French, Eiffel Tower Sculpture For Decor, Gift Or Party

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The Eiffel Tower lives in Paris, France and has rockstar appeal drawing folks from every land. The Colosseum in Italy has it and so does the Taj Mahal in India plus the Statue of Liberty in New York and Sidney Opera House.

All these amazing monuments have a charisma that makes you want to stop and look even if unique architecture is not particularly your thing. The pulling power of La Tour Eiffel is immeasurable and every year the Iron Lady shows off her awesome light show to an adoring public. Like any great brand, the Tower is now a household name and replicas are popular gifts and decor pieces for the home.

This Eiffel statue shows a good likeness, standing at 12.5 inches in height, and is made of a sturdy metal alloy. Have it as a reception table centerpiece, highlighting a romantic, Paris themed wedding or as a cake topper for a kids birthday. These look great on a desk or as a gift to an associate who is a huge fan.

Check out the reviews and see how you feel about the price and general look.

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