Audrey Hepburn belle citation Audrey Hepburn was not only one of the most elegant, beautiful women the world has ever seen for she possessed an innate wisdom that flowed eloquently from her desirable lips in a stream of infamous quotes that today...

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With such a positive sentiment it is no wonder this quote has become the catch phrase for the confident 21st century girl who knows the world is her oyster.Size is 5' 5" in height x 20" in width and is easily applied to most flat surfaces  and...

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Turn a whole wall into a Parisian street where passers by walk casually under the shadow of the Eiffel Tower .Size is a whopping 45" in height x 24" in width with easy instructions.This is an Ooh la la wall decal which is sure to make a...

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This is possibly one of the best wall posters made of Paris monuments with it's vintage hue and magnificent rendition of this cities architectural genius..The Eiffel Tower was built in 1889 by Gustav EiffelNotre Dame Cathedral began...

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The photographer has captured the true essence of the Eiffel Tower as it stands like a beacon over Paris at dusk..A captivating shot and one that will excite admirers of this fair city who would like a piece of this grand tower on their...

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There is no need to ever have a plain switch plate again especially if you are a fan of Paris and it's magical charm..Using the age-old decoupage effect of gluing images onto a surface then adding layers of lacquer this eye-catching cover will...

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When creating a Paris theme it is nice to go all the way and make a room look 100% Parisian fab..Add a switch plate plat that reflects the beauty, architecture and romance of this fine city like this Je T'aime ( I love You) outlet cover that is...

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Makes you feel as though you are there!A century old Tower stands 324 meters in air like a sentinel guarding it's precious treasure..Paris has long been a city of romance and mystique captured here beautifully so you and I can gaze upon its...

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The French are incredibly expressive and this classic term is a testament to their passionate natures...This is a wall decal which can be easily applied as one piece to your wall where it will beam an almighty "Ooh la la" for all to...

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