Eiffel Tower Decor

The Eiffel Tower is a timeless, iconic piece of Parisian beauty and architecture, known widely throughout the world as one of the most breathtaking landmarks. Originally created and built as the dramatic entrance to the 1889 World Fair, the Eiffel Tower has become much, much more than ever intended. Today, it represents an immediately recognizable image, along with the embodiment of the magical place that is Paris, France. Perhaps its classic image is what makes Eiffel tower decor so popular amongst theme choices for bedrooms, main rooms, and even kitchens and bathrooms. Eiffel Tower décor can help you create an ultimate chic, Paris look in any room (or every room!) in your home, while also giving it a truly historic feel of something great and long standing.

Bringing an Eiffel Tower decor into your space can be done in a million different ways, and the looks can be so versatile, that you’ll really have limitless options when it comes to creative design. The bedroom is a particularly favorite spot that lovers want to bring in Eiffel tower looks, and there are tons of choices with this. From clean looks of black and white damask bedding, to vibrant bedding sets with colorful painted images of the Eiffel Tower, starting your decoration with bedding is a great way to find inspiration for the rest of your bedroom—and even the rest of your home! Accent pillows with vintage Eiffel Tower postcard stamp images and cozy throw blankets in bright shades with simple Eiffel Tower designs are also great ways to more subtly bring Parisian Eiffel Tower looks onto your bed.

Walls of your home are also fantastic sources to put unique and gorgeous Eiffel Tower décor. Eiffel Tower wall decals, canvas prints, and artwork look amazing and really can transform any room into a magical piece of Paris culture. Eiffel Tower clocks, shelving, or hookware is also a fabulous way to put décor up on your walls in a less obvious, but more unique fashion.

Of course, you can’t go wrong with Parisian accessories placed around your home, either. Eiffel Tower statues are all the rage for décor, and for good reason. There as beautiful in aesthetic as they are in design, and whether you opt for something big as a centerpiece on your dining room table, or something a tad bit smaller for a coffee table, Parisian statues and figures such as these really represent an iconic chic look.

The kitchen is also a wonderful—and often overlooked—room to bring Eiffel Tower décor into. From hand towels to dishes, you can even represent what it’s like to sit in a Parisian café and look out at the Eiffel Tower right in your home. Other really fun décor includes Eiffel Tower wine bottle or cork holders, wine charms for your glasses, or coasters that blend even outside of the kitchen.

Last, but certainly not least, you can’t forget about your bathrooms. Eiffel Tower décor can really be something whimsical and work really well in a bathroom of any size. With tons of options of matching toiletry, towel, and rug sets, there are so many ways to bring Paris to life in your bathroom space. A shower curtain with the entire city span of the Eiffel Tower imagery or toiletry sets in the shape of the Eiffel Tower give brilliant look to a bathroom, while also keeping it open and light.

Regardless of how you choose to bring the eclectic and exquisite look of the Eiffel Tower into your home, doing so will completely transform a space in all its magnificence and historical brilliance.


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