Christmas In Paris, Good Times And Gifts

There is no more magical place in the entire world than Paris during the Christmas holidays. Bright lights are what the French capital itself is known for, and during this festive time of year, Parisians really take that up a notch. From streets and cafes glittering in frosted nuanced lighting to cobblestone streets echoing the sounds of tourists’ footsteps pacing along the fancy shops, you’ll find the allure of Paris at Christmas unlike anything else.

Magical Paris Decor, Bedding Gifts

Now, most of us cannot just jet set off to Paris at Christmas time to experience the one-of-a-kind carousels, carriage rides, and avant-garde trees, but fortunately there is a way to bring that French holiday magic right into your life. In fact, there are tons of ways! Incorporate Paris Christmas any and everywhere you wish, whether you opt for spoiling your loved ones with gifts—or yourself! Christmas presents in the theme of Paris can be given to anyone of any taste. For the young romantic, pink bedding sets with images of the Eiffel Tower, high thread counts, and romantic postcard themes are the perfect presents. For the most avid fan of the French city, just about anything goes. Parisian artwork, wall décor, kitchen accessories, or bathroom sets are always loved by Paris fans, while big Paris decor style gifts definitely don’t go unnoticed,  themed gifts for either. Shabby cottage, vintage furniture pieces, and giant replicas of Parisian icons like the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe are unforgettable gifts that really pack a bold punch.

Paris, Eiffel Tower Presents, For Everyone On Your Christmas list!

But Paris themed Christmas gifts don’t just have to be about larger décor items either. Sometimes, it’s the smaller, subtler, more functional pieces that pose as the absolute best holiday presents. For instance, a puzzle boasting the imagery of the always classic Audrey Hepburn in her role as Hollie Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. This is a gift that can be done in a group of friends or family, and can be framed as a keepsake or even put together as a tradition every year. It’s functionality possibilities turn this into a whole other level of a Christmas gift that is absolutely priceless. 3D artwork, likewise, becomes more than just a hanging décor on the wall, but also an explicit conversation piece. An Eiffel Tower in the form of a statue or accessory holder becomes this metal artwork all its own that holds the gift receiver’s favorite necklaces or watches or hair scarves. Even something as small as a fleur de lis key-chain represents a love for Parisian culture that a person can take with them everywhere.

Joyeux Noël!

Don’t forget that gifts for a Christmas tree, such as an Eiffel Tower ornament, or a toile winter wonderland runner for a Christmas feast table are also great ideas. A Parisian scene of Christmas printed on a beautiful silk Christmas tree skirt, string lights draped over French café paintings, and antique Parisian snow globes are all gifts that can be put around a home during the most wonderful, celebrated time of year. Sometimes, a literal Parisian image isn’t needed to make a good Paris Christmas themed gift. Sometimes, you can give gifts that simply make someone just feel like they’re holding a piece of the beloved Paris in their hands. Large ornament tassels of royal golds and purples, or fur throw blankets for cozying up with delectable mulled French wine immediately wrap around someone’s senses and bring them into that magical world that is Paris at Christmas time.

Regardless of what you choose to give your friends and loved ones for Christmas this year, you can never go wrong with bringing the spirit of a Parisian Christmas into the holiday season.

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