Imagine walking into your bathroom and seeing this wonderful, watercolor style imagery of the Paris, Eiffel tower where she stands on the left bank of the river Seine watching over the river boats, as they pass by with tourists wanting to catch...

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Open the door of your bathroom every morning and be greeted by the French monument that has many a romantic tale to tell of couples sealing their love with a kiss, or tying the knot in front of it's tall metal frame that stands high above the city...

$29.95 as at 10:19 UTC. (Details)

For those who love the color orange and all things Paris, France here is a top opportunity to brighten up your bathroom with an amazing image of the Eiffel Tower, where she stands cemented in the Champ de Mars park-ground earth by the river Seine,...

$16.99 as at 06:18 UTC. (Details)

Transform your bathroom into a chic Parisian salle de bain with this lovely light brown rug, bath mat featuring the most beautiful Eiffel Tower, purple flowers design! Magique paris Cru Tour Eiffel Tapis! Designed to absorb water quickly with a...

$22.99 as at 10:19 UTC. (Details)

An elegant bathroom accessories set in classic, black and off/white could be the finishing touch to a Paris inspired bathroom with a chandelier, black and white towels plus a shower curtain depicting the amazing Eiffel tower, setting a romantique...

$21.99 as at 15:22 UTC. (Details)

Imagine this beautiful set of nesting boxes with majestic imagery of Paris and it's monumental Eiffel tower, golden accents, elegant floral designs and gorgeous decorative brooches, holding your jewelry, collectibles, or fancy bathroom...

$39.99 as at 17:48 UTC. (Details)

Paris is the kind of place that will live long in your memories and what better way to revisit a romantic honeymoon, holiday than waking up to a morning shower with a simply exquisite shower curtain, decorated so wistfully with blue, lavender...

$22.99 as at 16:24 UTC. (Details)

Simply beautiful shower curtain with a romantic, Paris theme appeal, featuring a classic vintage bike with a basket full of pretty pink roses and the Eiffel Tower looking magnfique as always, set against a unique graphic design. This gorgeous Paris...

$23.99 as at 16:47 UTC. (Details)

Décoratif Paris Eiffel Panier de Rangement de la Tour Add a little Paris pizzazz to your bathroom, kitchen, laundry or kids room with this beautifully decorated basket/container featuring a collage of elegant French imagery with the Paris, Eiffel...

$49.99 as at 14:52 UTC. (Details)

~Paris Romantique Thème Rideau de Douche~ Paris is for many the most romantic city on the planet, with the alluring Eiffel Tower and an ambiance of amour that always leaves you wanting more. The moment a Paris fan sees this beautiful shower...

$15.25 as at 14:52 UTC. (Details)

Eiffel Millésime Tour Rideau de Douche The enduring Eiffel Tower monument makes a magical appearance on this elegant shower curtain, highlighted by pretty purple, lavender flowers, butterflies, Paris post-stamps with a lovely,...

$13.99 as at 04:04 UTC. (Details)

The chic, city of Paris takes on a beautiful Bohemian appeal with a kaleidiscope of color and artistic illustration putting this magic Paris, Eiffel Tower shower curtain at the top of every Paris fashionista's "wish list" to bring the romantic city...

$15.92 as at 04:05 UTC. (Details)

Simply beautiful Paris themed shower curtain featuring the most gorgeous colorful illustrations of the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe with an adorable cafe scene, chandelier and charming floral accents. Size is 72" x 72," while the shower curtain...

$23.88 as at 04:05 UTC. (Details)

Here is an adorable Eiffel tower shaped vanity mirror to enhance your Paris themed bathroom, which I'm sure exudes all the romance and elegance of this magical city of lights and love! All attention has been paid to creating an authentic bronze,...

$49.95 as at 02:55 UTC. (Details)

Automne à Paris Paris in the fall is a mesmerizing sight with the golden leaves falling on the ground and the hint of Winter just around the corner, as the locals return from their summer holidays and many of the the tourists have returned...

$24.90 as at 16:26 UTC. (Details)

Belle tour eiffel rideau de douche It dosent get more beautiful than this captivating shower curtain, featuring an oil painting landscape of the Eiffel tower as she stands on the Champ de mars parkgrounds in Paris since 1889, still wowing the...

$12.95 as at 15:44 UTC. (Details)

Imagine living in one of the luxury apartments in the 7th Arrondissement, an exclusive neighborhood in Paris near the river Seine and renowned for it's quaint street cafes and incredible views of the Eiffel tower. As you look at the scene depicted...

$13.95 as at 11:19 UTC. (Details)

Boîte de tissu Paris if you are hoping to find a tissue box for your bathroom with a classy Paris. Eiffel tower theme, you've just struck gold for glamour, craftsmanship and chic, vintage design! it could be love at first sight with this one,...

$15.99 as at 04:06 UTC. (Details)

~Tour Eiffel Romantique~ It's inspiring imagery like this, with a visual parchment appeal, that evokes the romantic nature of a tower, built of iron and stretching from the ground to the clouds, in a land called France in a city called Paris, where...

$14.99 as at 04:06 UTC. (Details)

Now you can dress your entire bathroom in true fashionista style with the glamorous,Paris fashion shower curtain and coordinating bath towel featuring an adorable black shoe with pink bow. Size is 26" x 52" Fabric is 100% soft, quality cotton...

$14.99 as at 04:06 UTC. (Details)

One of the best places to see cherry blossoms in spring is right by the Paris Eiffel tower, as seen here on this shower curtain featuring a tree lined walkway, complete with park benches where travelers and locals can sit and soak up the...

$17.99 as at 04:06 UTC. (Details)

Tour Eiffel au Printemps Spring time in Paris in the park where the Eiffel tower stands is a beautiful sight, with cherry blossoms in bloom and flower beds filled with colorful pansies, tulips, creating a warmer ambiance for strolling through the...

$19.80 as at 19:37 UTC. (Details)

~Tour eiffel gras~ Possibly the most photographed monument in the world and designed by a young French civil engineer,, the "Iron lady," of Paris features on this shower curtain in a more moody, earthy light hovering over the Seine river, which...

$29.50 as at 17:23 UTC. (Details)

~Fille glamour~ if your creating a chic, Paris themed bathroom for the girl who loves the elegance, romance and high fashion of this beautiful city, the "glamor girl" shower curtain, has to be the perfect bathroom accessory on your decorating...

$11.05 as at 18:10 UTC. (Details)

~Fashionist "Paris" rose rideau de douche~ Girls only shower curtain in black, white and pink with every touch of girl glamor you could think of, from gorgeous vintage dresses to shoes, jewellery, perfume and purses that, so fits the fashionista...

$13.99 as at 18:10 UTC. (Details)

Signe de Toilettes What could be a more eloquent finishing touch, to a Paris themed bathroom than this elegant, hand stenciled wooden sign, "La Toilette,' finished in black and cream Size is approx. 3-3/4" in height x 12" in length x 1/4" in...

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"Tout simplement magique!" Bring the magic of Paris to your bathroom with this uniquely illustrated shower curtain, featuring the stunning Eiffel Tower, possibly in Winter time, nestled amongst the trees against a romantic, pink background. Size...

$16.43 as at 17:23 UTC. (Details)

Rue de Paris This shower curtain represents a most inspiring glimpse of the infamous Rue Di Rivoli, in Paris, a street that features glamorous fashion boutiques, cafes and luxurious brands, known all over the world. The name bears the memory of...

$11.10 as at 18:07 UTC. (Details)

If you are looking to add a little interior design magic to the bathroom, you can't go past this stunning rendition of the Eiffel Tower in a mix of grey, black and white. it's possibly one of the best snapshots of this enchanting tower, ever taken...

$1.99 as at 18:07 UTC. (Details)

Caniche Français Poubelle Have you been searching the markets.looking for those special touches to add to your Paris/Shabby chic boudoir or bathroom? Well look no more as I have found the perfect accessory that will catch the eye of all...

$17.95 as at 02:35 UTC. (Details)

Decorating your bathroom with a Paris theme? I think you will be very excited when you see this impressive  toilet seat applique that features Paris Fashion, Pink Poodles. French Parfum and "La Tour Eiffel." The imagery is tres belle and sure to...

$16.23 as at 06:55 UTC. (Details)

Damasse Noire et Blanche de Rideau de Douche A contemporary, black damask pattern on a crisp white back ground is sure to be a popular choice for livening up a modern bathroom, adding a little elegance and chic style. Size is 72" x 72" and comes...

$16.99 as at 15:26 UTC. (Details)

Damasse Rose Chaud! Pink damask is always popular with a Parisian Princess look as it has such a formal style mixed with the adorable femininity of this favorite, girly color... The size of the shower curtain is 72" x 72", made of 100% polyester...

$16.75 as at 15:26 UTC. (Details)

Damas vert Lime The elegant and commanding Damask patterns signify the beauty of French artistry for it was during the opulent reign of King Louis XVI of France, when some of the most beautiful patterns were created that live on today in various...

$16.99 as at 15:26 UTC. (Details)

if you are looking to create a bathroom with a touch of traditional class you might want to choose a beautiful black and white shower curtain with a timeless toile de jouy pattern, The thing that makes toile so interesting, is the way the pattern is...

$29.47 as at 15:26 UTC. (Details)

The fabulous repeating patterns of "Toile de Jouy" feature gracefully on this highly fashionable, soft black and cream shower curtain, which has no age limit to its beauty and elegance... The gingham print and chenille trim with pretty black bows...

$39.99 as at 15:26 UTC. (Details)

Cartes postales anciennes de Paris A collage of vintage Paris postcards and French perfume ads, on this unique shower curtain is already a popular choice for a Parisian themed bathroom. The size is 72" in length x 72" in width, while the fabric...

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When creating a Paris inspired bathroom you may want to go all the way and add this classic French Towel Shelf where you can display your Paris themed  towels for family and guests alike.. It's the extra touches that make a theme really work and...

$59.35 as at 12:40 UTC. (Details)

It's often nice to indulge ourselves in a touch of class when it comes to accessories for our bathroom. You could begin with a tissue box that has a delightful reference to Paris and is made of fine porcelain..This is one part of an entire...

$37.33 as at 15:26 UTC. (Details)