Paris Gifts For Every One On Your Christmas Wish List

There is no more magical place in the entire world than Paris during the Christmas holidays. Bright lights are what the French capital itself is known for, and during this festive time of year, Parisians really take that up a notch. From streets and...

Eiffel Tower Lego Architctural Model

The Eiffel tower is probably the coolest monument on the planet, with it's unique metal form designed way back in time for a "Universelle Exposition, held in Paris to celebrate the centennial of the French revolution and to showcase the beauty of...

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Beautiful Audrey Hepburn, Eiffel Tower Themed Glass Wall Clock

Audrey Hepburn may well have created Parisian chic, with movies like Sabrina where she was heard to utter the infamous words "Paris is always a good idea, " while parading exquisite dresses, suits created by top fashion designer Givenchy with...

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Paris, Eiffel Tower Wooden Drinks Coasters

This set of six, fancy Eiffel Tower themed drinks coasters could be the perfect gift for fans of Paris, France who will adore the romantic, vintage imagery with pretty flowers, French script writing and nature's butterlies on every wooden coaster,...

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Laduree Macarons Key-ring Souvenir with Gold Eiffel Tower Charm

A wonderful French themed gift at any time of the year, this beautiful Laduree keyring featuring colorful macarons, Eiffel Tower and Parisian girl walking her manicured poodle, golden charms. French, Luxury Bakery, Key-Ring Souvenir! The name...

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The cafe scene in Paris is a coffee lovers delight and a place where Parisians tourists can stop for an espresso or partake in the classic cafe au lait, while catching up with friends, associates or indulging in the favoritre passtime of people...

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Artisan Eiffel tower ceiling fan/light pull with blue cobalt glass accents

[- Looking for the finishing touch to a beautifully decorated room where the city of Paris, France is the enchanting theme?This charmingly-chic, silver Eiffel Tower ceiling fan/light pull has all the glitz and glamor of Paris......while...

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Adorable set of four, pretty pink prints, with the option to purchase in blue, featuring a girl walking her French poodle and touring around Paris taking in the sights with her favorite monument, the Eiffel tower at the top of her "must see"...

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If you've been trying to save for a dream trip to the city of light, help is at hand with this adorable black and white, ceramic piggy bank looking Paris decor perfect, highlighting the Audrey Hepburn quote "Paris Is Always A Good idea" next to an...

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