Considering the alluring city of Paris is over 2000 years old, it is hardly surprising there is so much to call upon when creating beautiful home decor items with a distinctive, chic Parisian theme. Create A Magical Paris Decor Theme! Decorating...

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Thème Paris Vert Taie d'Oreiller de Jet Thinking of giving your sofa a Paris themed update and  have been looking all over for green throw pillows with chic, Eiffel Tower French postmark, royal crowns imagery? Quality Green, Paris Themed Throw...

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Decorating with black and white guarantees a fresh, stylish look and if the theme is Paris, France the space you are creating will take on a chic, elegant appeal, with an ambiance of pure enchantment, as this European city seems to walk on the air...

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Purple being the color of royallty fits beautifully with this set of (2) Paris themed pillow covers, featuring the classic Audrey Hepburn quote "Paris Is Always A Good Idea," next to a stylish illustration of the Eiffel Tower! Size of this...

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A beautiful crystal chandelier and the Paris, Eiffel Tower take center-stage on this eye-catching black and teal cushion cover as the inspiration for a magical Paris theme! Size is 18" x 18, with the imagery on both sides and yes you will will...

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Belle Housse de Coussin Tour Eiffel Beige Beautiful beige cushion cover with a lovely burlap appeal, featuring the Eiffel Tower in Paris where at this time of year locals are returning from their summer vacations, as September in...

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~Petit Déjeuner à Housse de Coussin Tiffanys Audrey Hepburn lit up the screen when she played the part of Holly Golightly in the classic movie "Breakfast At Tiffany's," inspiring a legion of fans to embrace this beautiful actress as a fashion...

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Laisse Aller Rétro! This colorful "Love In Paris" cushion cover could be an exciting find for fans of Retro/Vintage style, who also love Paris and the Eiffel Tower! Retro Eiffel Tower it's ironic that La Tour Eiffel was standing on the Champ de...

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Paris bicyclette vintage The French have a fun-loving history of bicycle riding and it would seem the powers at be in Paris have a plan to make this capital of France the most bike-friendly city in the world, as the fascination goes back to the...

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Cushion covers are a cost-effective way to make-over a sofa, chair or bed and if you love the idea of a Paris theme these two colorful covers will be a great start to your new chic, Paris look! LInen/Cotton Covers The covers are made of a durable,...

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Take a look a this adorable ivory with black embroidery throw pillow featuring an Eiffel Tower motif, scrolled design and lettering "Lets Move To Paris" Size of the pillow is  6" x 9" and made of a durable, natural, allergy-friendly cotton...

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Paris est toujours une bonne idée! if you love a Paris theme,.stop whatever it is you are doing and feast your eyes on this, so very pretty pink cushion cover with what has become a Parisian anthem to fans of this city, that sends stunning fashion...

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Elégant Eiffel Paris couvercle tour de coussin The simple and possibly cost effective way to add a little Parisian joie de vivre to your decor is with one or more throw pillows in a classy Paris theme! This beautiful cushion cover featuring all...

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A set of cushion covers that compliment each other beautifully is always a great find and if you have been  looking to update your sofa with a glmorous vintage Paris theme, you might be really pleased to see these gorgeous covers featuring two of...

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Tour Eiffel à Noël Since it is that special time of the year when families come together and people on earth smile upon each a little more, I would love to share with you what happens around Paris at Christmas. First off, I can't imagine a more...

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Rose glamour et damas blanc it's  easy to see why the classic patterns of damask are trending in home decor with wall paper, bedding and pillow covers like this one in beautiful and highly sought after fuchsia pink, ready to bring an edge of regal...

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Paris Noel A rare but wonderful find is this Paris inspired cushion cover, with a beautiful Joyeux noel theme! The cover features the star of Paris, la tour Eiffel with endearing French script, the enduring Fleur de lis symbol and vintage postmarks...

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Tour Eiffel surplombant le Pont d'léna Just one look and you know this is a visually stunning pillow cover with a glamorous pink Eiffel tower, overlooking the Pont d' lena bridge, ordered in 1807 by revolutionary Napoleon Bonaparte to be...

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Oreiller Tour Eiffel! Everything about this beautiful French inspired cushion cover speaks to the heart of a city that is exquisitely stylish in every way. Paris, France is a land of great wonders where the people live life to the full. Parisian...

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Fleur de lys The Fleur de lis or as it is often pronounced the fleur de lys, is a highly decorative motif, that has religious and French heraldry symbolism as it was the King of France around the 12th century who displayed this emblem of hope light...

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Housse de coussin bleu sarcelle Teal is one of those colors that can light up a room and when you pair it with something like a black and white damask bedding set, the pop factor is out of this world!\ Teal is a striking combo of cool blue and...

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Having a little Paris in your home brings the beauty and romanticism of this inspiring city into your life no matter where you live in the world. This classy linen pillow case features the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triumph a monument...

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Paris fashion through the years, has never faltered in it's quest to inspire and delight, so this adorable vintage throw cushion cover depicting glamorous French hats of the time will be a fabulous find for the Fashionista enticed by all things...

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~Paris est toujours une bonne idée~ From the beautiful Audrey Hepburn comes the infamous quote. "Paris Is Always A Good Idea!" This highly desirable cushion cover is made of a cotton,linen blend and  measures 18" x 18" and it is recommended...

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Apart from the beautifully presented Eiffel Tower, this stylish, Paris cushion cover features fascinating imagery of the Paris Metro created by engineer Fulgence Bienvenue as an alternative mode of transport on par with London and New York whose...

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The color chocolate is a super popular, home decor choice and when you add stunning French postmarks and script imagery to the visual mix you know this hand-made pillow cover will be the perfect accent for that Paris, sofa makeover you have been...

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This picture perfect cushion cover has it all with vintage, snapshots of the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Pyramide du louvre and the entrance to Metropolitain a mainly underground subway, known for its stunning, Art Nouveua...

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~Paris millésime~ Humankind is a sentimental breed that loves to look back in time where good memories live, and bring them forward to the present day. A bicycle ride through Paris is the subject of our memorable story, depicted...

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~De Paris avec amour.~ Take a moment to imagine the look, this French script pillow and it's gorgeous rectangular counterpart, would create in your living room if you took the leap of faith and allowed a little of the city of lights, love into your...

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 "Oreiller poste de jet français" Thinking that your sofa chairs could do with a beautiful Paris/French themed makeover? What is not love to about this endearing, French script throw pillow with unknown messages from the past, delivered post...

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~Housse de coussin Tour Eiffel~ A very simple but highly effective,affordable way to change your decor look, without purchasing a new sofa, is to find new cushion covers in the style, theme you like! Size is 18" x 18" Fabric is lightweight...

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~Papillons Paris~ This beautiful cushion cover is more a work of art, don't you think and with stunning Eiffel Tower, butterflies imagery creating a fabulous vintage, visual appeal, your sofa will never look so good! Size is 18"...

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 Adore le look! If you love the look of this elegant pillow cover with a Parisian perfume theme, waste not a second in securing one or two for the room you desire to live and breathe the magical city of Paris.This is something quite rare...

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Whether your home has leanings toward a Paris, shabby chic or vintage style of decor, this gorgeous, Eiffel Tower pillow cover will compliment all of these feminine,romantic looks perfectly... Size is 18" x 18" and made of a cotton/linen blend...

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Do you love Shabby Chic/ Vintage and all things Paris? Then you won't be able to take your eyes of this romantic.. throw cushion cover featuring a "Carte Postal" (post card) theme with dreamy imagery of the Eiffel Tower flanked in gorgeous purple...

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There is nothing quite like the vision of the Eiffel Tower at night as it glows against the darkened sky towering into the heavens above.. The artists perspective is awe-inspiring and I guarantee when you place this work-of-art throw pillow on a...

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Love Paris? Check out this vibrant blue vintage/Paris theme cushion cover featuring decorative Paris postcard script, made of quality canvas and cotton. Size is 18" x 18" with hidden zippers so the look is upmarket, Paris chic! Comes in a...

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This tapestry throw with an outstanding Paris theme, is so beautiful you might want to hang it on the wall. The collage of Paris architecture with Moulin Rouge dancers, a cabaret started in the same year, the Eiffel tower was constructed for all the...

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Perfect as a gift for the  person who sees Paris as the travel destination of their dreams Quality linen/cotton, white pillow cases with "I'd Rather Be In Paris" embroidered in black on the edges. Size is 20" x...

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