French Sensation, Eiffel Tower Wallpaper

Vintage Eiffel Tower Wallpaper, Mural

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Eiffel Tower pictures come in many forms to enable you to showcase this French sensation, an enigma of metal design and architecture. The tower has achieved greatness in its 100 plus years becoming a monument of importance that brings millions of visitors to Paris.

The glory of La Tour Eiffel is immortalized in photographs and wall decor like this mural you can apply to a surface like wallpaper. The image is metaphoric highlighting this discerning lady of iron flanked by cloud formations where she stands on the Champ de Mars park grounds.

The mural-size is a captured by the photographer then set in brownish tones to inspire an aged, vintage appeal. You don’t have to be a professional to get this beauty on the wall as it’s similar to putting up wallpaper with paste. Instructions are included to help the process while the monochromatic mode of the image offers easy assimilation into any style of decor or color scheme.

Gustave Eiffel’s wondrous creation once had the honor of being the tallest of its type in the world and has never been challenged on the Paris horizon. The towers awe-inspiring height of 324 meters can make you feel giddy while manifesting a commanding presence in a city embellished with ornate buildings and bridges

This Paris, Eiffel Tower picture arrives rolled in 5 parts and can be acquired in larger sizes. Be sure to carefully measure the wall space you intend it for and if you use wallpaper paste expect to see bubbles you can iron out with a roller before it dries. Once the picture is up you’ll have a whole new dimension created to a room. The look will be nothing short of spectacular.

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