Exquisite Golden Eiffel Tower Candle Holders

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Tres bon Eiffel Tour d├ętenteurs de bougie

if you are looking for an exquisite set of Eiffel tower candle holders to grace your dining table, this set of cast iron holders finshed in ebony with an authentic gold wash, will set a tone of opulence and romance, as the Eiffel tower symbolizes all that is fabulous about the city of Paris where all the rumours you’ve heard are true. Paris really is the city of lights and amour where the French greet each other with a kiss on both cheeks and dress with style, as it’s common knowlwedge this is the city that created haute couture and fashion magnets like Coco Chanel, creator of “the little black dress.”

This is why we love to decorate our homes with Paris flair and are always on the look out for a tres bon find, like these quality Eiffel tower candleholders each measuring eight inches in height by three inches in width, presenting an antiquity, museum look!

The La Tour Eiffel candleholders are une touche de classe de Paris

(A touch of Paris class)

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