Elegant Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe Faux Leather Storage Cube, Ottoman

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Paris might just turn out to be the catch phrase of the century with so many of us being drawn to the allure of this magical city, where the most incredible architecture is a breathtaking view, with so much to see including the now very famous Eiffel tower built over a 100 years ago by a Monsieur Eiffel who upset a lot of the locals when he chose to use wrought-iron to construct a pyramid style tower instead of using the tried and true stone that make-ups another well known Paris monument called the Arc de Triomphe,.which stands in the “Place Charles de Gaulle.’ located at the end of at the end of Champs Elysees, a famous avenue filled with Paris designer stores such as  Chanel! Originally commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte to celebrate his various victories, it now stands as a tribute to all those who have fought for France.

These two monumental celebrities feature on this exciting,  image packed storage cube, ottoman,  that can be used to store toys, magazines, crafts, or used as a comfy footstool or seat! The colors are a lovely, elegant maroon and cream, while the fabric is strong, durable faux leather with fiber board and a super soft, flame retardant sponge filled lid.

The overall size is 14.7/8″ in length x 14.7//8″ in width x 14.7/8” in height. (38 x 38 x 38cm). The cube folds flat and can generally hold p to 660lbs in weight.

These cubes are great as you can make them into anything you want including a coffee table in a small apartment, extra seat and I had to laugh at the prospect of using it as a way for your puppy or small dog to get on the bed as my little Japanese Chin (Benji) nicknamed “my little Emperor”” wakes me up constantly in the middle of the night wanting to get up, so it’s possibly a great idea for us pet lovers who cater to our much loved,four legged little darlings every whim.

There’s no doubt your Paris mad kids will love this but if you have a strong affection for the land of light and love yourself, this highly attractive storage box might just find a place in your living room.as I have to say the Paris monuments, postmarks imagery are beautifully presented ,making this storage cube an elegant feature, wherever it is placed.



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