Kids grow up really fast so this budget friendly, gorgeous Paris themed bedding with a stylish shabby cottage, vintage appeal is sure to be a great find for the teen who can't get enough of a European city that seems to have it all with beautiful,...

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Considering the alluring city of Paris is over 2000 years old, it is hardly surprising there is so much to call upon when creating beautiful home decor items with a distinctive, chic Parisian theme. Create A Magical Paris Decor Theme! Decorating...

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Christmas in Paris is a grand affair, as the window displays featured in the the big department stores like the infamous Galeries Lafayette, produce epic festive decorations to catch the eye of Parisian Christmas shoppers, looking for those perfect...

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Perfect as a stylish Paris decor piece or to highlight reception tabes at a romantic Paris themed wedding, this highly decorative glass candleholder featuring a mini 3d Eiffel tower that sits on a bed of silver glitter pebbles, with a white rose,...

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~Paris boîtes à chapeaux~ These popular Paris party favor boxes in pink, with black trim and a pretty bow, feature the Eiffel tower and a symbol of the French royals, the Fleur de lis, a legendary motif that is shrouded in mystique as a...

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if you want to create a focal point or divide a space in a room you can do no better than introducing this fabulous room divider, featuring stunning vintage imagery of 1920's Parisian fashion and the Eiffel Tower! The size is 71" in height x...

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This is a great look for a Paris themed bedroom in glittering hot pink and black with "La Tour Eiffel" making a grand statement. This tres belle Parisian jewelry holder has 6 solid hooks for necklaces, bracelets, scarves with a black holding dish...

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Add a little Paris classe to your home decor or office with this delightful  canvas book set made of leather, quality wood and so beautifully presented with the classic star of any Parisian show..."La Tour Eiffel" These are hollow book cases...

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Think Paris, early 19th century when a new revolution of design emerged named "Art Deco," which swept through architecture and decorative arts with it's inspiring, geometric artistry and flair for the unique and archeological form. Many new...

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The stories these suitcases could tell of the person that stored their belongings while traveling from one place to another. The suitcases would have been admired by many as they feature elegant French script with enticing imagery of the Eiffel...

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Vintage Vogue Fans of vintage decor are going to love these "set of two" suitcases that feature a classic French script design and are covered in durable burlap fabric with classic vintage straps and brass buckles that give an authentic antique...

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Paris is the heart of fashion and this vintage style mannequin will be a popular choice with fashionistas who love dress ups and displaying clothes and jewelry from the present...past.. Bring out the Coco Chanel in you and add this stylish...

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Breathtakingly beautiful are words that come to mind when your eyes first see this romantic 19th century painting of a Paris cafe scene...It is the eloquent architecture of this fair city that continues to find the romantic within and makes us dare...

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Once you set up this Parisian cafe screen you are likely to be drinking "cafe au lait" and romanticizing about life in this fascinating city.where socializing over coffee is an integral part of everyday Paris life.. If you thought the color and...

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Bring the Eiffel Tower into a room and create a Paris scene that is romantic and visually stunning. This magical room divider measures 71 inches in height x 15.75 inches in width x 5/8 inches in thickness. A high quality item that will divide...

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Art Deco Bougeoir Paris has produced so many varying styles of furniture and home decor but none was quite like the advent of a new movement in the early 1920's called Art Deco, which came after the creative "no mans land," of the first world war,...

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Set your clock, Paris time with this extraordinary Eiffel tower table clock made of black metal  and looking every bit as outstanding as the real French tower that has over a century of time on it's side and is still standing at the top for being...

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