Buy a loaf of bread from the Paris boulangerie then stroll casually into the cafe next door for a cup of coffee and a classic Parisian catch up with friends.This is the mood created by this beautiful Paris street border and it's enchanting...

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If you are a Parisian princess you will see the beauty and royal splendor of the aristocratic damask pattern but may prefer a more feminine color on the wall....The mix of pink and white with this ageless motif is the perfect backdrop for a Paris...

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Create a stunning nursery or kids bedroom in true Paris style with just a splash of timeless damask to brighten your walls..if you don't want to wallpaper an entire room a feature wall or border is a good idea. This classy black and white damask...

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Add a chaise lounge and you have a room that denotes true elegance.I'm a huge fan of black and white damask as it has a commanding presence when seen on a wall...It is hard not be swept away with thoughts of far away castles and luxurious...

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What a stunning effect a wall would have in this detailed collage of Paris in all its descriptive glory..With so much going on this colorful city you would need to stand awhile to take in the artists vision of this extensive...

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