High-Tech Hologram, Eiffel Tower Night Light

Eiffel Tower Hologram Night Light

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If your kids are fans of the Eiffel Tower this super-fun night light with a hologram visual effect is not only going to make them feel comfortable at night but create a cool sci-fi ambiance in their bedroom.

La Tour Eiffel probably seemed like an optical illusion when it began reaching for the stars as construction back in the late 1800s involved building from the ground up. Next, to all the pretty stone bridges and monuments, this wrought-iron tower must have resembled an alien landing by the River Seine in Paris.

What makes this night light different is how it’s connected to an acrylic plate offering a 3-Dimensional visual and magic hologram display. There are seven changes of color adding a taste of the popular Eiffel Tower light show that is a nightly happening in Paris, France.

You have choices powering it up with access to your computer, USB charger or power bank and there are no concerns about it heating up if left to run all night.

The Iron Lady of Paris appeals to folks of all ages so this mega-awesome nightlight would be fun on a desk or as a geeky, Eiffel Tower decor feature. Having a few drinks with friends and stories about Paris emerge as you switch on the lights and let the hologram wow your guests.

The Eiffel tower is reaching legendary status as a top tourist earner and steampunk kind of structure that demands attention from every angle. Kids love it and so do their parents who may have had a romantic getaway in the city of love or waited patiently in line to investigate the inner workings of this mysterious monument.

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