Fresh Paris Room Decor Ideas For 2017

The New Year is upon us, and with that comes a fresh start, new ideas, and 365 days of all sorts of potential ahead! Now is the best time to take your love of the Parisian culture and infuse it into the main spaces of your home, such as the living and bedrooms. Transforming a room into an ode to Paris has never been easier, no matter what your personal style or tastes.

New Year, Chic New Paris Decor Look!

Paris room décor is a limitless world of options from the boldest looks to the subtler nuances. If you’re unsure of where to start when it comes to bringing in this type of décor, try smaller pieces and accessories. For instance, storage solutions are a great place to begin when decorating in the Parisian style. Ottomans laden with French script design that multipurpose as a storage bin, or metal shelving with Eiffel Tower accents are both fantastic ideas for bringing Paris room décor into your home seamlessly. Don’t forget similar functioning pieces in Parisian décor such as tin trash cans or posh hat boxes and jewelry bins.

Pretty, Paris Themed Bedding!

Curtains, panels, and accent pieces like wall art are all beautiful and easy ways to bring more décor into your spaces, and these types of things can feature iconic Parisian architecture, classic café imagery, or even snapshots of delicious food that can only be found in the French capital city. Throw blankets featuring romantic Parisian phrases or pillows for the sofa with stamps of the royal Fleur de lis symbol can really tie the French theme together in any living space. Moving onto the bedroom, you can have real fun mixing and matching bedding sets and looks. Whether you opt for the whole club of comforter, shams, skirts, pillowcases, and sheets of Parisian fun, or if you’re into more interchangeable pieces like bed runners or duvets, there is a versatile way to dress up your bedding in the Paris personality.

Of course, you also have to remember that it’s not just about the look of your fresh Parisian décor—but also the feel of it. Satin pillowcases and high count cotton sheets take up the style of bold colors and images of the Eiffel Tower or damask patterns. This also rings true for tasseled Parisian lamp shades or plush French styled rugs for under your feet by the bed first thing every morning.

Regardless of how you choose to bring in your Parisian-themed New Year’s look, you’re sure to surround yourself with a magnificently breathtaking 2017!

Beautiful Wall Art!

Paris Eiffel Tower (Red Umbrella) Wall Art

Posh Paris Trash Cans!

Posh Paris Trash Cans

Chic Paris Themed Bedding

Paris, Eiffel Tower Bedding Set

Picturesque Paris Ottoman!

Paris Eiffel Tower Ottoman

Elegant Paris, Eiffel Tower Nesting Boxes!

Beautiful Paris Themed Nesting Boxes

Paris, Eiffel Tower Themed Curtains!

Paris Themed Curtains








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