The visually romantic look of French script makes a fashionable appearance on this great value, set of three ottomans featuring a good size bench measuring 36" x17.5" x 18," with two matching ottomans (13.5" x 13.5" x 12") ready to grace your living...

$109.99 as at 07:22 UTC. (Details)

A functional, fun piece of furniture can have a wonderful visual impact wherever it is placed, making this modern, decorative stool featuring the Eiffel tower surrounded by Cherry blossom trees on the park du Champ de Mars, a "must have," at the top...

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Imagine this beautiful set of nesting boxes with majestic imagery of Paris and it's monumental Eiffel tower, golden accents, elegant floral designs and gorgeous decorative brooches, holding your jewelry, collectibles, or fancy bathroom...

$39.99 as at 17:48 UTC. (Details)

With a stylish, modern black and white look and touches of soft blue, this easy on the eye storage ottoman is the perfect addition to a Paris, French decor theme! Teens with a facination for the city of light will love the beautiful Eiffel Tower,...

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French Script Eiffel Tower Ottoman

Already very popular for it's many uses as a footstool, seat, storage box for magazines, crafts, toys, blankets, classy coffee table, as you can flip the lid over for a handy tray, plus my favorite, a puppy stool, as my gorgeous Japanese Chin...

$22.99 as at 06:21 UTC. (Details)

~Paris marché aux puces trouver~ This Parisian style accent table exudes a shabby cottage, French chateau appeal with ornate tapered legs and a distressed, hand-finished vintage cream frame featuring elegant, black French script writing on the...

$112.99 as at 21:46 UTC. (Details)

~Paris Tour Eiffel Chaise d'Appoint~ Accent chairs are a designer favorite as they can instantly dress up a space while adding extra seating and your own unique, personal style! Elegant Paris Postcard Theme! They make the perfect room accessory...

$117.08 as at 11:41 UTC. (Details)

 Eiffel étonnant placard de rangement de la tour This may be a functioning portable closet ideal for holding clothes and accessories but when you add the beautiful, photogenic Paris, Eiffel Tower with a blue vintage French Citroen car image,...

$38.99 as at 06:15 UTC. (Details)

Bel ensemble de vanité blanche Every classic Paris themed bedroom deserves the style of ornate, shabby style furniture one would find in a 17th century French chateau or the palace of Versailles, once the glamorous home to French Kings and Marie...

$125.29 as at 12:51 UTC. (Details)

Boîte de rangement paris millésime The city of Paris exudes a charming vintage appeal with it's landscape of wondrous monuments, quaint street cafe's and a European culture that almost seems to stop time in it's tracks, as the...

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Tour Eiffel table d'appoint How would you like the monumental Paris, Eiffel tower, as a standout, accent, side table in your living room, for others to admire, with it's impressive metal, lattice sculpture in the authentic image of the Eiffel tower...

$160.95 as at 05:22 UTC. (Details)

Paris might just turn out to be the catch phrase of the century with so many of us being drawn to the allure of this magical city, where the most incredible architecture is a breathtaking view, with so much to see including the now very famous...

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if you're anything like me you'll love getting creative with your home decor. I personally love ornate furniture but it does tend to come from the past in a dark brown stain or varnish, which can look a little heavy in a modern Paris, themed...

$6.69 as at 23:41 UTC. (Details)

Paris tour Eiffel childs chaise The fabulous city of Paris has a fan base with no age restriction as it appeals to all who feel the fairy dust fall upon them, once they glimpse the beauty of this magical city of light and love. Paris is a...

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France scénario manger chaises A dining setting featuring these elegant French script chairs with endearing brass, nail-head trim accents will represent your impeccable style in furniture and liking for a touch of the classics, which is a popular...

$169.99 as at 03:18 UTC. (Details)

Elegant chaise de script Francais An accent chair can add character to a room, creating a visually pleasing focal point that the eye is immediately drawn too while complimenting your individual style of decor. if elegance is your preferred decor...

$249.00 as at 12:12 UTC. (Details)

Noir et blanc banc de damas Have you been searching for ornate furniture with a black and white, damask theme? Many of us adore the sharp color combination of black and white, highlighted by a stately damask design and this 19th century bench,...

$94.99 as at 05:56 UTC. (Details)

Belle table de chevet Paris still lives in the memory of royalty who resided in beautifully furnished palaces featuring ornate, baroque style furniture that was designed by only the most supreme artisans in the land, under the guidance of a guild...

$89.98 as at 16:48 UTC. (Details)

~Paris theme ottoman~ You are going to be suitably impressed with this Paris themed ottoman as it is, yes on the smaller size at 16" x 16" all round and can probably store one blanket but the beautiful French imagery, featuring the Eiffel tower,...

$22.99 as at 22:19 UTC. (Details)

Guéridon Parisians know how to create an elegant, today look in their homes by mixing antique and modern pieces.of furniture, along with contemporary furnishings and vintage flea market finds The effect is a stunning French appeal that always...

$88.99 as at 16:48 UTC. (Details)

Upholstered in a chic, damask inspired, black/white pattern and modeled on the classic Wing, recliner designed to protect occupiers from drafts generated by centuries old houses or ladies delicate skin from the roar of an open fire place, this...

$233.97 as at 21:46 UTC. (Details)

A fabulous mix of "olde world charm" and contemporary convenience in the form of a genteel, French script ottoman with endearing features such as trendy beige script upholstery highlighted by French country style, brushed bronze, nail-head trim and...

$92.60 as at 20:17 UTC. (Details)

Based on the fabulous style of 20th century American designers, Charles and Ray Eames, comes what is now known as the Eiffel Tower chair, designed at the time of it's creation for industrial use and molded from plastic with steel enforced, wooden...

$139.36 as at 23:14 UTC. (Details)

Created in the 1930's by the Parsons school of design, Paris France as a functional, comfortable chair, devoid of the classic ornamentation seen in furniture at this time, the Parsons chair went onto to become a popular choice in contemporary style...

$81.95 as at 05:53 UTC. (Details)

Classic elegance meets contemporary chic with this graceful, "high end" accent chair, upholstered in a sophisticated gray damask, Jacquard fabric..Designed for supreme comfort and glamorous looks this creme de la creme of  decor style is of a solid...

$118.99 as at 23:18 UTC. (Details)

 ~Millésime écriture ottomane Français~ This little storage cutie is destined for the home where a little appel vintage Français is required! This is a very good looking ottoman with classy beige, linen upholstery, enhanced by beautiful,...

$69.99 as at 21:42 UTC. (Details)

~Français stockage de script banc~ The first thing you notice is the "look of class" this standout storage bench presents, making it an easy choice for connoisseurs of vintage themed furniture who know how beautifully they blend with the furniture...

$132.95 as at 22:38 UTC. (Details)

Elegant accent chair with beautiful, vintage French script upholstery, will add add a little touche de France, wherever it is placed.. Overall size is 31.5" x 28.5" x...

$124.79 as at 22:38 UTC. (Details)

 ~Français scénario accent chaise contemporaine~ Bring the romanticism of Paris to your home, contemporary style, with this modern accent chair upholstered in classic, French script with stylish black, wood legs. You could spend forever taking...

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This ornate sculptured end table find's its fabulous origins in the Baroque era ((circa 1600 – 1750), a time often referred to as the golden age of furniture, when Kings ruled France from the breathtaking palace of Versailles in Paris. That is...

$54.44 as at 10:48 UTC. (Details)

~Belle chaise française avec pouf~ Bring a little ooh lal la, Paris magic to your home with this beautiful, accent chair and matching ottoman where the look is inspired elegance, featuring beautiful black French script writing, imagery on an...

$213.09 as at 22:38 UTC. (Details)

~Boîte de rangement de la Tour Eiffel~ Functional and fabulous would be the best way to describe this vintage inspired storage box with a glamorous black and white, Paris/Eiffel tower theme! From the kids to the grown ups, the...

$168.99 as at 07:16 UTC. (Details)

Add a romantic splash of Paris to your living room with this endearing ottoman, featuring a French script, postcard theme and glimpses of "la tour Eiffel and all that is the beauty of this fabulous city of amour and dazzling lights.. Fabric is...

$23.99 as at 05:21 UTC. (Details)

Beautiful pink and white damask pattern adds glamor to this bean bag - chair lounger which will be a welcome addition to a bedroom or living area. it's got the Parisian Pink Factor and is made of quality cotton duck and filled with eco-friendly...

$118.68 as at 13:34 UTC. (Details)

Add a stylish Paris accent to your home this one of a kind Eiffel Tower End Table. it's constructed of metal with an enamel finish and looks very much like the real "Tour Eiffel" due to it's very clever and authentic design. Size is 26" x 26"...

$149.95 as at 05:22 UTC. (Details)

Rococo was an 18th century movement of artistic change in Paris where new and exciting furniture was created as a reaction to the style of Baroque which was governed by the palace of Versailles and the Roman Catholic church. Artists have always...

$446.25 as at 18:00 UTC. (Details)

Rococo artists were rebels of a type who began creating works that were different to the Baroque style that was implemented by French royalty.under strict guidelines. Colors were lighter ..creams and pastels with ornate, curvaceous shapes and...

$56.99 as at 16:06 UTC. (Details)

Rejoice in the splendor of furniture that took pride of place in homes of 18th century citizens..With a distinct French flavor you will delight in the beauty of this white vanity set with mirror and cushioned stool. With five drawers there is...

$196.51 as at 08:57 UTC. (Details)

This is a charming rendition of a furniture style established in the 1700's during the rein of Queen Anne - Great Britain. The cabriolet legs, oak finish and curvaceous shape are all characteristics of this period design which will add class and...

$81.94 as at 09:56 UTC. (Details)