Hand-Painted Porcelain, Limoges Eiffel Tower Trinket Box

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Limoges of France have been in the business of making beautiful, decorative items to enhance your home decor look since the 18th century and have taken on the world famous Eiffel Tower, an architectural wonder to create a porcelain collectible, superbly hand-painted by a Limoges artist.

Authentic Limoges, Eiffel Tower Collectible

Trinket boxes with the authentic Limoges stamp are sought after by collectors making this golden La Tour Eiffel standing on the Champ de Mars park-grounds with a stylish, painted rendition of the Notre Dame Cathedral, a collectible of the future and exquisite gift for fans of Paris and the immortal Eiffel Tower, built in the 19th century for a Paris world fair as an entrance and now an enduring symbol of France.

Certificate Of Verification

The base of the box is marked Limoges, France and the initials of the artist plus the item comes in a gift box with a verified certificate of authenticity. The item is made in France and shipped from the USA.


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