The Eiffel Tower lights up after dusk with an impressive show of golden, flickering light, while a lighthouse style beacon sends powerful beams, in opposite directions across the Paris sky. The visual spectacular is an exciting event wowing visitors...

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Creating a Parisian style, space and have just landed on this page where a beautiful Eiffel Tower table lamp, complete with black/white French stripes shade and pink bow-knot, has caught your eye? Paris Themed Table Lamp! How lovely this Art Deco,...

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Perfect for lighting a Paris themed room with an elegant Eiffel Tower base and beautiful, black and white damask shade, this stylish table lamp will be a thrilling decor find, to light up a room, bringing the magic atmosphere of a European city...

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Spectacle de lumière de la Tour Eiffel Around sundown every day the Eiffel tower lights up with a  glittering golden glow that erupts every hour into a magical display of flashing lights, guaranteed to take your breath away. No matter where...

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Lampe Tour Eiffel Imagine what a unique visual statement a pair of these impressive Eiffel tower lamps would create on side tables in the bedroom or living room of your home. The tower base is a fabulous and intricately designed replica of the...

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The beauty and timeless elegance of a glamorous, crystal chandelier is long recognized for it's romanticism and opulent appeal throughout centuries of stately Parisian chateau's where their dazzling light would dance shadows on the walls of great...

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French script has a romantic, vintage appeal that brings a touch of timeless beauty (une touche de beauté Françaiseto) to a contemporary or traditional style home You can easily reinvent an old lamp base by painting it then adding this brand...

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What a focal point in the room this industrial chic "Eiffel Tower" table lamp will make with it's intricate French tower metal design and vintage patina finish. Let's not forget the classic travel-stamped, French script style shade and French...

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Nothing gives such a romantic, elegant light in a room as a crystal chandelier and today we still equate these beautiful, historic lights with classic European grandeur. If you have ever seen the "Hall of Mirrors" in the French palace of...

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True to Deco form this spectacular maze of silver leaves, spires and lily blooms will glow with the Deco light of brilliance, wherever it is placed in your home.. it measures 11-1/2" x 8-5/8" x 32 inches in height,.so it's a fairly tall decor...

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To look at this Art Deco, reproduction beauty, you might believe it is real bronze, as the finish is quite superb and extremely authentic to the eye. The sculpture is also very heavy, which is another reason to believe you have an Art Deco...

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The Art Deco ladies with the lamp are now a most sought after item for their beauty of form and magical Deco, design. The lamp features an ivory and gold finish with an on/off switch on the chord and uses one/25 watt bulb. Overall size is 5"...

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Erte was a Russian born artist who moved to Paris where he became the toast of the town for his excellence as a designer of fashion, jewelry and interior decor. Known as the father of "Art Deco," Erte was  also  a sculptor who has inspired others...

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Art Deco Bougeoir Paris has produced so many varying styles of furniture and home decor but none was quite like the advent of a new movement in the early 1920's called Art Deco, which came after the creative "no mans land," of the first world war,...

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Lampe Berger has come a long way since its creation in 1898 as a means to cleanse hospital rooms and wards.These days the beautifully designed lamps are used to counteract offensive odors while oxidizing the air.. There are various fragrances...

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Featuring a blue slate, Eiffel tower base with a French script designed shade, this stylish table lamp could be ideal for enhancing a Paris theme. It's a smaller sized lamp measuring 16" in height x 12" in diameter with the Eiffel tower base only...

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Shabby Chic Lustre Bougeoir Cast your eye on this enchanting chandelier/candle holder, which features elegant scroll-work with acrylic, crystal drops cascading from it's shabby themed, cream distressed frame. You can easily hang it from the...

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Why does a chandelier denote such grandeur and opulence? Is it the sculptured curls of metal or the crystals falling like droplets from the rain?....Perhaps it is the shimmering light that dances on the ceiling and throws shadows on the floor and...

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Joli Lustre Create a sparkling statement in the bedroom, bathroom, nursery or living room, with this white, metal chandelier, that comes equipped with a chord and plug so you can have it as an elegant swag lamp or wire it straight into the ceiling...

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A very eye-catching wall sconce featuring a metal lamp that is beautifully crafted in a rustic, inspired finish that will set a wall ablaze with its artistic appeal.. Size is 26" inches height x 14.5 inches wide x 4 inches in depth with a switch...

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If you have been searching for a chandelier that delivers on quality, appearance and stunningly beautiful design, you are bound to be delighted  at this rare find. It's a maze of dancing glass crystals in an intricate design with pretty  pink love...

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Lustre Mauve The color purple is synonymous with wealth and royalty,making this majestic chandelier a great choice for any room in the home that demands a little elegance to highlight a shabby chic or Paris theme. Kids love the look of chandeliers...

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Lustre Moderne Rose Pink is often the preferred color for a Parisian Princess wanting her boudoir to be the setting for a modern day fairy tale so this "pretty in pink" chandelier may well be the perfect prop for this style of decor and with the...

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Black adds sophistication to a room and can be used to offset any color whether it be white, turquoise, pink, green or brown. This beautiful in black chandelier with it's glittering ebony jewels and modern modern shade will give an air of opulence...

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if you're looking to add just the right amount of bling to one or more rooms in your home you might want to think about installing  a chandelier! This one comes in black with four lights, a 48 inch chain, plug and chord so you can hang it as an...

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The look is magical... A mini-chandelier that on closer inspection reveals a beautifully carved and embellished frame with crystals that are polished wood.... One can see the level of craftsmanship and care that went into the making of this...

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What a vision of Parisian elegance this chandelier is with its ornate scrolled metal structure and crystal droplets falling like raindrops through the frame. A lot of work has gone into creating this chic chandelier with intricate pink beading...

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As we look to the past for beautiful decor design ideas the, fabulous crystal chandelier becomes a popular choice for adding elegance to a modern themed room. Perhaps it is the princess within that draws us to the romance this timeless lighting...

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