Lovely Antique French Eiffel Tower, Beige Distressed Wall Clock

Paris is a delightful mix of antiquities - glamor and chic. Take a stroll along the Seine river bank to see the glory of a European past when many of the older bridges were decorated with gilded statue's to mark a person or event. Paris has its...

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Beautiful Audrey Hepburn, Eiffel Tower Themed Glass Wall Clock

Audrey Hepburn may well have created Parisian chic, with movies like Sabrina where she was heard to utter the infamous words "Paris is always a good idea, " while parading exquisite dresses, suits created by top fashion designer Givenchy with...

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What time is it Paris where tourists will be lining up to get an inside view of the Eiffel Tower with it's restaurants---(Jules Verne for fine dining and 58 Tour Eiffel for a fabulous lunch-time experience) plus champagne bar, boutique, souvenir...

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Horloges parisiennes pittoresques! A highly attractive wall clock may be the perfect way to accent a room with a charming Paris theme, so picture this Parisian timekeeper with lovely vintage images of La Tour Eiffel, the ruling Queen of Paris...

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Wake up every morning in Paris with an alarm clock that has all the modern features to get you to school, work on time but with a lovely vintage appeal, showcasing a romantic image of the Eiffel Tower in shades of lavender with a butterfly and...

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A Paris themed kitchen, dining room would not be complete without a vintage style wall clock featuring the Eiffel tower, pretty Paris post marks, French script and an adorable reference to the Fleur de lis, a symbol of French sovereignty and paraded...

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