rugs with the Eiffel Tower and all the city roadways around it! Rack up on some really cool toy cars, and voila! This boy’s got his very own replica of driving the most beautiful French autos around the most beautiful structure on Earth!



Are you looking for the ultimate transformation for your home kitchen? Something beautiful, practical, and with an out of this world theme? Well, look no further than Paris kitchen décor—a delightful motif that allows you to wow guests and showcase your love for the City of Lights! From something as simple as hand towels to something as detailed as an artwork piece, you can make your kitchen shine like never before with the crème de la crème of Parisian décor.

Paris Cafe Theme

There are so many options for this decorating scheme that it can be a little difficult to know where to start or what to look for. The best place to get your imagination going is with removeable décor items, such as Parisian-inspired towels, potholders, dishes, or smaller trinkets like wine bottle stoppers. Once you’ve got the little goodies done, allow yourself to be truly inspired by the whimsical and totally sigh-worthy thoughts of what it feels like to walk into an authentic French café. A bistro table with corresponding high stools looks splendid in just about any kitchen space, and it pairs well with an espresso machine or coffee maker. A tier of espresso cups or Parisian coffee mugs also set the stage—and if you have a pod coffee maker? Go even further with your creativity by grabbing a metal, Eiffel Tower stand that holds your coffee pods!

Paris through the seasons

Paris kitchen décor can really transport you into that magical ambiance that is Paris, France—and you can continuously change things up, too. Every season and every holiday has something to offer when it comes to turning your space into a fabulous French café-inspired nook. Christmas wall art can easily be replaced with French pop art when the seasons are over, while specialty tablecloths or chair runners for spring can be easily turned into summer cheer in a snap. Wine racks, coasters, and Parisian wall accents that say French phrases such as “Bonjour!” work absolutely anywhere in the kitchen, and they are the types of décor that can be mixed with already existing style.

French inspired accessories

Of course, don’t forget about the best accent pieces, like toile vases, Paris café floor mats, and maybe even some French countryside roosters here and there. Stencil fleur de lis symbols on your cabinets for an extra dose of something unique, or pick out some specially shabby chic fixtures such as drawer pulls or handles. Sometimes the smallest Parisian accents make the biggest impact!