Create The Ultimate Paris Bedroom Theme

Paris is without a doubt the most magical place on earth, so it’s no surprise that so many revere the City of Lights devotedly—enough so to bring the very essence of Paris into their homes. Creating the ultimate Parisian look offers both ease and versatility, as there are so many options out there when it comes to Paris bedroom décor. No matter if you are looking to bring the boldest or the subtlest of the French capital feel into your space, whatever you can imagine can be achieved. You can completely transform your bedroom into something that feels as though you have stepped into Paris every time you enter the room!

Unsure of where to start?

You’re definitely not alone, as it can obviously be overwhelming with the limitless décor choices to express your infinite love for all things Paris. The best way to begin your journey of bringing Paris bedroom décor into your home is to think about all the things you “ja adore” about Paris. Let your mind wander from the timeless romance of the Love Locks Bridge to the iconic architecture of the Eiffel Tower and Arch de Triumphe. Daydream a little about the outdoor cafes and the incredible art housed in the one and only breathtaking Louvre museum. Think about just what Paris means to you, how it makes you feel, and why it’s a beloved place in your mind. Now, all those great, wonderful feelings that went through you when thinking about Paris can come to life! You can embody the very spirit of Paris in your bedroom without ever having to step foot on a plane to travel there!

Paris Themed Bedding!

Bedding is a no-brainer when it comes to great Paris bedroom décor, so after reminiscing all about Paris, start with bedding sets! Silk sheets with faint French script written across them and a luxurious duvet in bold colors like reds and purples with Eiffel Tower imagery pair beautifully together. Velvet throw pillows in gold with damask pattern stitching and tasseled bed runners give your bedding a truly French royal vibe. And don’t forget your bed itself! You can incorporate the Parisian look into your headboard in the form of classy toile or with more of a royal, pin-tucked look that also serves as a cool décor piece on the wall behind your bed.

Accessorize Parisian Style..

Paris accessory décor is just as impactful as bedding, too. Gorgeous canvas artwork of Paris’ iconic landmarks in crisp black and whites, or even with pops of bright colors like orange or pink, is a must in any Parisian themed bedroom. Wall decals that span across walls or ceilings in French phrases are a unique addition, while actual pieces of art, such as metalworks or light sconces offer a unique ambience. Why not find a huge metro map of Paris and frame it up on your wall? Got some photos, passports, or old plane and theater tickets from Paris? Post those up on a framed memory board for your wall space and keep adding through the years. It’s like a Parisian scrapbook that you get to look at every day! Have a favorite movie or two set in Paris? These film stills can be great posters, blankets, or even coffee mugs to hold your bedroom desk pens! Get creative and remember that this is all about your own personal style fused with your love of Paris.

Themed bedroom pieces can also be just as functional as they are chic. Storage ottomans with images of French cafes or bright yellow shelving units with embellishments of the Fleur de lis offer a lovely look along with helping you to keep your space organized. A Paris storage bench at the end of your bed or even a stiletto-shaped chair in true French fashion mix comfort, design, and usefulness.

Romantic, European Ambiance!

Décor also includes the smaller things, such as twinkling fairy lights draped throughout the room or sheer curtains that billow on the window. These are both extremely romantic aesthetics that will make you feel as though the loveliness of Paris surrounds you every night. An Eiffel Tower pull on a ceiling fan or a French lampshade on your bedside table are tiny pieces, yet they tremendously add to a true Paris lover’s bedroom motif.

These are only a handful of the billions of ways you can bring Paris into your bedroom. You can stick with what you create or you can change it up as the seasons do! Bring in some Parisian holiday spirit during Valentine’s Day or Christmas. The bottom line is this: you don’t have to spend tons of money and time traveling frequently to Paris. You can experience the magic of the classic city every morning when you wake up and before you fall asleep every night. It just takes a little bit of ingenuity and a whole lot of love for all things Paris!

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