Imagine drawing your curtains as night falls, with guests in the room who will be amazed to see stunning black and white, photographic imagery of the magnificent Paris, Eiffel tower overlooking the river Seine! Etonnant Rideau de la Tour...

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Back in the day almost everything was made by hand and there was a sense of pride and craftsmanship associated with the process, so it's enduring quality could be enjoyed hopefully for generations to come. Main Française Fenêtre Thème...

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There is nothing cuter or more chic than a nursery decorated in a glamorous Paris theme and here is the perfect curtain look with beautiful sketch-work Eiffel tower, Parisian imagery in various shade of pink, red, gray set against a white...

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Paris Themed Curtains

Choosing the right curtains will set the mood and style of any home space and if you are decorating a teens bedroom with a Paris theme, this set of two curtain panels featuring beautiful Paris scenes, will be the perfect backdrop! Rideaux Design...

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Eiffel Tower Wall Decor

~Tour Eiffel rose rideaux~ If you are serious about creating an interior design WOW Factor with a Paris theme, this set of curtains featuring the captivating Paris, Pont Neuf bridge and Eiffel Tower hovering above in fashionable pink, is about to...

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How would you like to see these spectacular curtains featuring a vivacious vintage, Paris, Eiffel tower theme hanging in your bedroom? Like Paris they breathe of history, with a parchment paper appeal that works so beautifully with this...

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Hot pink is a fabulous accent to a classic black and white Paris inspired bedroom, living room so a classy set of curtains in this romantic, alluring hue will create a vibrant backdrop to the overall theme! Yes, these are hand-made, thermal...

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Noir et blanc rayé Français rideau A black and white stripe fits perfectly into any Paris themed room thanks to the Français Navy, who introduced what is known as the Breton stripe in 1858, as a new uniform for their sailors at sea with 21...

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Tour Eiffel Cantonnière A beautiful Paris theme is always a popular choice in the nursery for the new born Diva, who will most likely grow up to one day visit the city of light and be wowed by the endearing French culture, historic architecture,...

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These are fun and fabulous colorful curtains with a highly appealing Paris theme, ready to make a grand statement in the bedroom, living room where the Paris Eiffel tower is sure to be noticed by friends who stop by and if they've been to the...

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~Rayures damassé noire et blanche cantonnière~  Love this gorgeous, glamorous black and white damask with stripes window valance? It's easy to see why! The term damask when referred to in French circles has a decidedly regal overture due...

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Rideaux de Tour Eiffel Imagine inviting friends over for dinner and as the day folds into the night drawing the curtains to wow your guests with a view of the Paris, Eiffel tower that will take their breath away! This set of truly captivating...

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Too often the look of  a room can be let down by drapes that don't quite fit with the overall theme as it's not always easy to source curtains in the color and pattern you desire, but today I am excited to give Paris decor fans a fabulous...

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Noir et blanc rideau de damas A beautiful window treatment can be the visual making of a room, while  blocking out light, providing essential privacy and maybe even highlighting a fabulous window view. The choice of color and fabric will...

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~Damas cantonnière~ Bring the magic of damask to your room, with this delightful black and white, damask window valance! Size is 54" x 15" and will fit most standard windows Fabric is cotton and machine washable.. If you have created a...

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All the usual French/Parisian stars appear on this beautiful valance, designed for the window with a Parisian view. There is the ever, timeless, elegant French script with classic Paris postcard stamps leading you to wonder what romantic note was...

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