Create A Beautiful Paris, Eiffel Tower Dining Room Theme

The city of Paris is the most gorgeous and lovely city in the world, and you can bring it right into your very own home without so much as stepping foot in France. The dining room is the perfect spot to really capture the romantic ambiance that Paris is so well known for, and with the right accessories, you can create an elegant masterpiece with one of the most used spaces in the home.

A beautiful Paris dining room theme can be attained through any personal style or taste, and what’s better—it blends well with any other décor scheme already in place. Patterns of rich ebony damask on a tablecloth mixed with tall, silver candles in the image of the Eiffel Tower are breathtaking decorations, as well as simpler centerpieces of vases etched with Parisian postcard writing. Functional décor accents such as Paris themed coasters, dishware, or wine glasses are also brilliant for tying in the entire Parisian look in your dining room. Also, pay close attention to not just Parisian patterns, but also to the very fabric itself. Silks and velvets are luxurious and offer a whole other level to bringing the City of Lights into your home.

This look isn’t just for the dining room, either. Take it further for a wedding reception or life event as well. Tables can be set up in this Parisian look to wow guests and make such a huge celebration memorable for years to come.

Stylish, Paris Themed Table Setting

Dining With A Contemporary Eiffel Tower Theme

Classic Parisian Elegance!

Paris Themed Wedding


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