Cuddly Cats, Eiffel Tower, Paris Themed Curtains

Fabulous felines, the Eiffel Tower Paris themed curtains

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Kids appear to be devoted fans of a city in Europe where a magical tower looms over a river and enchanted realm named Paris.

The capital of France has an aura of fantasy and romance that appeals to every age group with its irresistible monuments like the Eiffel Tower featuring on this cute window treatment in shades of pink and purple.

Add to that the introduction of silhouette felines reminiscent of the kitty stars in the 70’s Aristocats cartoon film about cats living the high life in 18th-century France.

There are two panels each measuring 40″ x 84″ and made of washable, microfiber material. Curtains can be a finishing touch to a well-designed room and the great news is these curtains have a bedding set to match.which gives your little girl’s room the makings of a fun and fabulous scene from her latest fascination.

Paris has a mesmerizing effect on kids and adults with so much history oozing out of every cobblestone street. Everywhere you go in Paris a story can be told from the building of La Tour Eiffel in such a short time to Hotel National des Invalids, the resting place of Napoleon Bonaparte who spearheaded the French revolution, invaded most of Europe and became Emperor of France.

King Louis X1V was the ruling monarch who saw a need for a place that war-torn soldiers could call home and ordered the construction of this refuge that included a hospital and church. In our time Les Invalids is a military museum highlighting the many battles fought for the glory of France.

Kids who love cats and the Eiffel Tower will be smiling brightly when the curtains are drawn at night in their little sanctuary where Paris is the adored theme. If you are interested in the curtains but want to know more there are reviews suggesting value and quality.

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