Creative Bath Products Rue Di Rivoli Shower Curtain

Rue de Paris

This shower curtain represents a most inspiring glimpse of the infamous Rue Di Rivoli, in Paris, a street that features glamorous fashion boutiques, cafes and luxurious brands, known all over the world. The name bears the memory of Napoleon’s victory against Austria at the battle of Rivolvi in the late 1700’s and features a classic French design of tall stone arches with tall thin windows and balconies that stand out from the second and fourth floors with dormers protruding from the roof. Napoleon, like the earlier Monarchs of France wanted Paris the be the most beautiful city on earth and when you look at the breathtaking architecture on every street and boulevard in the city of light, I think most would agree they succeeded

Size of this water-resistant cloth shower curtain is 72″ x 72.” The curtain washes well and the mix of pink, red, grey and blue.colors is sure to be an outstanding feature in a bathroom where any of these colors feature. it would also look fabulous in a white bathroom as the pop of stunning imagery and color will make you feel as though you are in Paris, every time you open the bathroom door.

if you are about to visit Paris and have the Rue di Rivoli on your itinerary, expect to see famous celebrities from the music and movie world, shopping there too!




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