Fresh Ideas For A Chic Paris Decor Theme

The iconic Eiffel Tower has stood strikingly in the clouds over arguably one of the most beautiful cities in the world for decades. The famous French tower has inspired artists, creators, and lovers of life from all over the globe since its construction in 1887, and whether you’ve been yourself or dream about it from afar, Paris is always in reach. Parisian décor is something that is as gorgeous as the Eiffel Tower, the Arch de Triomphe, and all the other gems that make up the City of Lights—and it’s a way to bring your favorite place into your very own home 24-7. From Paris themed bedding to artwork to furniture, Parisian décor is limitless in its options, and versatile in its looks.

Romantic , French themed bedroom


Pretty pink, Paris themed bedding

The biggest question is: where to start? Putting together a super-chic Paris décor scheme in your own space can be daunting, but it most certainly doesn’t have to be. Keep your mind open and your imagination ready to go, and you’ll be amazed at how inspired you become! Sometimes the simplest place to start is the very spot where we begin and end our days—the bedroom! Paris themed bedding comes in a variety of spectacular looks for all different personality types and tastes. From cozy Eiffel Tower blankets to fluffy Fleur de lis patterned comforters, you can transform your bedding into the ultimate representation of your love for the great city of Paris.

Ornate, Antique French themed furniture


Paris, Eiffel Tower Themed Tablecloth

Once you’ve gotten your pillows, shams, and bed runners all put together in true Parisian style, then you can begin to focus on other areas of your home, like the kitchen, main gathering areas, bathrooms, or office. Even smaller, less focused-on spaces such as hallways and foyers can be transcended to the likes of a royal French court with canvas prints, lush tasseled curtains, and replica statues of Parisian icons. Never underestimate the smallest of details as well, and find these for yourself in metallic toile wallpaper for an accent wall or French Script scrabbles on canvas ottomans. Have a bolder taste? Score some seriously shabby chic-ish furniture such as side tables or dining room sets that boast a true Parisian aristocracy look, complete with royal colors of purples and blues.

Stylish Parisian Living Room


Modern Eiffel Tower artwork

Perhaps the best thing about a Parisian décor theme in the home is that it’s completely customizable to anyone’s taste and interchangeable with the seasons or even weekly moods! One thing remains the same no matter what your personal style—your ultimate love for all things Paris. Surround yourself with the beauty that is the French capital every day of your life without having to so much as step food on a plane. Salut!




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